Installation Issues

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Installation Issues

Post by SysJim » October 4th, 2015, 1:59 am

Yesterday I downloaded Sysdyn_1.9.0_om_x86_64 and installed it into C:\Sysdyn as per the installation software instructions. But I have a few questions.

I am using the Simantics Systems Dynamics software on a Windows 10 Lenova Ideapad:

1. Is this the latest version of Simantics Systems Dynamics (1.9.3?)? Somewhere on the SSD websites, I thought I had read that version 1.9.3 had been released on 9/8/15. Is that true and is it included in the Sysdyn_1.9.0_om_x86_64 installer?

2. What file do I use to start it with? The Installer said it would set that up but it didn’t.

I assume that once I have that and set up a shortcut for it, the green logo will automatically associate with it or do I do that manually?

3. How can I tell if OpenModelica was installed as well? I can’t seem to find it.

Thank you

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Re: Installation Issues

Post by jkauttio » October 5th, 2015, 9:24 am

First I would like to warn you that none of our developers actually have windows 10 installed as of this time, so there might be something wrong with the installation package we are not aware of. :)

But to answer your questions:

1. 1.9.0 is the latest officially released version of Simantics SD (at least if you downloaded it from or The so called "nightly" builds available in are more recent, but since they are built directly from the development branch they might occasionally have some problems (but generally are relatively stable).

2. The installer probably should have generated a shortcut for the tool (and if it did not it might be a windows 10 issue), but you can always start the program from Simantics-Sysdyn.exe in the installation directory.

3. If you downloaded an installation with OpenModelica, it is included inside a plugin in the installation directory. If you also want to use OpenModelica outside Simantics SD, we would recommend you download and install OpenModelica separately, install a version of Simantics SD without OpenModelica and then set the OpenModelica location in the Simantics SD preferences to point to your OpenModelica installation.

Thanks for trying Simantics System Dynamics and hopefully you can get the tool to work!
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