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04:21 pm Platform Revision a41db41c (platform-git): (refs #7102) Fixed comparator NodeEventHandler.TreePreOrderComp...
Change-Id: Ib7db825832affc47306e351d28935752a8a1c9d6
04:19 pm Platform Revision 8980747c (platform-git): (refs #7090) Generated Function objects implement equals and ha...
Change-Id: I93118f7bd0f975bb68e14b7288dad6546a62faa1
04:19 pm Platform Revision 7af96fe2 (platform-git): (refs #7088) Improvements to tail call optimization
Change-Id: I7e6b914c239b1aa81a06ad9da2cdbf046ac5e0e2
04:18 pm Platform Revision c5622db7 (platform-git): (refs #7071) User Logger instead of System.out/err.println
Change-Id: I196a529dd7005367863bb937703f2cd581728cdd
04:16 pm Platform Revision 94df9d7d (platform-git): Added start level configuration to desktop product
refs #7057
Change-Id: Ia6886f9981ee3a66d991972d7d56059c3b2c1a52
04:16 pm Platform Revision 8bd1bca4 (platform-git): SLF2J logging from SCL
Added a new module Logging with methods trace, debug, warn and error
taking a string as a parameter.
refs #7051
04:09 pm Platform Revision 1f0740df (platform-git): (refs #7042) Added a new compiler optimization (eta-reduce)
Adds new optimization to SCL compiler that transforms the following code
\someParameters = f someOtherParameters ...
04:09 pm Platform Revision bb325161 (platform-git): Filter out CR in resource files generated by graph compiler.
Change-Id: I10e0dfe6a0726c001f63dd438c50256f4fc7cfe6
04:09 pm Platform Revision 43f93c43 (platform-git): Replace crlf by lf in resource files generated by graph compiler.
Change-Id: I502a5f0c6b9eb1f2ba257ab8dba57302263c658a
04:08 pm Platform Revision 32280fe6 (platform-git): Added module header feature to SCL language.
Module header must be in the beginning of the module. However, comments
are allowed before the header. Header has the...

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