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Reported issues: 278


12:14 pm Platform Bug #7329 (Resolved): URIDocumentRequest fails if IConsoleSupport service is not found


07:47 am Platform Bug #7322 (New): UnsupportedOperationException while compiling an SCL-module
07:21 am Platform Bug #7321 (New): Initialization of index failed due an exception in deletion of a index folder
Created a fresh workspace and while ontologies were installed encountered unsatisfied ontology dependencies and termi...


10:35 pm Platform Bug #7320 (New): Ordering of RouteGraphs RouteLines is nondeterministic
In order to be able to compare graphics generated from diagrams scenegraph the ordering should be deterministic
04:31 pm Platform Revision c26cba49 (platform-git): Print AssertionError to SCLReportingHandler
refs #7319
Change-Id: Idb97cbec59532d8a48db8f5e412a7df036a2c510
04:29 pm Platform Bug #7319 (New): Print AssertionError to SCLReportingHandler
12:03 pm Platform Revision 8cdf74e3 (platform-git): Add .gitkeep files to ontology plugins src-folders
refs #7317
Change-Id: Iad353904a36c1832837feb0b0f235e87962bd9d1
12:02 pm Platform Bug #7317 (New): Add .gitkeep files to ontology plugins src-folders
Eclipse and graph-builder behaves abnormally when the src-folder is missing from ontology plugins as it gets generate...
08:40 am Platform Revision 17b717c7 (platform-git): More meaningful debug printing to PrettyPrintTG
Also removing commented out code
refs #7276
Change-Id: I1aee2b8424444a7ee0b3a08be31dbc3375b3e21f


01:24 pm Platform Revision 3e8cd4ae (platform-git): Fixing exclude filter bug & adding query cache flushing
refs #7305
Change-Id: I16b48b8d0aa4cb19a1cbc60084d046ec83d20187

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