Simantics 1.31.0



32 days late (2018-03-21)

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7396 Support Simantics 1.31.0 release engineering

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# Tracker Subject Story Points
7045 Feature Base classes for model updates
7597 Enhancement Allow side-effects in the function given to indexBy



# Tracker Subject Story Points
7572 Enhancement Support dependency embedding in generic model export/import
7575 Feature SCL expressions to SCL Issues view
7588 Enhancement Support for existential type variables with syntax ?v
7589 Bug Shared libraries view broken
7593 Enhancement Better scaling of diagrams rendered into SVG
7595 Feature SCL reflection: finding modules, values and compiling expressions in SCL
7598 Bug Acorn cluster memory usage book-keeping problems
7601 Feature SCL record wildcards
7604 Enhancement Improvements to graph handling in SCL source modules
7605 Enhancement Move Simantics license information file from dev wiki to the platform git repository
7606 Enhancement Timing with task name (Debug module)
7607 Feature Async module for running functions asynchronously
7608 Bug Better API for safer ISceneGraphProvider handlingin SCLSceneGraph
7611 Bug Low performance when opening log view
7612 Bug NPE when disposing uninitialized SCL module editor
7613 Bug SCL Module sources are contributed twice
7614 Bug Typechecking of list comprehension does not store some modified expressions
7615 Enhancement StringIO.readContentsWithCharset
7616 Enhancement Improve SCL library for creating SCL modules and scripts
7617 Feature Service for tracking size of directories
7618 Feature Workbench status bar control contribution to visualize workspace size
7619 Bug Fix parentheses in derived show instances
7621 Bug Incorrect handling of $ in application ignoring return value
7622 Enhancement Utility for history data stream truncation to given timestamp
7624 Bug Graph bookkeeping gets broken in SCL request API
7625 Bug renderSVG fails if a SingleElementNode does not contain a resource
7626 Enhancement Better error reporting when graph module does not have URI
7633 Bug AbstractEventHandler catches exceptions prematurely within the requests
7634 Bug Unsafe reverting of SCL context
7635 Bug Undo operation takes up to 5 seconds
7636 Bug Disable old Team and Staging views that no longer work
7637 Bug Clusters are persisted earlier than intended
7639 Enhancement elemIndex list function for Prelude
7640 Bug NPE in NatTableGraphExplorer input validation
7642 Bug Internal compiler error for as-pattern in list comprehension
7643 Enhancement Copy-paste in SCL issues view
7644 Enhancement Functions mapFst and mapSnd
7645 Bug Creating Lists with default configuration does not work when using DelayedWriteGraph
7647 Enhancement Improve SCL Files API with parent and path resolving functions
7650 Enhancement Add shutdown hook for the platform to make Simantics application shutdown more robust
7653 Enhancement Support creating a diagram connection with one drag
7654 Enhancement DB client CollectionSupportImpl returns lists that don't implement List#listIterator methods
7655 Support Use Consumer instead of deprecated Callback interface
7657 Feature SCL Image Rule
7662 Feature Debug info for SCL modules containing data for building reference hierarchy
7663 Bug Regression in CompositeImage and diagram DnD monitors
7665 Bug Database index replace operation does not fire index query listeners



