Simantics 1.22.2

Platform 1.22 branch service release 2 which will be the basis for Apros 6.06 SR1.


Release Backlog

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# Tracker Subject Story Points
6403 Feature Changes to allow Simulation Server support for SCL
6412 Bug Cut-paste problems
6440 Enhancement Add completion proposals to SCLModuleEditor
6449 Enhancement Wiki documentation enhancements
6459 Enhancement Make diagram profile etc. text rendering searchable text in PDF and SVG exports
6463 Enhancement Improvements related to component type scripts
6490 Feature CSS editor for wiki documents
6488 Feature Graph contribution for resource editors
6484 Feature Plain Browser in modelled SWT views
6487 Enhancement PropertyInfo enhancement
6491 Feature DocumentSettings for wiki documents
6492 Enhancement Layer0Utils enhancements
6509 Bug Lift properties does not collect properties with deep hierarchy
6517 Enhancement Text padding could be smaller than current or configurable
6518 Feature Editing plugin modules in Simantics workbench
6526 Enhancement Make component type editor more customizable
6547 Bug Prevent reinitialization of chart editor vertical rulers every time anything changes in TrendSpec
6573 Enhancement Default expressions for component type interface properties
6586 Bug More robust resolution of format decimal separator symbol for CSV formatter
6591 Support Simantics 1.22.2 release engineering
6602 Enhancement Allow typical diagram template masters to be stored in shared libraries
6611 Feature Generalization of component type editor
6636 Enhancement Allow tagging UC interface terminal connection relations to indicate connection components should be generated inside the UC
6666 Bug Immutability enforcement improvements in user component facilities
6670 Bug DiagramToCompositeMapping3 leaves garbage behind in component-based connections
6671 Bug DIA.HasTransform defines L0.RequiresValueType "Vector Double" so G2D.Transform needs to define L0.HasValueType as well to avoid low level validation issues
6674 Feature Page event service for PDF exports
6677 Bug Diagram connection Joiner does not work with merged flags
6682 Bug Diagram connection tool removes wrong connection when attaching a connection to a disconnected flag in another connection
6684 Enhancement Allow event handling in org.simantics.diagram.elements.TextNode even when the text node is not editable if necessary
6685 Bug Typical synchronization re-connection validation failure
6695 Enhancement Typical diagram synchronization support for diagram specific properties
6699 Enhancement Typical synchronization SCL API support
6700 Bug ObjectUtils.objectEquals does not work for array-typed arguments
6706 Enhancement childWithPath and possibleChildWithPath SCL functions for Simantics/DB
6722 Enhancement Allow scrolling CSV export wizard page contents
6742 Enhancement (Re-)indexing UI feedback improvement
6743 Bug Strange DnD initialization problems
6744 Enhancement Improve typical synchronization to be able to synchronize connections that have customized branching on the instance side
6748 Enhancement Improved connection action (remove/reconnect) highlighting and outlook
6751 Enhancement Support diagram connection creation from terminal to existing connection branch
6752 Bug Event view should hide all return events when Hide Return Events or Active Events Only is selected
6793 Enhancement Progress monitoring for UC migration wizard
6803 Enhancement Allow hiding annotation type and its instances from the user
6812 Enhancement Typical inheritance highlighting improvement