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05:44 pm Platform Bug #7679 (Resolved): Compiling ontologies from UI causes null display and fails


02:39 pm Platform Revision 0070425a (platform-git): Fixed CompilePGraphsAction that gave a NullPointerException
A worker thread with a null displayed tried to compile the pgraph for
ontology definition files. Ensuring that a defa...
02:35 pm Platform Bug #7679 (Resolved): Compiling ontologies from UI causes null display and fails
Ontology definition files could not be compiled from the UI as a worker thread handled the job with a null display.


03:20 pm Platform Revision c701c5e6 (platform-git): Removed unnecessary oxygen-specific feature
org.simantics.desktop.product.oxygen.feature is no longer needed, as
every plugin it includes is already included by ...


05:27 pm Platform Revision 1d8c627e (platform-git): Fix org.simantics.sdk.source.features to 1.31.0
During merge they stayed as 1.30.0 but should be 1.31.0.
Change-Id: Ibafb57322fe8ad813823cfd0b0808280ca41c732
05:00 pm Platform Revision 09428742 (platform-git): Update locations to use mirror-locations
Mirror-locations are now used rather than eclipse's download site.
Before merge to master, update the locations to u...
12:43 pm Platform Revision 6f11a60d (platform-git): Merge branch 'master' into private/eclipse-4.7
Resolved Conflicts:
refs #7358
Change-Id: Idefea4...


01:13 pm Platform Revision 3014268a (platform-git): (refs #7358) Updated .tpd files for simantics oxygen
The .tpd files are target platform definition file that generate
valid .target file.


05:35 pm Platform Revision 388dda42 (platform-git): (refs #7358) Mars to Oxygen updates
+Removed org.eclipse.epp.mpc feature from simantics.desktop
and sdk, as the latest version contained unwanted


04:53 pm Platform Revision 4d38705e (platform-git): (refs #7358) Continued updating of oxygen target platform
Commit 1:
+ Include both com.sun.jna 4.1.0 and 4.3.0 to satisfy
nativemem and org.eclipse.epp.mpc.win32 dependencies....

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