Simantics 1.27.0


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
6915 Support Simantics 1.27.0 release engineering

Closed Sprints



# Tracker Subject Story Points
6984 Enhancement Minor improvements to CHR implementation [1.27.0]



# Tracker Subject Story Points
6979 Bug SCL console file drop problems
6996 Enhancement Ignore instance definitions for Eq and Hashable
6948 Enhancement Support purely variable based dynamic issue sources in issue view
5920 Bug SCL GraphModuleSourceRepository.ModuleListener is not aware of situations where SCLMain is deleted (e.g. with model delete)
6943 Bug Graph based SCL modules leaked when dependencies change
6901 Bug CHR relations don't support parameters with type ()
6994 Support Add missing org.simantics.db.{tests,testing} plug-ins to platform git repository
6995 Enhancement Include parser generator used to generate SCL parser to SCL plugin and remove its Antlr-dependency
6987 Feature Compilation warnings and support for deprecated annotation
6997 Enhancement Support JSON input for dragging property variables to charts/subscriptions to create new items
6980 Bug winterwell.markdown contains broken toolbar menu contribution extensions
6982 Bug PossibleVariable request performs getVariable instead of getPossibleVariable



# Tracker Subject Story Points
6944 Enhancement Add stack trace to document server event handler error messages
6952 Enhancement Add SCL support for exporting subscription data as CSV
6960 Enhancement Deprecate org.simantics.utils.datastructures.BinaryFunction in favor of java.util.function.BiFunction functional interface
6940 Bug NatTable 1.4.0 does not work properly if display scaling is used in Windows 7
6953 Bug Some enhancements to GraphLayer-related utilities for Diagram layers
6945 Support Include missing components from Platform SVN trunk to Git repository
6959 Bug Broken machintosh-style CR line feeds in adapters.xml files
6947 Bug Component type editor configuration property Lift Property action does not remove existing L0.DomainOf relations from lifted (copied) relation



# Tracker Subject Story Points
6904 Enhancement Save cluster sets only when creating DB snapshots
6906 Bug Cluster sets are written to wrong directory until first DB snapshot is made
6929 Enhancement Allow specification of Locale to FormattingUtils.significantDigitFormat
6936 Bug Prevent EditorPart memory leaks in ResourceEditorSupport
6937 Bug Improve request update behaviour in EntityInstances and OntologiesFromLibrary
6939 Enhancement Don't save repeated commands into SCL Console history
6941 Bug MultiLineInputDialog leaks SWT font resources
6942 Enhancement Don't prevent deletion in model browser anymore when different types of entities (resources) are selected