Simantics 1.22.1

For Apros 6.06 RC4.


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1.22 SR1, Apros 6.06 SR1

# Tracker Subject Story Points
6451 Feature New DB service interface ServiceActivityMonitor for general operation completion waiting
6464 Enhancement Allow overriding of a function in VariableModifier/VariableModifier2 that is executed after a successful write transaction
6476 Bug DependenciesRelation.DependencyChangesRequest does not filter MOD.changeInformation property changes out causing much too widespread synchronization due to unwanted DependencyChanges metadata
6507 Feature Run SCL scripts with runFromFile in SCL console by dragging script files from file explorer into the SCL console output text area
6513 Enhancement More functional interfaces that can throw DatabaseException for the DB client
6516 Feature Extend TreeMap SCL API
6533 Enhancement Open external links in external browser from documentation wiki editor
6537 Bug Missing image resource initialization in HistoryView
6543 Bug Trend value tip box rendering layout uses wrong values when deciding the final width of the box
6559 Enhancement Performance improvements for model transferable graph export
6567 Support Prelude function hidden, broke existing SCL code
6583 Bug Do not invoke symbolDropHandler function in diagram element drop situations when the drop target does not have that property
6587 Support Simantics 1.22.1 release engineering