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# Tracker Subject Story Points
3459 Bug Improve control over combining write transactions into undoable operations /Tu 3.0
3460 Bug Minors 0.0
3461 Bug Restrict mapping to a single diagram (when browsing joins) /H 0.0
3462 Bug WriteOnlyRequest exception handling fails with non-DatabaseExceptions 0.0
3463 Bug Improve title for component type configuration diagram editor /Tu 0.0
3464 Bug Mapping should add Binds relation to lifted connections /H 0.0
3465 Bug Immutable deserialization for databoard variants by default /Tu 0.0
3467 Bug Fix bug with fetching external values from server during ChangeListener. 0.0
3468 Support Merge trunk to stable during sprint 2012-9 /Tu 0.0
3469 Bug Missing document decoration icon from build 0.0
3470 Enhancement Publish TransferableGraph0 and mark all old TG formats deprecated /Tu 0.0
3471 Enhancement Add SimanticsWorkbenchApplication argument to specify default workspace location /Tu 0.0
3474 Bug Support copying plain symbol graphics in symbol editor /Tu 0.0
3479 Bug Better error reporting in model export when external references are invalid 0.0
3480 Enhancement CopyAdvisor.copy support for outputting a map from source to copied resources /Tu 0.0
3481 Bug Prevent instantiation of component types from another model and within self /Tu 0.0
3482 Feature Add new trigger for updating the component type model when its configuration changes 3.0
3483 Support Split interop.apros plug-in to genering mapping framework plugin and Apros specific plug-in
3484 Bug ConnectionBrowser.findConnectedComponents causes AssertionError due to null argument /Tu 0.0
3485 Bug Connecting an externally connected flag to a disconnected flag does not set proper connection type /Tu 0.0



# Tracker Subject Story Points
3424 Bug Examine interop model generation lockup /H 0.0
3423 Bug Examine database changeset revision bookkeeping problem /Ka 0.0
3425 Bug GraphExplorerImpl.getSelection widget disposal handling is broken /Tu 0.0
3426 Bug Unexpected error dialog shown when double clicking merged flags /Tu 0.0
3427 Bug Editor naming strategy support for component type instances /Tu 0.0
3428 Bug Change ResourceEditorInput2 existence logic to state an existing variable means an existing input /Tu 0.0
3429 Bug Renaming components inside componen type definition does not work /Tu 0.0
3430 Bug Refactoring for unit tests 0.0
3431 Bug Minor fixes 0.0
3432 Bug Added plug-in/fragments for loading MSVC 2010 runtimes (vcr vcp) into the current process to make use of 2010-compiled DLL's easier /Tu 0.0
3435 Bug Non-scaling-stroke vector-effect support for SVG salamander /Tu 0.0
3434 Bug DB unit tests 0.0
3436 Enhancement Document subsystem enhancements /Tu 0.0
3439 Bug Clusters get corrupted in unit test 0.0
3440 Bug Composite copy handler should not discard internal joins 0.0
3441 Bug Move Issue into a generic location to allow validation support in layer0 0.0
3442 Bug SVGUniverse threading issues 0.0
3443 Bug Some structural relation strengths should be reconsidered 0.0
3444 Bug Issue tracking optimization and cleanup 0.0
3445 Bug Mapping does not remove configuration connections between two flags /H 0.0
3446 Bug StructuralUtils.isConnectionInComposite broken for joined-only connections /Tu 0.0
3447 Bug InvalidOrderedSetException to OrderedSetUtils 0.0
3448 Bug StyleBase correction for multiple instances of the same diagram 0.0
3449 Bug Don't try to execute undo/redo while the previous undo/redo execution and progress dialog are still open /Tu 0.0
