Simantics SULCA Life Cycle Assessment Webinar 07.11.2018

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a “cradle-to-grave” analysis of the environmental costs associated with a given product. LCA models are used to predict the direct and indirect environmental impacts associated to the production product. They cover the whole life cycle of products, from raw materials acquisition to end use, recycling, or disposal. Such models are commonly used for supporting decisions of policymakers as well as for assessing impacts and costs of any production process.

In this webinar, the Simantics-based LCA tool will be presented. Different applications and status of current and future development will be shown.

The webinar program is the following:

Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment – Matias Alarotu, VTT
Sulca 5 Introduction – Marko Luukkainen, Semantum
LCA in Food production case Biocode – Katri Behm, VTT
Handprint – what is it? – Katri Behm, VTT
Network LCA – Marja Myllysilta, VTT
New SULCA features in 5.2 – Reino Ruusu

Time 11th of November 2018, 09.30
Place Webinar

More information:
Tommi Karhela