Simantics 1.25.0


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# Tracker Subject Story Points
5656 Bug Instances implementation returns results from linked shared libraries twice upon model index queries



# Tracker Subject Story Points
6848 Support Update Simantics point release instructions for Git platform /Tuukka
6621 Support 1.25.0 release engineering
6850 Support Freeze platform SVN trunk projects (16.12.2016)



# Tracker Subject Story Points
4583 Bug Profile monitor offset manual editing not possible 0.0
3832 Feature Utility for loading of RouteGraph from a connection in the database 0.0
5039 Feature Tooltip in GraphExplorer based views
4713 Bug ClassCastException when removing route line (Shift-R) 0.0
6169 Bug TG import fails with null indexRoot
6475 Support Migrate from svn to git
6514 Enhancement Enable user components to see their own SCLModule definitions without including them to the index roots SCLMain
6530 Feature Simantics Dynamic Help (F1) based on Shared Ontologies
6532 Feature SCL-module
6550 Enhancement Configurable diagram profiles
6551 Enhancement Change org.simantics.db.layer0.util.Simantics into an internal class and rename to SimanticsInternal
6568 Feature Spreadsheet overhaul and improvements
6571 Bug equals/hashCode for CompileStructuralValueRequest
6572 Bug Allow for textual editing of properties with custom modifier
6574 Enhancement Performance of naming strategy
6575 Enhancement Performance of document properties
6576 Enhancement Better error reporting for Layer0Utils.getSingleDomainOf
6577 Enhancement ChildN terminal for document widgets
6581 Enhancement FormulaFunctions now recognize excel error values and handle them the same way as excel would
6588 Enhancement ExcelImport now finds column and row size
6589 Bug SCL: NPE when referring from type alias to another type alias declared later
6590 Bug NPE in GraphExplorerImpl2
6592 Enhancement Improved character escape rules in SCL string literals
6595 Enhancement Support Inf and NaN in graph files
6600 Feature SCL issue view
6601 Enhancement PlatformUI now shows property tab for shared ontology selections
6606 Feature Improvements to document history handler
6608 Feature Read variant's datatype in SCL
6609 Feature Resource copying in SCL
6610 Feature Create temporary directory in SCL
6613 Bug SCL text editor's content assist didn't work with relative imports
6617 Bug Fixing NPE in SWTChassis when changing Eclipse theme via preferences
6596 Enhancement Merge and modify db codes for easier javacore usage
6622 Bug Updated SCL module fails to notify update listeners
6623 Bug Include unformatted monitor value in MonitorTextGridResult for enhanced database query identification in profile monitors
6624 Enhancement Remove dependency on org.lobobrowser.cobra
6627 Enhancement New Spreadsheets are immediately synchronized
6629 Enhancement Improvements to XML scl module
6630 Enhancement Add rounding to Prelude
6631 Enhancement Utility to find predicate by name based on L0.HasDomain
6632 Enhancement Moved Import Images action to platform
6633 Bug Document linking ontology has invalid Bundle-Name
6635 Bug Allow for null component in SCL value compilation request
6638 Enhancement New SCL module editor
6640 Enhancement Imported excel files using ExcelImport are now guaranteed a unique name
6641 Feature SCL equations
6642 Enhancement SCL compiler improvements from development branch
6643 Enhancement SCL exception handling (matching)
6644 Enhancement Added support for TreeTableCells to be found and used by SCL. Also expanded available functions in DB and Variables
6645 Enhancement Minor enhancements for GUID.scl module
6646 Bug Minor fix for GraphDebugger to prevent it from crashing
6647 Bug Adding few <Proc> effects to "Document/All" module
6648 Bug Minor enhancements for debugging SCL (implementing toString() methods etc)
6652 Enhancement Added new, helpful description to Hyperlink Widget target description
6653 Feature Share project org.simantics.fileimport/ui for enabling easy drag and drop import for supported file extensions (e.g. .r, .fmu etc)
6654 Feature NatTable based GraphExplorer
6656 Enhancement Use InvocationTargetException.getCause() in cases where a new exception is constructed to be thrown
6658 Bug (Fixed) Search-field in Help -> Contents gave infinite nullpointerexceptions
6659 Enhancement SpreadsheetCell value evaluation improvements
6665 Enhancement Added new function for importing FMU models to SCL
6669 Enhancement PossibleModel changed to PossibleIndexRoot in a few important locations related to FMU Models and their functionality outside their default location
6673 Bug URIStringUtils.needsEscaping does not work according to URIStringUtils.escape
6681 Feature Poll listener for document server
6683 Support Add jackson JSON core library to target platform external dependencies
6687 Enhancement Support for handling multiple schema versions in the XML schema conversion.