3450 Bug Modelled property tab selection processor doesn't find model from current workbench selections /Tu 0.0
3451 Bug Add version and metadata to TGs /H 0.0
3452 Bug Server returns wrong cluster.
3453 Bug Modelled font/color property editing with dialog fails due to missing binding /Tu 0.0
3454 Bug TG file streaming 0.0
3456 Bug Dynamic read-only mode for GraphExplorer /Tu 0.0



# Tracker Subject Story Points
3176 Bug Provide RandomAccessBinary for literals /K /A /To 13.0
3360 Bug RunActiveValidations failed /A 0.0
3361 Bug SVGNode static SVG URL resolution failed in built products /Tu 0.0
3362 Feature Share generic SymbolTerminalNameStyle style implementation /Tu 0.0
3363 Bug Minor fixes 0.0
3364 Bug Potentially long operations should be run in ProgressMonitorDialog or a Job /Tu 0.0
3365 Bug DiagramEditor.setFocus NPEs when editor area is minimized /Tu 0.0
3366 Bug Fix GraphExplorerImpl mouse press in-line editing logic /Tu 0.0
3368 Bug Discard undo history after platform startup /Tu 0.0
3369 Bug Visualize unresolvability of subscription in model browser subscription items and related chart items /Tu 0.0
3370 Bug Removing unnecessary exception creation in db client /A 0.0
3371 Bug Model tg export did not export weak references from model to ontology /A 0.0
3372 Feature Add methods to DebugSupport /A 0.0
3373 Feature Refactoring of command sequence tests /A 0.0
3374 Feature Moved batch validations around a bit /A 0.0
3375 Bug Prevent editing from being initiated twice for a single NodeContext in GraphExplorer /Tu 0.0
3377 Bug SVG loading threading issue in SymbolLibraryComposite /Tu 0.0
3378 Bug Memory consumption optimization and leak fixing /A 0.0
3379 Bug ExperimentManager leaks all IExperiments it has started /Tu 0.0
3380 Bug Model export produced corrupt weak statements referring to unreferrable resources (under models) 0.0
3381 Bug PropertyPageView is not able to show OutlinePage selections. 0.0
3382 Feature Persistent graph explorer tree expansion state 0.0
3383 Bug CopyAdvisor.onFinish did not expose transaction 0.0
3384 Feature Provide WorkbenchSelectionElement selections as Variable from graph explorer 0.0
3385 Bug Query updates were broken. 0.0
3386 Feature Add type modifications into structural changes 0.0
3387 Bug Null reference check to RouteGraph.pickDirectLine /H 0.0
3388 Feature Option to disable modifications in mapping /H 0.0
3390 Bug Schedule all WriteGraph.async(Write) before Session.async(Write) 0.0
3391 Feature Allow computation of connection type in modeling rules 0.0
3392 Feature reclaimTransientMemory method to RouteGraph 0.0
3393 Bug Add org.simantics.db.layer0.util.EvaluatingListener /Tu 0.0
3394 Bug DnD monitor diagram element listener leak and edited value write-back fixing /Tu 0.0
3395 Bug CopyAdvisor.copy implementations missing ConsistsOf/PartOf handling /Tu 0.0
3396 Bug Document editor was broken 0.0
3397 Bug DB client exception handling was broken 0.0
3399 Bug Include org.ini4j in the platform /Tu 0.0
3400 Bug PropertyPageView did not handle selections correctly 0.0
3401 Feature Add utils for Simantics model documentation 0.0
3402 Feature Add support for graph bundles, which are only compiled at runtime 0.0
3403 Bug WriteGraphImpl.denyValue(subject, predicate) broke assertions /Tu 0.0
3404 Bug Issue synchronization failed to remove issues from removed resources /A 0.0
3405 Bug Problems with diagram copy-paste and mapping /Tu 0.0
3406 Bug WriteGraphImpl.denyValue{(s),(s,p)} don't handle virtual graph properly /Tu 1.0
3127 Support Branch Simantics 1.6 /Tu 1.0
3407 Feature Add more ways to open diagrams 0.0
3410 Bug Synchronous ExternalRead request fails to return value 0.0
3411 Bug Do not fire GE modifier if the user has not modified the text 0.0
3412 Bug Structural component removal should also remove related graphical reference elements /Tu 0.0
3413 Bug Use progress dialog for experiment activation job /Tu 0.0
3409 Enhancement Option to disable chart controls from main toolbar 0.0
3415 Bug Unit test refactoring 0.0



# Tracker Subject Story Points
3323 Bug Fix Dependencies relation listener leaks /A 5.0
3311 Bug DependenciesRelation gathers an indefinite amount of listeners from Dependencies function /A 0.0
