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10:51 am Sysdyn Bug #3516 (New): Missing enumeration in input variables from other modules do not give error mess...
Missing enumeration in input variable passed from other module does not give an error message or an issue in compilat...


07:45 pm Sysdyn Feature #3515 (New): Structure Dependences
As a modeler I would like to see all the dependences written in an equation in the structure/dependences, not only th...


04:49 pm Sysdyn Feature #3510 (Rejected): Right click on variable
As a modeler I would like to set different kinds of properties, such as enumerations and Is Output, for the variable ...
02:21 pm Sysdyn Feature #3509 (New): Better error message when variable's enumerations do not match with its equa...
As a modeller I would like to have more descriptive error messages than "undefined expression". If a variable is miss...


03:06 pm Sysdyn Bug #3477 (Closed): Multiple sheets
Multiple sheets do not work.
03:05 pm Sysdyn Feature #3476 (Closed): Save Per
As a modeler I'd like to speed up examining simulation results by reducing the amount of data saved in simulation. Sa...
01:14 pm Sysdyn Feature #3475 (Closed): Setting Enumerations for multiple variables
As a modeler I would like to set enumerations for multiple variable at once. Select multiple variable and then set en...


03:37 pm Sysdyn Feature #3056 (New): Age distribution of population models (shift if true)
As a modeller I would like to maintain an accurate age distribution of a population and to control the contents of a ...

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