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05:49 pm Platform Revision afa02bc1 (platform-git): (refs #7439) Added buffering to SCL Console output
Change-Id: I757e5b9c7d0e03838ac8eee033e78b91949c7985
05:49 pm Platform Enhancement #7439 (In Progress): Speed up SCL Console output speed
Add buffering to console output instead of doing Display.asyncExec for each line separately.
04:37 pm Platform Revision 70f4424a (platform-git): (refs #7436) Added location information to ECHRRuleset
Also small modification to typechecking of ECHRRuleset to get smaller
scope for a potential type error.
Change-Id: I...


03:04 pm Platform Revision 9c4f7c59 (platform-git): Merge "(refs #7433) Fixed a bug in Left.equals"
02:39 pm Platform Revision b3dad17f (platform-git): (refs #7433) Fixed a bug in Left.equals
Change-Id: I89e5f53dab6d0436b0bf73446709ac56d82231a9
12:48 pm Platform Revision 1f2aad00 (platform-git): (refs #7436) Added location information for string interpolation
Change-Id: I8f7ef2b89ca8359c4de1944a36ae4b9688bfca18
12:47 pm Platform Bug #7436 (In Progress): Missing location information in some SCL expressions
11:15 am Platform Revision 4d0af33d (platform-git): (refs #7434) Added DefaultMouseListener to all modelled graph e...
Change-Id: Id5661baa6d3102e99b2457f54e0233b4f9738a41
11:15 am Platform Enhancement #7434 (In Progress): Double-click in issue view opens the issue context in diagram
09:21 am Platform Revision 5b1f5568 (platform-git): (refs #7433) Make Either type available in Java
Change-Id: I9ee7e4ca0bb2bf682b00447d8a44568276e74083

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