3324 Support Investigate the causes for eventual application slowdown /A,Ha,Tu 13.0
3326 Support Agree "daily scrum" schedule and practice /Tu, A, Ha 1.0
2941 Feature Specification of how selection view works /A, Ha 2.0
3327 Bug 2.4.2012 Simantics developer presentation /A 5.0
3322 Support Update Variable wiki documentation /A 3.0
3260 Bug Interface property creation for component types is slow /A 2.0
3188 Bug SVGSalamander cache structures need rewriting /Tu 8.0
3330 Bug BatchIssueSource to ISSUE.IsManagedBy range /Tu 0.0
3331 Bug DiagramGraphUtil.getTerminals always returns empty results /Tu 0.0
3332 Bug Missing use of Binding in org.simantics.db.layer0.function.All.standardValueAccessor /Tu 0.0
3333 Bug Missing required Binding adaption in SubliteralPropertyVariable /Tu 0.0
3334 Bug Fix connection split so that it does not generate extra signal in Apros /Ha 0.0
3335 Feature ExternalOperation support in UndoRedoSupport /A 0.0
3337 Feature getInstanceResource method added to StructuralConfiguration for supporting state undo in Apros /H 0.0
3338 Bug Do not compute selection view contents if the view is not visible /A 0.0
3339 Bug Minor fixes 0.0
3340 Bug Bug in Join does not copy exact predicate of the statements from RouteGraphConnection to Connector and causes problems in subsequent split /H 0.0
3341 Enhancement Add exception to signal cancelled experiment activation /Tu 0.0
3344 Bug Bugs in literal creation /A 0.0
3342 Enhancement Allow SWT FileTransfer as accepted DnD target transfer for GraphExplorerView /Tu 0.0
3346 Bug Make IPropertyTab/PropertyTabContribution javadoc more logical and consistent with implementation /Tu 0.0
3210 Bug Several HasLastUpdateRevision relations in Source /A 0.0
3348 Bug Unescape issue context path segments /Tu 0.0
3349 Bug HistoryImportUtil.importHistory doesn't close StreamAccessor 0.0
3350 Bug CancelTransactionException in write causes "Write transaction caused an unexpected error" error to be logged unnecessarily 0.0
3351 Bug Fixed DiagramToCompositeMapping3 for external input flags (when removing connection) /H 0.0
3352 Bug Scene graph node memory consumption optimization /Tu /A 0.0
3354 Feature Refactoring of command sequence tests /A 0.0
3355 Bug Bugs in component type interface properties 0.0
3358 Feature Issue refactoring 0.0
3356 Bug Changed diagram element double click handler to consult a single for highest priority editor adapter before showing properties view for selection /Tu 0.0
3357 Bug Log unexpected errors encountered by QueryProcessor task scheduling /Tu 0.0



# Tracker Subject Story Points
3241 Feature Specify string editing for Variables /A, Ha 5.0
3245 Feature Specification of structural connections in Variable /A, Ha 5.0
3251 Feature Support for structural properties /Ha, Tu 8.0
3283 Feature Investigate the memory consumption of big KCLEco diagrams /H, Tu 5.0
3240 Bug Solve Marko's import problem with OOM involving one big write transaction /Ka 13.0
3281 Feature Nightly builds are not released if regression or squish tests fail /Tu 5.0
3246 Feature Add L0 properties for defining standard graph-based Variable implementation. /A 5.0
3272 Bug Refactor diagram copy-paste to work even if the source diagram is disposed /Tu 5.0
3285 Bug Miscellaneous bugs 0.0
3286 Bug Change diagram ruler default preference to not visible /Tu 0.0
3267 Support Make Nebula widgets available to developers 0.0
3290 Feature HasDocumentation - decorations /A 0.0
3291 Feature Better debug prints in mapping /Ha 0.0
3292 Bug Model browser chart/subscription item inline editing invalidly writes asserted literals /Tu 0.0
3295 Feature Support detaching nodes/subtrees from scene graph /Tu 0.0
3293 Bug WriteLogger bugfixing 0.0
3294 Bug DB client memory consumption fixing 0.0
3297 Feature Move issue decorations into platform 0.0
3298 Bug Content changes in SWTText did not re-layout 0.0
3299 Bug SWTAlternative property synchronization failed 0.0
3300 Feature Add test for cluster and query collection during writes and reads 0.0
3301 Bug Improve error handling when core dies 0.0
3302 Feature Add test base for running command sequences 0.0
