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Simantics' origins are at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

The development of Simantics was started at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland in September 2006 as an internal research and development project for modelling and simulation data management. After several years and lots of work, the platform has become mature and the application of the software platform is spreading.

From the very beginning of the project one objective was made clear: the platform development must aim to a growing and vital software product. Beside the technical development, also the building of community and ecosystem was started. In the beginning of year 2010 initiated the THTH/Simantics division as the outcome of the effort. THTH/Simantics is the new home for Simantics and will act as a neutral contact point and collaboration frame for all the development and activity around Simantics.

For more information about the activities in THTH/Simantics and how to get involved, see page THTH/Simantics.

Simantics’ origins are at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The software is growing out from its nest and becoming a wide community project.