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04:32 pm Platform Revision 194e80ed (platform-git): Some fixes for platform for district simantics
Change-Id: I3851e2ea3a50a9bc55f3952d2acdea3f4f8eb5dd
04:32 pm Platform Revision a7ad4ad4 (platform-git): Adding missing HasTypes for background compatibility
Change-Id: If1903c1fca4f14ecbc99797001f9d752c24c7787
04:31 pm Platform Revision 321dbeee (platform-git): Enhancements to TabContributions
Change-Id: I4df883661c0836a2b19288e7c9fd9456f16988fa
04:08 pm Platform Revision 0e587bbf (platform-git): Some fixes for FileImportService to throw exceptions forward
refs #7014
Change-Id: I03350d056b6258e964a990c50973f2597be5080d
01:08 pm Platform Revision 82ed7c74 (platform-git): Some fixes for resource cleaning spreadsheets in simupedia
refs #7173
Change-Id: I2b8cf12a0abae25f34e691c5251a34fa0e2ab1f9
01:07 pm Platform Bug #7173 (New): Spreadsheet fixes


06:16 pm Simantics R Revision bb748eb0 (simantics-r-git): Fix RFileImport
refs #7154
Change-Id: I9e8773b0c6ec7ea4869826e20f36afae0c6c8f71


02:28 pm Platform Revision 0d82e780 (platform-git): Some fileimport enhancements - Add support for Excel import
Removed e.printStackTrace() method calls
refs #7154
Change-Id: Ic70c24330683b3477b928daf966fd44fa30ac363


03:59 pm Sysdyn Revision 60423815 (sysdyn-git): Fix SysdynFileImport
refs #7154
Change-Id: I278ade3e0f52d03892f25723e4a0e59349ff7c54
03:23 pm Platform Revision dec69b85 (platform-git): Get rid of uses of gnu.trove2
refs #7156
Change-Id: Iea74017d93d7d5a1a7254d4b540369e52fbab879

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