3303 Feature Ignore modelled view handling of workbench selection from self 0.0
3304 Feature Move issue Severity around a bit 0.0
3305 Feature Improve display of Documentation View for resources with no document 0.0
3306 Feature Added a method for getting nth element from collection 0.0
3312 Bug Remove redundant configuration parameter from style and group interfaces 0.0
3313 Bug New options for building TransferableGraphConfiguration2 0.0
3314 Bug Virtual graph information for clusters got corrupted in gc 0.0
3315 Feature Added issue queries 0.0
3316 Bug getRelatedValue for procedural values produced an uninformative exception 0.0
3317 Bug Optimization of allocations in db client 0.0
3318 Feature DeveloperSupport for better debugging facilities of db client 0.0
3319 Bug Remove temporary db files on exit 0.0
3320 Bug Prevent huge print strings from resource name utilities 0.0
3321 Bug Query collection was broken 0.0
3307 Bug NPE in ExpandNodeHandler with PropertyView /Tu 0.0
3308 Bug Don't save or restore diagram view transform if it is singular /Tu 0.0
3309 Bug Don't reinitialize an already disposed GraphExplorer /Tu 0.0
3310 Enhancement Catch invalid persistent to virtual WriteGraph.claim invocation earlier /Tu 0.0
3296 Feature Resizeable diagram elements



# Tracker Subject Story Points
3277 Feature Tool for refactoring external references in TGs 0.0
3235 Support Issue framework documentation /A 3.0
3243 Bug IsDependency fails with removed resources 0.0
3242 Feature Install Squish into Simulationsite W7 /Ka 3.0
3039 Bug OrderedSet breaks during copy-paste 3.0
3172 Feature Create graphical debugger for graphs and graph diffs /H 8.0
3249 Enhancement Utility for creating a simple route graph connection /Tu 1.0
3250 Bug Use MOD.Subscription.Item.Datatype instead of L0.HasDataType for describing subscription item datatypes /Tu 0.0
3252 Enhancement New optional attribute for project feature requirement definition /Tu 0.0
2939 Bug GraphExplorer node checkbox selection disappears when a checked node is expanded /Tu 0.0
3254 Support Remove duplication and unclarity from diagram profile debug tracing options /Tu 0.0
3255 Feature Validate and correct value type modelling in various places 0.0
3256 Feature Modelled Wizard enhancements 0.0
3257 Bug TG import process produces incorrect results 0.0
3258 Feature Enhance management of properties in modelled scene graphs 0.0
3259 Feature Enable efficient development mode codes 0.0
3261 Enhancement Switch from o.s.db.layer0.Simantics to o.s.Simantics 0.0
3262 Enhancement Organize imports and cleanup dead code 0.0
3263 Support Merge trunk to stable during sprint 2012-4 /Tu 0.0
3264 Enhancement Databoard, remove autoboxing 0.0
3265 Bug Remove unnecessary instantiations of singleton TransientCacheListener /Tu 0.0
3268 Bug Only keep a single SimanticsClipboard in the platform /Tu 0.0
3269 Bug Change property names for issues into standard form 0.0
3270 Feature Switch from OrderedSet into LinkedList in deprecated SerializedRVI 0.0
3239 Bug Reduce memory consumption in cases like #3216 2.0
3271 Feature Enhance limiting of db client memory consumption 0.0
3273 Bug Pass ICanvasContext as event context in MouseUtil.sendMicePos /Tu 0.0
3274 Enhancement And/Or tests for modelled browse contexts /Tu 0.0
3275 Bug Fixes for unnecessary resource consumption in diagram loading /Tu 0.0
3276 Bug TableCombo missing from Sysdyn features /Tu 0.0



# Tracker Subject Story Points
3196 Bug Add ConsistsOf statements to TG in graph compiler /H 2.0
3144 Feature TG format change in export 1.0
2965 Bug Can't set ISelectionProvider for multiple property tabs in TabbedPropertyTable /Tu 3.0
3073 Feature Add Remover for structural Component instances that deletes also related diagram elements /Tu 2.0
3186 Bug Fix FetchChangeSets routine in ManagementSupport interface. 3.0
3175 Bug CSV Issues /To 0.0
3189 Bug ResourceBindings with references to disposed Session services are left in Bindings cache (shows with unit tests). 0.0
3198 Feature New property tester support: org.simantics.diagram.flag.locallyConnected /Tu 0.0
3200 Feature Add db tests for large commits 0.0
3204 Bug Fix potential NPE and duplicated work bug in StyleBase /Tu 0.0
