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11:45 am Platform Revision 9436bf9b (platform-git): SingleObjectWithType was broken in the previous change
refs #7803
Change-Id: I4ad3281195144f5f70dd0cc86e2348663d0d1c02


02:46 pm Platform Revision 15c11564 (simantics-interop-git): Moved label generation to separate init() method
Change-Id: I19de25135578ffa826c46c940191b6e0337bc3c6


01:14 pm Platform Revision 4a008135 (simantics-interop-git): Using bindings when comparing literal values (perf opt...


12:42 pm Platform Revision c8ead11d (simantics-interop-git): Don't continue parsing XML file if root element is not...


12:38 pm Platform Revision 4b336dbb (platform-git): Fixing missing references.
refs #7688
Change-Id: I047e913267620c2c3fc59ddd311f87f022b957ee
12:38 pm Platform Bug #7688 (Closed): org.simantics.scl.ui dependency is missing dependencies.
11:09 am Platform Revision e92bb21b (platform-git): Disable model activation during model migration
refs #7686
Change-Id: Ide98ff661dba6b863923ebe4ca795bf03d77a2e1
11:07 am Platform Bug #7686 (Closed): Disable forced model activation after migration
Two reasons:
1. Current implementation writes the activation statements to persistent graph, while the statements mu...


01:48 pm Platform Bug #7645 (Resolved): Creating Lists with default configuration does not work when using DelayedW...
Applied in changeset platform-git|commit:f016d40e5f6a2dca277a317188d1bb73b8255118.
11:55 am Platform Revision bdafd889 (platform-git): Merge "ListUtils.create(WriteGraph, Iterable<Resource> elements...

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