Simantics 1.29.0


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
7114 Support Simantics 1.29.0 release engineering

Closed Sprints



# Tracker Subject Story Points
7105 Feature Modelling default namespace prefix to use for imported modules or ontologies
7144 Enhancement Generic Model Import
7147 Bug Broken tab contribution sorting causes missing contributions
6878 Feature Show compilation errors in STS tests without need to run the tests
7313 Bug Dragging diagram profile monitors to charts or subscriptions no longer works
7329 Bug URIDocumentRequest fails if IConsoleSupport service is not found
7332 Bug Include missing org.apache.lucene4 and com.lowagie.text features in org.simantics.sdk feature



# Tracker Subject Story Points
7173 Bug Spreadsheet fixes
7251 Bug Fixes to variable implementations
7252 Bug OpenDefaultEditor should not cache adapters that cannot be opened (with priority < 0)
7253 Enhancement Diagram to SVG enhancements
7259 Enhancement More SCL set manipulation functions
7260 Bug Code generation removes derived definitions that are marked private when export is used



# Tracker Subject Story Points
7238 Enhancement BrowseContextTable enhancements
6923 Feature Explicit export annotation for SCL modules
7124 Bug More robust Acorn database rollback logic
7119 Enhancement Dynamic positioning of elements and terminals in G2D
6924 Feature Support for .field access to record fields
7177 Enhancement Rounded connections
7178 Feature Maven graph ontology file builder plugin
7180 Enhancement Configurable font for FlagNode
7181 Enhancement Simantics/PGraph#compilePGraphs SCL API for compiling shared ontologies into TGs
7182 Bug ExternalEntities found incorrectly
7183 Bug Headless org.simantics.SCLScriptRunner application does not process launch arguments
7186 Bug Acorn main.state file should only be written at database session shutdown time
7192 Enhancement InstanceOf tester (VP.Test)
7193 Enhancement Support VP.Test in action browse context contribution
7194 Enhancement Initial selection for diagram viewer should be the diagram itself
7195 Enhancement GenericReadBase2 without the unused template parameter
7196 Enhancement SingletonRead base class
7197 Enhancement ListIndexRoots request
7198 Enhancement Use ListIndexRoots in migration
7203 Bug FileImportService fails to match file extensions
7204 Bug Add org.simantics.db.testing plugin to SDK build
7205 Enhancement Change Diagram copy-paste implementation to enable customization by overriding
7206 Bug StyleBase runs cleanup in wrong thread
7208 Enhancement Performance enhancements for DiagramToSVG
7209 Bug RouteGraphNode styling with a custom class does not work
7214 Feature Slight change of semantics / optimization, treat $ exactly like function application
7215 Bug NamespaceMigrationStep breaks imported tg
7216 Enhancement Remove deprecated OldTransferableGraph1
7217 Enhancement Some SCL enhancements for logging and test executing
7219 Enhancement Remove deprecated code related to SCL
7224 Enhancement PrettyPrintTG enhancements
7225 Feature An action to show a pgraph representation for any resource contained in an ontology
7226 Enhancement Console printing enhancements for documents (Simupedia)
7227 Enhancement Make NodeContext builtin keys available through Simantics/All
7229 Bug CompilePGraphs takes previous bundled version of ontology as a dependency
7230 Feature Initial support for pgraph listing for shared library bundles
7231 Bug Calculating bounding box for dynamic symbol fails if its SVG contains empty TSpan
7242 Feature SCL Development perspective
7243 Feature Add Jersey Client to target platform
7245 Feature Decompilation of compiled SCL classes



# Tracker Subject Story Points
7134 Feature Map some ListUtils functions to SCL
7154 Bug Some fileimport enhancements
7156 Bug Get rid of Trove2
7168 Enhancement Use Thread.stop to terminate execution in SCL Console after grace period



# Tracker Subject Story Points
6998 Enhancement Annotate DB write-interfaces with @FunctionalRelation and make necessary code changes for lambda usage
7054 Enhancement Support SVG generation from scenegraph
7118 Enhancement Move graph file document codes around a bit
7120 Enhancement Slightly improved diagnostics in ExtendedUris
7121 Enhancement Guard against NPE in ConnectionRelationLabelDecorationRule
7125 Enhancement Change Diagram copy-paste implementation to enable customization by overriding
7141 Enhancement Minor SCL compiler improvements
7145 Bug Model export broke down due to internal resource changes
7146 Enhancement Symbol code style into platform
7148 Feature Contributed profile entries
7157 Feature instantiateUnder function property for types
7158 Feature SCLDropAction
7159 Enhancement Empty RVI literal in L0
7160 Enhancement possibleFromDynamic coersion function in Simantics/DB
7162 Feature Generic instantiation based on instantiateUnder
7163 Bug ModelBrowser.handleDrop action should be run in SWT thread
7164 Feature RVI support in Simantics/Variables
7166 Enhancement Basic Linux & MacOSX support for org.simantics.nativemem inspection



# Tracker Subject Story Points
7016 Feature Fail-safe import