Simantics 1.18.3

Service release of 1.18 branch that is used for Apros 6.05.


Release Backlog

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# Tracker Subject Story Points
5898 Bug External read caching dependencies break when requests are reissued during update
5904 Bug Undo destroys literals
5942 Enhancement Select newly dropped elements in diagram editor and activate diagram editor automatically
5963 Bug SCL console content assist not working correctly
5977 Bug Datatype strings are invalidly written into L0.HasValueType literals as SCL type definitions
5978 Enhancement Support L0.SCLValue evaluation to enable definition of SCL function -valued properties
5979 Enhancement Undo stores unnecessary lists in OperationImpl-instances
5981 Bug Diagram editor connect tool use with ALT doesn't work if the editor doesn't have focus
5982 Bug ResourceList does not support all operations
5983 Bug Remember SCL Manage Imports dialog settings
5985 Bug Remove useless setMonitorTask from Simantics/DiagramMapping SCL module
5986 Bug org.simantics.document.server uses CaseInsensitiveComponentNamingStrategy2 invalidly
5988 Bug Simantics DB "Operating System Exception" debugging
5989 Support 1.18.3 release engineering
5991 Bug Undo point creation missing from UI operations
5992 Enhancement Use target diagram cluster set in diagram copy paste
5993 Bug Do not generate dependency changes from statement changes that contain virtual resources
5994 Enhancement Optimization of structural connectivity analysis codes
5995 Enhancement Optimization and hardening of continuous issue validation
5996 Enhancement Improved query collector
5997 Bug SWTChassis can be null in DiagramViewer setFocus
5998 Enhancement Enhance uriValidator
5999 Bug SCL function undo does not have effect
6000 Bug ReadGraphImpl.createRandomAccessBinary creates ResourceFiles in to wrong temp directory
6001 Bug Allow org.simantics.db.layer0.util.SimanticsClipboard.Representation.getValue to throw DatabaseException
6007 Bug SessionImplSocket peekService fails to return services.
6008 Bug Prevent NPE in AlphanumericSorter
6011 Bug Several diagram export and diagram content copy-paste fixes
6012 Enhancement Add denyValue to Simantics/DB module
6026 Bug Real-time issue validation system leaks database metadata listeners