3205 Bug Fix AbstractVariable.browseProperties bugs /Tu 0.0
3206 Enhancement Space-grabbing value-column by default in modelled property views /Tu 0.0
3207 Bug Add custom matching strategy for resource editor inputs /Tu 0.0
3208 Enhancement ProfileVariables refactoring /Tu 0.0
3212 Support Add support for 64 bit windows db server. 20.0
3213 Feature Move DiagramViewer functionality into editor-agnostic implementation and implement viewer disposal when hidden. /Tu 0.0
3214 Bug Fix org.lobobrowser.cobra for JDK7 /Tu 0.0
3215 Enhancement Make ModelHistoryCollector initialization synchronous /Tu 0.0
3222 Enhancement Configurability for TabbedPropertyTable tab folder style /Tu 0.0
3216 Bug Find out why ensureLoaded fails mysteriously. 8.0
3221 Enhancement Remove deprecated org.simantics.db.undocore plug-in and fragments /Tu 0.0
3224 Enhancement Javadoc enhancements 0.0
3226 Enhancement Disconnected flag handling for ConnectionBuilder /Tu 0.0
3227 Bug Labels should be removed when disconnecting flags /Tu 0.0
3228 Bug Generate labels for flags that become diagram-locally connected during cut-paste operation /Tu 0.0
3232 Support Fix deprecation warnings /Tu 0.0
3233 Bug Bean.Id.hashCode calculates wrong results /Tu 0.0
3234 Enhancement equals/hashCode for RVI/RVIPart 0.0
3236 Bug Chart editor does not check which model its input is from /Tu 0.0
3237 Bug Properties in selection view model should inherit L0.Value 0.0



# Tracker Subject Story Points
3142 Bug Remove composite redundancy from RVI format. 1.0
3141 Feature TG format change regarding value representation in graph compiler 1.0
2967 Support VirtualGraph corrupts when lots of data is written into it 1.0
3120 Bug (History) Refactoring "History2" /To 0.0
3145 Bug Fix trunk project set 0.0
3146 Enhancement Move generic PerformDefaultAction into org.simantics.ui 0.0
3147 Bug Handle RouteTerminals in RouteGraph.IntervalCache.create 0.0
3152 Feature Add toString into StructuralChanges 0.0
3153 Feature Move experiments folder from ProjectViewpoint to product specific ontologies /Tu 0.0
3154 Bug ReadGraph.getPossibleValue(Resource) does not work with custom datatypes.
3155 Enhancement Rename Default monitor template to Simple 0.0
3156 Feature Events view changes for Apros 0.0
3157 Bug Support exporting TG from virtual graphs 0.0
3158 Enhancement Modelled dialog modifier support for fonts 0.0
3159 Enhancement Prevent no-op TranslateElement operations on diagram 0.0
3160 Bug Selection view scene graph loader leaks DB listeners 0.0
3161 Support Merge trunk to stable for sprint 2012-1 /Tu 0.0
3162 Enhancement Save and load History to IC. Write with Basetime (time shift). 0.0
3163 Bug Prevent firing of metadata listeners for virtual writes 0.0
3164 Bug All changes to statements should produce component modifications in DependencyChanges 0.0
3165 Bug Refactoring of db utilities 0.0
3166 Bug Allow exclusion of joins in ConnectionSet 0.0
3167 Bug Refactoring and optimization of dependency issues 0.0
3170 Feature Implement integration of virtual graph into persistent graph. 0.0
3171 Bug Diagram connection splitter produces invalid flags 0.0
3173 Feature Support context discovery and selection in GraphExplorer 0.0
3174 Bug os.platform.ui feature should include os.image feature 0.0
3177 Bug Update plug-in version dependencies to Eclipse wikitext plug-ins 0.0
3178 Bug TgResourceUtil stack overflows with recursive type variants 0.0
3180 Enhancement History should support variable sized entries 0.0
3182 Enhancement Refactoring Simantics-facades 0.0
3184 Bug Copying connections on diagram is broken 0.0
3185 Bug Fix SWT resource leaks 0.0
3190 Feature Create a stress test for virtual graphs 0.0
3191 Bug TerminalInformer does not nullify status bar error message to show messages 0.0
3192 Support Remove deprecated ModellingSelectionProcessor 0.0
3193 Enhancement Column space grabbing for BasicPropertyTab 0.0



# Tracker Subject Story Points
3074 Bug Apros6 bugs 4028. After importing icon profiles for LARA the system hangs. 2.0
3072 Feature Writes with nothing but metadata need to produce correct revisions. 2.0
3071 Feature Something freezes for example after Apros profile import and show profile view. 1.0
