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Platform2016-11-30Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6547: Prevent reinitialization of chart editor vertical rulers every time anything changes in TrendSpec1.00
Platform2016-09-05Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6673: URIStringUtils.needsEscaping does not work according to URIStringUtils.escape Produced patch1.00
Platform2016-09-01Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6671: DIA.HasTransform defines L0.RequiresValueType "Vector Double" so G2D.Transform needs to define L0.HasValueType as well to avoid low level validation issues1.00
Platform2016-08-29Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6666: Immutability enforcement improvements in user component facilitiesFinalizing read-only support changes to SCL editors and UC interface editor1.00
Platform2016-08-29Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentSupport #6475: Migrate from svn to gitUpdating git from SVN2.00
Platform2016-08-08Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6637: Synchronization beginComponent/endComponent consistency fixes2.00
Platform2016-08-03Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6449: Wiki documentation enhancementsMerging wiki doc changes from trunk to 1.22 branch2.50
Platform2016-08-03Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6624: Remove dependency on org.lobobrowser.cobra2.00
Platform2016-07-13Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6603: Chart viewer Add Milestone action creates invalid database contents0.25
Platform2016-07-13Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6602: Allow typical diagram template masters to be stored in shared librariesFixed typical diagram from selected template to instances -based synchronization to look for the diagram instances from the index1.50
Platform2016-07-07Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentSupport #6587: Simantics 1.22.1 release engineeringFixing branching script for service release branch3.00
Platform2016-07-07Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6586: More robust resolution of format decimal separator symbol for CSV formatterAccounted up to Apros #117771.50
Platform2016-07-07Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6585: Prevent user from specifying same column & decimal separator in subscription CSV export wizard and CSV preferences1.00
Platform2016-07-07Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6583: Do not invoke symbolDropHandler function in diagram element drop situations when the drop target does not have that property0.50
Platform2016-07-05Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6559: Performance improvements for model transferable graph exportFixing the regression in copy-pasting etc. caused by the original changes1.00
Platform2016-07-05Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6572: Allow for textual editing of properties with custom modifierFixing fallout0.50
Platform2016-06-30Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentSupport #6567: Prelude function hidden, broke existing SCL code0.50
Platform2016-06-26Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6449: Wiki documentation enhancementsChanged SWTStyledText to try to keep its vertical scroll position when the text input changes to improve usability.0.50
Platform2016-06-23Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6449: Wiki documentation enhancementsMaking the requested changes to wiki documentation2.00
Platform2016-06-22Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6551: Change org.simantics.db.layer0.util.Simantics into an internal class and rename to SimanticsInternal2.00
Platform2016-06-18Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6543: Trend value tip box rendering layout uses wrong values when deciding the final width of the boxFinding and fixing the problem.1.50
Platform2016-06-15Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6537: Missing image resource initialization in HistoryView0.25
Platform2016-06-15Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6535: Ability to disable database indexingPatching the problems found.4.00
Platform2016-06-15Tuukka LehtonenTestingEnhancement #6535: Ability to disable database indexingTesting to see what the problem is.3.00
Platform2016-06-14Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6533: Open external links in external browser from documentation wiki editor0.25
Platform2016-06-08Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentFeature #6528: Support collapsing all and selected nodes in Model Browser2.50
Platform2016-05-30Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6513: More functional interfaces that can throw DatabaseException for the DB client1.00
Platform2016-05-26Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentFeature #6507: Run SCL scripts with runFromFile in SCL console by dragging script files from file explorer into the SCL console output text area0.50
Platform2016-05-09Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6464: Allow overriding of a function in VariableModifier/VariableModifier2 that is executed after a successful write transaction0.50
Platform2016-04-28Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6444: NPE in Model Browser tree item update due to disposed tree item0.50
Platform2016-04-26Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6439: Support UC monitor value properties in Simantics/Diagram elementsOfR function0.75
Platform2016-04-20Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6424: org.simantics.diagram.profile.view.ActiveRuntimeDiagramInputSource unnecessarily performs synchronous DB requests in the UI thread2.00
Platform2016-04-18Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6422: DiagramGraphUtil.determineConnectionType(ReadGraph, Resource) fails when provided diagram connection is not a part of any diagram0.50
