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03:27 pm Platform Revision 269ebef9 (platform-git): System.currentTimeMillis to "Simantics/Misc" SCL-module
refs #7867
Change-Id: Ib7a26a7e982dca3de316cb203763a0f720a12b84
03:21 pm Platform Enhancement #7867 (New): System.currentTimeMillis to "Simantics/Misc" SCL-module


01:11 pm Platform Revision a273e6d5 (platform-git): Cleaning up some bloat from CompilePGraphs
refs #7852
Change-Id: Ie3cfe8d7873f9c687bffca776054c626cc65497b
01:11 pm Platform Bug #7852 (New): Cleaning up some bloat from CompilePGraphs


01:28 pm Platform Bug #7844 (New): Acorn undo not working for large literals
11:17 am Platform Revision d9856d23 (platform-git): Adding FileSystem and FileSystems to Files SCL-API
refs #7841
Change-Id: I8b2a02b68c29bb5be724def3e0c2d67b2b6c51e6
08:40 am Platform Enhancement #7841 (Closed): Improvements & features for Files SCL-module
Adding ...


07:24 pm Platform Revision 4d31ea9e (platform-git): Ctrl+Shift+G support for finding also expressions from properties
refs #7834
Change-Id: I24ba4188bbe3b2ba412a9e42fc762f21f76aca55
07:23 pm Platform Revision 2b4fa8a7 (platform-git): Remove duplicate string/regex functionality from Simantics/Misc
refs #7836
Change-Id: I485f09891cb0bd60f2e3b53209a3aaa47e5f7d24
06:07 pm Platform Revision 9333c969 (platform-git): Minor fixes for product build information querying
refs #7828
Change-Id: Ibddcc305bce0d4e84f3fc684c80f3f65592374b6

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