Simantics 1.24.0


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# Tracker Subject Story Points
6127 Enhancement Multiple Binding instances created for basic datatypes
6365 Bug SCL module documentation updates
6408 Bug SCLAction does not refresh when modules change
6410 Feature Simple wrapper class for discovering and running the gnuplot executable with script files
6411 Feature Diagram SVG export
6414 Bug Handling of negation in SCL queries
6419 Enhancement SCL label rules
6420 Bug Diagram.setElements crashes if connections are written before components
6421 Enhancement updateEntity for batch claiming statements
6427 Support Add PDFBox
6437 Bug Linux: Drag'n drop from model browser to Diagram does not work
6438 Bug Linux : DND between SWT components does not work when LocalObjectTransfer is used
6441 Bug Linux: Diagram popups do not work/show
6443 Bug Incorrect handling of package name separator for data type constructors with external user defined class
6446 Bug Help does not open via diagram editor context menu
6450 Bug SCLSessionManager does not remove created NodeSupports
6452 Support Include full Batik
6460 Bug SCL compiler compiles the head of list literal incorrectly
6461 Support 1.24.0 release engineering
6462 Bug Wrong handling of effects in SCL compiler
6467 Feature Minor SCL library improvements
6470 Bug Linux: o.s.browsing.ui.swt.ComboBoxCellEditor2 does not work in dialogs.
6483 Bug Simulation server does not delete temporary files
6485 Enhancement Spreadsheet editor did not track input validity
6486 Feature Multitransferable for supporting various formats in DnD
6489 Feature Add ui context information into GraphExplorers
6493 Bug RuntimeEnvironmentRequest failed to register SCLContext
6494 Bug CanvasCommandDelegate throws NPE
6501 Feature Additional support for Variant type in SCL
6502 Feature Support translation from exported shared ontology into bundle ontology
6503 Feature Make it possible to access ontologies from Model Browser
6504 Enhancement Add the diagram into symbol filtering context
6506 Bug Causeless "No value accessor for ..." messages emitted to console
6508 Enhancement transpose function for SCL Prelude
6510 Feature Mutable bundle ontologies
6511 Feature Hot synchronization of bundle ontologies
6519 Bug EditorRegistry discovery does not check for null when searching from indexroot
6521 Bug Minor SCL compiler fixes
6522 Enhancement ActionBrowseContext improvements
6523 Feature Identifier/priority masking for browse context contributions
6525 Enhancement Minor improvement to F1 contextual help handler
6528 Feature Support collapsing all and selected nodes in Model Browser
6529 Support Nattable 1.4.0
6531 Bug Shared Libraries tab does not layout well
6534 Enhancement Proper resource management in SCL code editors
6535 Enhancement Ability to disable database indexing
6538 Bug Incorrect equals/hashCode implementation for SymbolProviderFactories
6540 Enhancement Improved symbol library filtering
6546 Feature Quadtree implementation
6549 Feature Multiple data definitions component
6556 Bug IfErrorFormulaFunction implemented
6557 Bug IsErrorFormulaFunction (pure boolean version of IfErrorFormulaFunction)
6566 Feature Implemented MatchFormulaFunction
6584 Bug Error location reported incorrectly for failed relative SCL module imports
6585 Enhancement Prevent user from specifying same column & decimal separator in subscription CSV export wizard and CSV preferences
6649 Enhancement Make deprecated org.simantics.utils.datastructures.Callback interface to extend java.util.function.Consumer
6691 Support Include Apache batik and pdfbox in the SDK rmap