Platform2016-04-17Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentFeature #6410: Simple wrapper class for discovering and running the gnuplot executable with script files1.00
Platform2016-04-16Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentFeature #6410: Simple wrapper class for discovering and running the gnuplot executable with script files4.00
Platform2016-04-13Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6416: Prevent PointerInteractor from reacting to mouse clicked events with click count > 1 to prevent diagram selection from bouncing arounddiscussion with Antti and creating another fix1.00
Platform2016-04-12Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6416: Prevent PointerInteractor from reacting to mouse clicked events with click count > 1 to prevent diagram selection from bouncing around1.00
Platform2016-04-07Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentFeature #6410: Simple wrapper class for discovering and running the gnuplot executable with script files3.00
Platform2016-04-06Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6409: Procedural user component code compilation does not use block parsing mode1.00
Platform2016-04-05Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6406: Missing null check in MappingBase.dispose0.15
Platform2016-03-31Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6397: Deprecate Callback and Callable interfaces from org.simantics.utils.datastructures5.00
Platform2016-03-16Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6366: Equals & hashCode not implemented for data structures in CollectionSupportImplSimplifying equals/hashCode 1.00
Platform2016-03-06Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6364: Joining a route graph connection to a disconnected flag that is still connected to a terminal produces an invalid connection2.50
Platform2016-03-04Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6363: ModelingUtils.CompositeInfo.resolveFolder returns wrong result2.00
Platform2016-03-04Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentFeature #6316: Fix remaining issues with GUID creation in certain operations3.00
Platform2016-03-04Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6354: Bind simulation experiment timer toolbar contribution mode to active chart time format preference3.00
Platform2016-03-03Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentFeature #5619: Resource browserFinalizing the debug browser.3.00
Platform2016-03-02Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6349: Safer implementation of ResourceImpl.toString()Debugging the problem and figuring out a good enough solution2.00
Platform2016-02-26Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6341: Event Mark Baseline does not work with manually added events1.00
Platform2016-02-24Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6332: Symbol filters with external data sources did not updateFixing symbol library group re-expansion to work when the group contents are updated.3.00
Platform2016-02-23Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6329: Extensible exclusion logic for tg exportsmerging0.10
Platform2016-02-23Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6324: Diagram operations missing undo pointsFixing Edit Style + Page Settings undo points0.25
Platform2016-02-21Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6324: Diagram operations missing undo points0.25
Platform2016-02-19Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6321: Ignore empty HasSubprocessName properties in structural synchronization0.25
Platform2016-02-17Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6317: Linearly interpolating subscription data CSV export crashes if exported data contains NaN/Inf data items0.50
Platform2016-02-16Tuukka LehtonenTestingBug #6311: Support components attached to connections in DiagramRequests.expandConnectionsAnalyzed problem in MappedModelingRules.getMappedConnectionPoints0.50
Platform2016-02-16Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6311: Support components attached to connections in DiagramRequests.expandConnectionsFixed regression in MappedModelingRules.getMappedConnectionPoints0.25
Platform2016-02-11Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6311: Support components attached to connections in DiagramRequests.expandConnectionsFixed an Apros bug0.75
Platform2016-02-11Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentFeature #6312: Introduce Java 8 @FunctionalInterfaces that are allowed to throw DatabaseException to allow usage of lambdas with DB-related code0.25
Platform2016-02-05Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6303: Event view Unmark milestone shall also remove baseline state from event1.50
Platform2016-01-28Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6297: Diagram connection copy-paste routine does not copy MOD.HasConnectionMappingSpecification statementsreporting the issue, merging, etc.0.50
Platform2016-01-28Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6289: Modelled browse context and action context enhancementsE4-ifying GlobalModeledToolbarActions with Jani4.00
Platform2016-01-27Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentSupport #6283: Introduce FMI interface libraryfeature for os.fmil1.00
Platform2016-01-19Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentFeature #6267: Reverse synchronization SCL module4.00
Platform2016-01-09Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6240: Enable the use of JavaSE-1.8 features throughout the whole Simantics codebaseSwitching plug-ins from different compliances to JavaSE-1.8 and fixing the fallout caused by the change.1.50
Platform2016-01-09Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6238: If database query cache is empty, query collector will throw ArithmeticException0.25
