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05:39 pm Platform Revision f7acb1a0 (platform-git): Fixed URI problems related to EnternalEntities during import
Introduced a new function, getTrueUri, that gives the escaped URI.
Used when finding external entities.
Previously, g...
05:39 pm Platform Bug #7182 (Closed): ExternalEntities found incorrectly
When importing a shared library, all ExternalEntities that can be replaced with correct Entities should be replaced.
05:29 pm Platform Revision 97b19fb4 (platform-git): Removed IRequest references and usage from Document/All
An recent change (Revision 82ed7c74) to Document/All.scl added IRequest
usage and references. IRequest should not be...
08:06 am Platform Revision c486ef9e (platform-git): Added file-extension filter function to Core.scl for Dropins.
Generic file-importer can be asked which extensions are supported. Added
that function to Core.scl.
refs #7154


10:44 am Platform Enhancement #6993 (New): Generate Help-Contents dynamically for all components and libraries
Help could be improved upon.
Not all libraries have a dynamically created help-contents.


09:52 am Platform Bug #6580: SumifFormulaFunction's "matchCriteria" not 100% same as Excel's version
Tuukka Lehtonen wrote:
> Miro, are there any changes related to this issue on the platform side?
As far as I know, ...
09:26 am Platform Enhancement #6660: Changes in spreadsheet editor cannot be undone with Ctrl+Z shortcut
Update 20.12.2016: Nothing has been done about this. Editor does have history of cell edits, but Ctrl+Z does not chan...


12:27 pm Platform Revision 53550110 (platform-git): UCs can have their own SCLModule definitions
User Components now see their own SCLModule definitions without
including them to the index roots SCLMain. Makes UCs ...


10:10 am Platform Enhancement #6729 (Feedback): Improved file import to take account mismatching dropins and absolu...
10:10 am Platform Revision 33294: (refs #6729) Improved file import logic
Previously, a file's Path parts would be found from:
Path parts = dropins.relativize(file);
Now, a check to see if a...

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