6689 Bug Graph compiler allows duplicate statement declarations resulting in e.g. unnecessary ontology merge
6690 Bug Graph compiler should listen all file changes inside graph-folder
6692 Bug Duplicate and otherwise erroneous ontology definitions in Simantics Platform
6693 Enhancement Handle parameterized commands with org.simantics.ui.toolbarCommand
6694 Bug Fixing database regression test execution
6696 Enhancement Color gradient calculation with alpha / transparency values
6697 Bug Two SCL compiler bugfixes
6698 Bug VariableLabelPropertyRule problematic/removed data handling fix
6701 Bug Comparison between an empty cell and 0 should be true
6702 Bug Disable error reporting of unsolved subsumptions
6704 Feature Color / ColorGradient UI improvements
6705 Enhancement Enhance logging for Simantics platform by introducing org.slf4j.api and ch.qos.logback
6708 Enhancement Allow selection of modules to rename in Rename Diagram Components dialog
6709 Enhancement Acorn: Fix WriteRunnable.runReally() to use LRU.MapValue mutex instead of borrowMutex
6711 Bug ChartData supports only one active experiment per model
6718 Bug Move semaphore in IndexedRelationsSearcherbase to finally to prevent deadlocks
6719 Enhancement Get rid of labeled code block in MetadataUtils.visitDependencyChangesBetween
6720 Bug Fixing infernal syncGraph() SCL-function to be more blocking and to make it more meaningful
6721 Enhancement Add possibility to check if database was rolled back via XSupport interface
6723 Bug SCLNodeManager refers to wrong property URI
6724 Feature Drag support for scene graph nodes
6725 Feature Add Koloboke API and Koloboke Compile to target platform
6726 Feature Modelled SCL tests and UI
6728 Enhancement Improvements to Serializable instance generation
6729 Enhancement Improved file import to take account mismatching dropins and absolutepath
6730 Enhancement DiagramViewerSelectionProvider does not support flag signals
6731 Feature Generic implementation of NewDocumentFolder action
6735 Feature Interface for document server to read FileDocuments
6738 Enhancement Enhance databoard support for working with Variant-valued composite types
6739 Enhancement Improvements to FormattingUtil number formatter
6740 Enhancement Caching improvements for some queries
6741 Bug Resource value stream should return -1 on read when no more bytes are available
6745 Feature Diagram Profile Templates
6747 Enhancement Prevent platform from using the wrong database driver for an existing workspace
6749 Enhancement GraphComparator: Use nonTested filter with property comparison
6756 Bug ModelingUtils.fileDialog does not work with multiple extensions
6766 Feature URI escaping via document request interface
6769 Enhancement Allow IssueDecorationStyle to be overridden
6770 Bug ActionContext contributions do not bubble down
6772 Enhancement Improvements to document file/folder exporting/importing
6773 Enhancement Support Inf/NaN time values in TimeFormat
6774 Support Move Simupedia specific interfaces to Simupedia plugins
6786 Enhancement Make full synchronization cancelable
6787 Enhancement Support reading an InputStream into Gnuplot front-end and GnuplotSession
6788 Bug Add takeWhile function to Prelude
6791 Enhancement Allocation-optimized InterlacedArrayMap for lean small-size Maps
6796 Enhancement Use all available ontologies in CompilePGraphs
6798 Feature Possibility to hide a property from generic selection view properties tab
6799 Enhancement Expose structural Connections in SCL
6800 Enhancement Use Layer0Utils in ReadComponentTypeInterfaceRequest
6801 Feature XML Date/Time primitive handling
6813 Support Bundle org.apache.poi 3.15.0 as a third-party bundle for git platform external-components repository
6814 Enhancement Introduce better AWT FlowLayout replacement - WrapLayout
6821 Feature Possibility to skip bytes when reading InputStream in SCL
6827 Support Bundle org.apache.batik 1.8.0 for git platform external-components/manual repository
6829 Enhancement Introduce org.simantics.db.function.DbOptional for cleaner functional null value handling in DB related code
6830 Support Include Jackson XML/CSV bindings in external platform components
6831 Support Git branch of simantics FMIL support
6833 Feature Test RExp inheritance in SCL
6835 Support Remove deprecated README file
6837 Bug Better bounds calculation for diagram flags scene graph
6844 Enhancement Support JSON input for dragging property variables to charts/subscriptions to create new items
5952 Support Run SCL regression tests in Jenkins with coverage analysis



# Tracker Subject Story Points
6849 Support Prune current 1.25.0 sprint and product backlog
6853 Feature ResourceWorkbenchSelectionElement
6855 Feature Ctrl-Shift-R for navigating to resources
6856 Bug Declare Import and Export menuitems in one place only
6857 Bug Declare only one Model Browser



# Tracker Subject Story Points
6824 Feature SCL Tab Contributions for Selection View
6825 Feature SVG editor tab contribution