Platform2016-01-02Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentSupport #3537: Switch to 4.x Eclipse as the development platformNew year's day work on switching trunk/1.21 to e4.10.00
Platform2015-12-29Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6221: Many smaller chart UI enhancementsAdding stroke/color editing support for chart item property dialog (took unnecessary side steps during implementation which ended up wasting a lot of time).7.00
Platform2015-12-23Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6221: Many smaller chart UI enhancementsInitial batch of enhancements, still missing chart item color/stroke configuration16.00
Platform2015-12-16Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6205: Prevent user from giving invalid values for chart item properties3.00
Platform2015-12-14Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6196: Layer0Utils.setExpression and related utilities are used with wrong context in standard selection view ValueAccessor implementations2.00
Platform2015-12-10Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6180: Refactoring generic migration stepsIntroduce message logging to migration steps and GuidCreationStep0.50
Platform2015-12-09Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6193: DIA.HasTransform needs to define L0.RequiresValueType to allow selection view editing to work2.00
Platform2015-12-04Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6190: Diagram connection copy-paste routine does not copy MOD.HasConnectionMappingSpecification statements0.50
Platform2015-12-03Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentSupport #3537: Switch to 4.x Eclipse as the development platformMerging work from trunk to e4 branch.2.00
Platform2015-11-03Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6131: Disposal support for org.simantics.structural.synchronization.client.MappingBase to help garbage collection0.50
Platform2015-11-03Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6130: Exponential direct byte buffer growth instead of minimal in DecompressingInputStream to minimize unnecessary buffer reallocations.0.50
Platform2015-11-03Tuukka LehtonenTestingEnhancement #6129: Add support for procedurally generated labels and descriptions in Symbols-view0.40
Platform2015-11-02Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6124: Undo point marking missing from diagram tools view actionsAdded undo points to diagram tool actions.0.20
Platform2015-10-30Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6114: Ignore datatype units in history file conversions2.00
Platform2015-10-28Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6107: Diagram editor runtime model leaks a lot of memory through database client query caches10.00
Platform2015-10-28Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6098: Give PointerInteractor priority over scene graph event handling4.00
Platform2015-10-26Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6102: Prevent closing a diagram editor from a published shared library from causing an unexpected exception every time it is closed.1.00
Platform2015-10-21Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6098: Give PointerInteractor priority over scene graph event handling4.00
Platform2015-10-20Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6097: ConnectionJoinAndSplit handler causes unexpected NPEs0.20
Platform2015-10-17Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6094: Force Simantics Exports wizard to add file extensions to .pdf and .zip files1.50
Platform2015-10-12Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentSupport #6090: Add fastutil collections to Simantics SDK4.00
Platform2015-10-12Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentSupport #3537: Switch to 4.x Eclipse as the development platformGetting Simantics e4 SDK to build in jenkins and to get an end product built on top of it.20.00
Platform2015-10-04Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6075: Standard diagram element cut-paste implementation can leave STR.ConnectionJoin instnaces with incorrect STR.JoinsComposite relations2.00
Platform2015-10-01Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6065: Prevent NPE in org.simantics.modeling.All.variableIdDisplayValue0.25
Platform2015-09-25Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6053: Support numeric fields properly in lucene index queries6.00
Platform2015-09-22Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6037: More generic filter/walk functions for PDF export node structures1.00
Platform2015-09-16Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentEnhancement #6032: Generic text element support for diagram mapping facilities in Simantics/Diagram SCL module 5.00
Platform2015-09-10Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6028: Edit Style dialog does not apply new font if only font size/style are modified2.00
Platform2015-08-29Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #6011: Several diagram export and diagram content copy-paste fixes14.00
Platform2015-08-26Marko LuukkainenDevelopmentBug #6007: SessionImplSocket peekService fails to return services.1.00
Platform2015-08-18Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #5991: Undo point creation missing from UI operations0.50
Platform2015-08-09Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #5981: Diagram editor connect tool use with ALT doesn't work if the editor doesn't have focus2.00
Platform2015-08-03Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #5977: Datatype strings are invalidly written into L0.HasValueType literals as SCL type definitions0.50
Platform2015-07-07Tuukka LehtonenDevelopmentBug #5907: Diagram export does not exclude joins with flags to external diagrams that are not connected to anything on the external diagram2.00

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