3070 Feature Fix erroneous broken ordered set - message from Graph Debugger with L0.List 0.0
3068 Feature Fix automatic db testing for regression and others suites /Ka /Ja 2.0
3066 Feature Fix metadata in canceling of transactions /Ka 2.0
3121 Bug (Databoard) Create class from Datatype /To 0.0
3063 Feature DB client refactorings 0.0
3097 Feature Modelled view refactoring 0.0
3102 Feature Issue system refactoring 0.0
3098 Feature Workbench selection model refactoring 0.0
3099 Feature Create a view for showing documentation for workbench selection 0.0
3062 Feature Add support for modelling and invoking help contexts 0.0
3065 Feature (APROS) Renaming support for the symbols of component types /H 0.0
3079 Bug Workbench search produces browser exception with XP and IE7 0.0
3076 Support Create stable branch 0.0
3081 Bug Disable debug/profiling/logging information in ModelTransferableGraphRequest 0.0
3080 Feature Refactoring of declaration of connection point definitions 0.0
3083 Enhancement Change default subscription interval from 0.0s (infinite) to 1.0s 0.0
3084 Bug Add key binding for contextualHelp command 0.0
3087 Bug Remove duplicate ViewpointSelectorQueryProcessor class from browsing framework 0.0
3088 Bug Prevent removal of diagram elements in mapping 0.0
3089 Bug Diagram runtime model management problems with route graph connections and undo/redo. 1.0
3090 Bug Monitor copy paste fails with connection monitors 0.0
3092 Bug WriteGraph.deny policy changed for virtual graph requests 0.0
3095 Bug Selection view for SVG images freezes 0.0
3085 Feature Graph Debugger lookup using URIs 0.0
3096 Bug Apros6 bugs. When lifting an output signal flag, two connections are left to the terminal. 0.0
3100 Enhancement Change L0 change set validator to interpret relation domain/range as a disjunction 0.0
3101 Enhancement (Apros #4201) Emphasize terminal-populated component type connection points in model browser 0.0
3103 Enhancement Import SVG files to bottom of diagram by default, not front 0.0
3059 Bug Comment metadata accumulates to following writes from earlier writes with empty change sets 0.0
3104 Bug Joining a split in a branched connection fails 0.0
3105 Enhancement Terminology clarification for users: component types have terminals, not connection points 0.0
3106 Enhancement (Apros) Use Dependencies index to get rid of specific Modules index 0.0
3108 Bug Fix the npe problem in Apros bugs 4210. 1.0
3109 Bug Remove from simantics.psf 0.0
3110 Bug Support file name case-insensitive image import for jpeg, png, gif and svg 0.0
3111 Bug Fatal slowdown in dependency handling 0.0
3112 Bug Large writes consume lots of memory and fail 0.0
3113 Bug Widget is disposed in TimerContribution 0.0
3115 Feature Undo support to org.simantics.structural.flattening 0.0
3116 Bug NPE in SWTWikiBrowser 0.0
3117 Bug Document view editing fails on block-selection of text 0.0
3118 Enhancement Add Tapio's changes to simantics repository. 0.0
3119 Bug Route graph connection split sets wrong initial flag types 0.0
3122 Bug EditorNamingService crashes with non-existing resource inputs 0.0
3131 Bug View toolbar glitch in Eclipse RCP 0.0
3132 Bug Make Eclipse 3.7.1 available for target platform use 0.0
3135 Enhancement UI command handler activeWhen criteria makes contents of views jump unnecessarily when activated/inactivated 0.0
3139 Bug Batch validation issues have broken issue context definitions 0.0



# Tracker Subject Story Points
2809 Feature As a modeller, I want to see plots in a 2D chart with specified constant y-axis scales 0.0
2836 Feature As a modeller, I want to see milestone events as vertical markers in time series charts 0.0
2837 Feature As a modeller, I want to control which milestone events are shown in a time series chart 0.0
2838 Feature As a modeller, I want to see milestone event descriptions on the chart 0.0
2834 Feature As a modeller, I want binary trends stacked on top of each other 0.0
2835 Feature As a modeller, I want binary trends rendered as filled polygons instead of lines 0.0
2185 Feature As a modeller, I want to zoom in and out of charts using mouse wheel 0.0
716 Support Update org.apache.lucene to latest release