# Tracker Subject Story Points
7358 Support Move to Eclipse Oxygen 4.7 target platform
7374 Feature SCL REST API
7415 Enhancement Optimize shallow index queries to only query data from the requested index root
7416 Bug Remove useless constructor from class GraphLayerUtil
7418 Bug ModelImportWizard.doImport does not import the model to specified target
7419 Enhancement Export org.simantics.modeling.ui.sharedontology.wizard package
7420 Enhancement More type information for diagram elements
7421 Enhancement Diagram to SVG to support selection cycling
7423 Bug Add org.eclipse.userstorage to desktop feature
7426 Feature SCLProgressMonitor implements IProgressMonitor
7427 Enhancement Correct error markings for import errors in SCL editor
7428 Enhancement Add predicatesOf function to Simantics/DB
7429 Enhancement Update jsoup version to 1.8.3
7430 Enhancement Minor fix to Serialization module
7431 Bug Wrong context variable to domainChildren query in StandardGraphPropertyVariable
7433 Feature Make Either type available in Java
7434 Enhancement Double-click in issue view opens the issue context in diagram
7435 Bug ElementPainter produces infinite bounds with transformed selection shapes
7436 Bug Missing location information in some SCL expressions
7438 Enhancement Support labels for property children
7439 Enhancement Speed up SCL Console output speed
7441 Enhancement Add rounding to Simupedia connection lines
7442 Enhancement Option to pass custom TG configuration to exportModel function
7443 Enhancement Ignore stray routelines when loading route graph connections
7447 Bug Add missing jersey-client to target platform and force osgi-resource-locator version to 2.5.0b32
7448 Feature java.nio.file.Files SCL API
7450 Feature SCL script storage, editing and validation support
7452 Enhancement Make the diagram editor opened from an issue configurable
7453 Feature Switch component type of the component between group of alternatives
7456 Enhancement Activate imported model if there are already no activated models
7458 Feature Editing of texts inside SVG elements
7459 Bug SCL compiler does not prevent importJava with two equal value names
7460 Bug Variable type is null, if error happens when type checking pattern
7462 Enhancement Publish OntologicalRequirementTracker as LifeCycleProcess
7463 Enhancement Link PlatformUI Model to the ontology
7464 Bug SWTKeyEventAdapter does not support '*'
7465 Enhancement Better support for ontological profiles
7466 Enhancement Font property for DIA.TextElement
7467 Enhancement More descriptive label for PlatformUI shared ontology
7474 Bug Specify exported package version to org.slf4j.api
7477 Enhancement ListUtils.create alternatives for creating new lists by type with WriteOnlyGraph
7478 Feature SelectionProcessor backwards compatibility aid
7480 Enhancement Icon support in IListItem
7484 Enhancement Remove Eclipse Marketplace Client (+ userstorage) from Simantics Desktop product
7488 Enhancement Change logback.xml ROOT log level to INFO and org.simantics* to DEBUG by default
7489 Enhancement Add replicate function to Prelude
7490 Enhancement Prelude documentation improvement
7491 Enhancement Allow G2D clients to request text rendering mode without depending on iText
7496 Bug PlatformUtil.getGraph() to catch throwables instead of five different exceptions
7498 Bug SCL compiler does not always resolve obvious disambiguities
7500 Bug Functions using CHR ruleset might be resolved before ruleset declarations
7503 Enhancement Add MMap.getOrCreate
7506 Enhancement Add Kleisli composition >=> to Prelude
7512 Enhancement possibleUriOf into Simantics/DB for Browsable class
7514 Enhancement Improvement of index and group implementations and new function indexGroup(By)
7516 Enhancement Exclude fully weak relations to external resources in model TG export
7518 Enhancement Stop click event propagation if something was selected
7519 Feature Configurable branch point radius
7520 Enhancement Supply SVG text editor with element measurement context for adjusting dimensions
7521 Bug Fix missing FunctionalRelations
7523 Bug Update diagram element graphics when symbol graphics change
7524 Enhancement Set Refresh automatically as default in SCLConsole
7525 Enhancement Allow special category treatment for any predicate
7527 Bug NPE-safety for Button selection listener
7528 Feature Separate output-only console for SCL script execution
7529 Enhancement Preference-configurable font for SCL Console and SCL Script Output console
7530 Bug Application effect missing after resolved ambiguous reference
7531 Enhancement Functions first and last to Prelude
