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04:20 pm Platform Revision b062fa12 (platform-git): Project feature dependency injection is broken
refs #7027
Change-Id: I97bef3d5be9bf2689de25919d021a3ab005137a4
04:20 pm Platform Revision 2eed2deb (platform-git): possibleActiveRunVariable should return Maybe Variable
refs #7026
Change-Id: I00cd147ab934932027753bd9f17b51da5c05a85e
04:20 pm Platform Revision 93aca963 (platform-git): History sampling improvements
refs #7028
Change-Id: Ia4653ee76859dae1842bdef82fe552ca70f61995
04:20 pm Platform Revision cff26560 (platform-git): Predicate by label request into Layer0Utils
refs #7035
Change-Id: I322dbcb8f51fd16e39d4408a6a5043713ddd8530
04:20 pm Platform Revision e82705c5 (platform-git): Experiment state request
refs #7036
Change-Id: I2704afcc626a3deb7430eb1a42ea453f71e931d6
04:19 pm Platform Revision 864daffa (platform-git): SVGNode reference counting breaks with assignments
refs #7078
Change-Id: I72c42302d6ed04d0cd5b95525d2ee68d9fda248b
04:19 pm Platform Revision eee1de60 (platform-git): Support L0.loadString in CompilePGraphs
refs #7085
Change-Id: Ia386a6b0f654ca26708dec5b2b5b19f4a975cec3
04:19 pm Platform Revision 20b9a4e5 (platform-git): Navigate to substructure
refs #7080
Change-Id: I2b183bf6b2d314577c664c16471c80658ce57450
04:19 pm Platform Revision ad8152c8 (platform-git): Prefer WorkbenchSelectionUtils when obtaining Resource from sel...
refs #7077
Change-Id: I45cfa3940df8e1f4abe016b215843dc083227b2b
04:19 pm Platform Revision 0ae0fb64 (platform-git): sclAssertion template into MOD
refs #7081
Change-Id: Iec870d7723cebe17d29e93533b4d80bb78ae9b20

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