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10:20 am Sysdyn Feature #3859: Drag and drop
Create drag and drop option throughout the UI.
Example: Changing the index of an enumeration you would not have t...


09:17 am Sysdyn Bug #3140 (New): unable to use sample function
Unable to use modelica sample(start,interval) function as it returns a boolean (booleans not supported). Work around ...


09:06 am Sysdyn Bug #3134 (Closed): multiple module enum bug
Replacing enumerations of multiple module with the same higher level enumeration -> causes to declare a same variable...


02:31 pm Sysdyn Bug #3130 (Closed): enum replace bug
1. If you replace an enumeration from outside a module -> 2. delete the instance from the diagram -> 3. your original...


12:46 pm Sysdyn Feature #3058 (New): Module class (type) next to the module name
As a modeler, I would like to see class of my module instance on the diagram. Example module class is a manufacturer ...


09:49 am Sysdyn Feature #3057 (New): Better causal link polarity indicators
As a modeler, I would like to see more clearly the polarities of causal links when there are multiple causal links to...


10:17 am Sysdyn Feature #3046 (Closed): Multiple line variable names
As a modeler: I would like to display long variable names in a more compact form (on the diagram). For instance, on m...


12:51 pm Sysdyn Enhancement #3045 (Closed): ______________________ Unsorted ______________________
12:49 pm Sysdyn Enhancement #3044 (Closed): ___________ New Simantics SysDyn 1.7 ___________ 20.01.2013
ToDo list of new realease
12:41 pm Sysdyn Enhancement #3043 (Closed): ___________ New Simantics SysDyn 2.1 ___________ 20.10.2013 OUTDATED
ToDo list of new release.

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