7211 Feature DB baseline
7532 Enhancement Change the context of FunctorM from Functor to FunctorE
7533 Bug Remove merge semantics of CommandContext keys
7534 Enhancement Add support for dependency changes in SCL
7535 Bug Allow only selecting models in the model export wizard
7536 Enhancement Allow use of uppercase static fields (and enums) imported from Java to be used in pattern matching
7540 Feature Listenable queries in SCL
7508 Feature New type class MonadE and corresponding monad syntax with edo keyword
7541 Feature SCL module deprecation flag
7542 Bug Platform features do not update into local bundle pools because feature versions remain the same without .qualifier
7544 Bug NPE from TimeSeriesEditor.ActiveRunListener
7545 Bug Fix ConstantLabelDecorationRule to not use Display for creating FontDescriptor if one is missing
7546 Bug Diagram to SVG does not render existing CanvasContext correctly
7547 Enhancement Add option for exporting tg and pgraph with sharedlibrary
7549 Feature Add Marker-support to Logging-module
7550 Bug Add Eclipse-BundleShape: dir directions for Tycho to include unpacked plug-ins in products
7551 Bug Improved disposal of DirectorySizeTracker
7552 Enhancement Only validate database adapter definitions against the adapter schema in development mode
7553 Bug Lucene index creation executor is not shut down and threads are not daemons
7554 Bug Trying to add change that already exists
7555 Bug Diagram to SVG sometimes is not capable of rendering selections
7556 Bug SceneGraph NodeEventHandler should work in headless environments
7557 Enhancement Generate tidier SVG from diagrams
7558 Bug Closing svg tag not added by SCLScenegraph
7457 Enhancement Make a default ComponetType prefix an assertion
7461 Bug Unimplemented StructuralRVIResolver.getPossibleRVI
7470 Enhancement SCL function for migrating all instances of component type in a model
7507 Enhancement Allow creation of SCL modules to folders that are also module names
7522 Enhancement Add isPersistent to DB module
7526 Enhancement Allow population of UC to diagram directly if UC has unique symbol
7559 Bug Incorrect location information when reporting imports of deprecated modules
7560 Bug Deprecate Extras/HashMap
7561 Enhancement Allow extra parameters to the application of type alias
7562 Feature Procedural SCL modules
7563 Enhancement Mark parents of new resource optional in if they cannot be found in dependencies
7565 Bug Async transaction count not declared volatile but accessed from multiple threads
7566 Bug Asynchronously applied styling missing from exported diagrams
7567 Bug Add throw function to builtin module
7568 Bug Reinitialize diagram editor when element is switched
7569 Feature Add character highlighting to SCL module editor
7570 Bug No change metadata for modifications in virtual properties
7571 Bug Incorrect handling of effects in edo
7573 Enhancement Provide typeable with functions with three effects
7574 Bug EAmbiguous does not implement resolve
7576 Feature Progress monitoring to Pgraph compilation
7577 Bug StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when resolving issue path
7578 Bug org.simantics.LZ4 native DLL loading keeps piling up temporary DLL files in windows
7579 Enhancement Small improvement to SessionGarbageCollection interface to allow monitored collection within a request
7580 Bug SVGNode assignments are not always applied in rendering
7581 Bug {,Sync,Async}ListenerAdapter shall not implement isDisposed to force user to define listener life-cycle
7582 Bug Prevent NPE in InvertBasicExpressionVisitor.possibleInvertibleExpressionReferencedProperty
7583 Enhancement Means to handle connection selections without configuration component
7585 Enhancement Add MList.set
7586 Enhancement Allow always conversion to Object in SCL-Java interface
7592 Bug Array indexing bug in Databoard Set binding getAll method
7594 Enhancement Allow overriding of the query/mutation logic of issue hiding
7599 Enhancement Cleaner progress monitoring for migrating model imports
7600 Bug Use java.nio.file API to get better information on why directory creation fails
7603 Bug Migrating import can create temporary import root resources with overlapping names



# Tracker Subject Story Points
7402 Bug SCL compiler throw InternalCompilerError with recursive definition that is not exported or used
7404 Bug A critical bug in SCL compiler making error messages suck big time
7409 Bug CommandContextImpl context state value assignment merging is broken
7411 Enhancement Simupedia document diagram connection point direction fixes
7414 Feature Add a constructor for Dynamic type