Simantics Annual Webinar 2018

In this webinar, some of the Simantics development highlights from year 2017 are presented. The participants have a good opportunity to ask more questions about the new Simantics features and cases where Simantics has been utilised.

The annual meeting of the THTH Simantics Division will be held after the webinar.

The program is the following:

09.30-09.40 Welcome - Tommi Karhela, Semantum
09.40-10.00 Simantics Role in Fortum Products - Sami Tuuri, Fortum
10.00-10.15 WebTurbine - Anna Sjunnesson, Siemens TU
10.15-10.30 Ice Load Portal - Jaakko Heinonen, VTT
10.30-10.40 Break
10.40-10.55 On-Line LCA - Wrapping SULCA models to FMI and OPC UA - Marko Luukkainen, VTT
10.55-11.10 New uncertainty features in SULCA - Reino Ruusu, VTT
11.10-11.30 Dexpi-OPCUA companion specification progress, Nikolaos Papakonstantinou, VTT
11.30-12.30 Annual meeting

Time 7th of March 2018, 09.30
Place Webinar

More information:
Tommi Karhela