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04:21 pm Platform Revision 9da67402 (platform-git): Added functional FileOperation interface to FileService.
This makes using method references with FileService easier/possible and
provides for cleaner code.
refs #7100
04:20 pm Platform Revision a3b94986 (platform-git): Removed useless class org.simantics.utils.thread.Executors2.
Also removed the optional org.eclipse.swt dependency introduced to
org.simantics.utils.thread by Executors2. org.sima...
04:19 pm Platform Revision a818c615 (platform-git): Symbol filter changed to show whole group when filter matches g...
refs #7098
Change-Id: I3c3fa87b711f3791787e59207a0e50e479a13152
04:19 pm Platform Revision 57cf650d (platform-git): Added ModuleUpdateContext.getModuleType()
refs #7087
Change-Id: I90355f8f28cbbd36168375734e3b8e3766edfb48
04:18 pm Platform Revision f5d1555a (platform-git): Fonts are now embedded in diagram, wiki, etc PDF exports.
A lot of general cleanup/refactoring for the old "Diagrams to PDF"
export wizard backend implementation. Consolidated...
04:18 pm Platform Revision 1527abe3 (platform-git): Added .keep file to org.simantics.views.text.ontology/src
refs #7066
Change-Id: Idc505dc1beafd74a0af4ffe9763391add56bde1a
04:18 pm Platform Revision 4dd2e82b (platform-git): Removed javax.vecmath from target definitions.
refs #7023
Change-Id: Iea68c7ac42f428882c2e64c9a1c3f4c7dd9a0566
04:18 pm Platform Revision 79681081 (platform-git): Fixed JNA version from target platform definitions.
refs #7023
Change-Id: Ibfb6e5652f44aa7d6e34b13a6acce595e9a76051
04:18 pm Platform Revision 04053599 (platform-git): Remove all dependencies on javax.vecmath.
Apache Commons Math3 library can be used to replace the functionality.
The only downside is that Math3 is over 10 tim...
04:16 pm Platform Revision 49213149 (platform-git): Support also Resource inputs in standardIssueContexts property ...
Previous version only supported Variables.
refs #7064
Change-Id: If309d7c3d6c8d0b270a8344d3abaf9061e92da31

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