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Simantics 1.17.1

  • Release date: 4.11.2014
  • Changes introduced in Simantics 1.13.4 are also part of the changes made between 1.16.1 and 1.17.1.
  • User-visible changes:
    • #5387 Error handling of opening database improved.
    • #5394 Ctrl+C now copies TreeItem content to system clipboard in GraphExplorer-based UI components
    • #5396 Database client now writes its temporary files inside the workspace directory instead of the current working directory
    • #5406 Shift+double click diagram substructure navigation works also in user component configurations
    • #5407 Standard Eclipse text editor features for SCL module editor. Added new function: typeOf
    • #5425 Assign Diagram Template action now supports multi-selection input
    • #5442 User component interface property names should be valid SCL identifiers and for this reason they must now start with a lowercase letter or an underscore. The user component interface editor generates labels
    • #5446 Multi-selection support for standard issue view actions.
    • #5457 GraphExplorerImpl publishes more complete workbench selections when user selects more tree nodes than are currently visible with e.g. Select All (CTRL+A)
    • #5459 Set As Default button for diagram DnD monitor Basic Parameters property tab allowing the user to set the default template used for new monitors
    • #5460 Show Milestones check box added to standard Chart Parameters property tab
    • #5461 Fixed NPE corner-case from AlphanumComparator encountered when the first ever input to AlphanumComparator was an empty string automatically based on camelCase property name if user has not edited them manually.
  • Developer-visible changes:
    • #5065 Build Simantics SDK with Java SE 7
    • #5341 MapDB 1.0.6 (www.mapdb.org) added as a third-party module.
    • #5352 Javadoc fixes for org.simantics.diagram.profile.StyleBase diagram profile style implementation base class
    • #5385 Database client specific parts of org.simantics.structural.synchronization have been split into a separate plug-in org.simantics.structural.synchronization.client
    • #5391 Simantics/DB SCL module: added asyncRead and asyncWrite SCL functions
    • #5401 New SCL functions in the Vector module: containsVector, vectorToList
    • #5416 Added ColumnFilteredItemsSelectionDialog which is essentially FIlteredItemsSelectionDialog from Eclipse with column support into Simantics user interface utilities.
    • #5444 Refactor ModelingUtils and Modeling ontology to make Simupedia integration more straightforward.
    • #5448 Added utility function: boolean org.simantics.modeling.requests.CollectionResult.walkTree(Function1<Node, Boolean>)
    • #5449 New utility for structural synchronization: UpdateComponentUids
    • #5458 Added setVariable :: String -> Type -> a -> <SCL> ()
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