Simantics 1.18.4

Service release of 1.18 branch that will be used with Apros 6.05 SR1.


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# Tracker Subject Story Points
6025 Bug Server literal handling error.
6027 Bug Database recovery failure
6028 Bug Edit Style dialog does not apply new font if only font size/style are modified
6032 Enhancement Generic text element support for diagram mapping facilities in Simantics/Diagram SCL module
6037 Bug More generic filter/walk functions for PDF export node structures
6044 Bug Search Linked Objects action does not work for documents that have L0.HasLabel property
6051 Bug VirtualGraph write transactions fail with code that use cluster sets
6053 Bug Support numeric fields properly in lucene index queries
6065 Bug Prevent NPE in org.simantics.modeling.All.variableIdDisplayValue
6066 Bug Simantics/Diagram/setTransform function uses wrong value type for DIA.HasTransform literals
6067 Bug Add multiple-L0.HasRange support to org.simantics.db.layer0.request.PropertyInfoRequest
6075 Bug Standard diagram element cut-paste implementation can leave STR.ConnectionJoin instnaces with incorrect STR.JoinsComposite relations
6087 Bug Failed to calculate content rect if there were stray connections
6094 Enhancement Force Simantics Exports wizard to add file extensions to .pdf and .zip files
6097 Bug ConnectionJoinAndSplit handler causes unexpected NPEs
6098 Enhancement Give PointerInteractor priority over scene graph event handling
6102 Bug Prevent closing a diagram editor from a published shared library from causing an unexpected exception every time it is closed.
6103 Enhancement Graph/Session debugger fixes
6107 Bug Diagram editor runtime model leaks a lot of memory through database client query caches
6108 Feature SCL module for launching graphical debugger
6110 Enhancement Remove unnecessary string computation
6111 Enhancement Add extensibility to ListDialog
6112 Bug Improve handling of virtual statements and values in deny
6113 Enhancement Batch issue validation refactoring
6114 Enhancement Ignore datatype units in history file conversions
6115 Enhancement Reset chart editor cursor/zooming when current experiment changes
6117 Feature Better error messages for SCL modules/scripts with invalid UTF-8 encoding
6118 Bug Incorrect hashCode calculation for DecorationOverlayIcon
6120 Bug addList function in SCL returns nulls for existing items
6122 Bug Headless diagram loading hangs in various ways
6123 Bug Minor diagram flag utililties refactoring
6124 Bug Undo point marking missing from diagram tools view actions
6129 Enhancement Add support for procedurally generated labels and descriptions in Symbols-view
6130 Enhancement Exponential direct byte buffer growth instead of minimal in DecompressingInputStream to minimize unnecessary buffer reallocations.
6131 Enhancement Disposal support for org.simantics.structural.synchronization.client.MappingBase to help garbage collection
6137 Support 1.18.4 release engineering