APROS 6 on the Simantics Platform

Apros is a process modelling and simulation environment that is scalable to even the largest plant design tasks.

APROS is simulation software for full-scale modelling and dynamic simulation of industrial processes. The applications include nuclear and combustion power plants, pulp and paper mills, and a wide variety of other systems, where management of material and energy flows, automation and electrical systems are of interest.

APROS provides easy user interface for configuring and running the simulation models, efficient solution algorithms and model libraries for full-scale modelling and dynamic simulation of a large variety of different processes. Besides the process, also automation and electrical systems can be modelled in detail. The model libraries have been comprehensively validated against data from physical process experiments. Models are one-to-one analogous with concrete devices. Solution algorithms are hidden to components and needed calculation level objects are generated automatically when process level components are created through graphical user interface. This makes creation of model easy. If needed also user’s own modules can be included in the calculation. Input data for the modelling are typically process connections, physical dimensions of process equipment and pipelines, equipment-specific parameters (e.g. pump and valve curves), automation concept diagrams, control parameters and initial condition information. The major uses of the APROS simulation models can be summarized as follows:

  • Development of control strategies
  • Analysis of the system operation
  • Verification of design
  • Testing of control system
  • Training of operators
  • Development of operational practices and the control room

The ultimate benefit of dynamic simulation is obtained when it is incorporated in the engineering workflow of the plant design, and finally transferred into operation and maintenance in production use. The extent of the applications varies from small computational experiments to models for full-scope training simulators of large industrial systems, e.g. nuclear power plants. The multipurpose nature of APROS is illustrated below.