Simantics 1.23.0

Original planned release date 2016-03-31


Release Backlog

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# Tracker Subject Story Points
6278 Enhancement Node-specific browse contexts for modelled browsers
6282 Bug Simantics desktop product uses org.simantics.desktop feature instead of org.simantics.desktop.product.feature
6283 Support Introduce FMI interface library
6287 Enhancement Simulator variable refactoring
6285 Enhancement Standard property page for ModelledView
6286 Enhancement TabContribution enhancements
6288 Enhancement Experiment and history collection refactoring
6289 Enhancement Modelled browse context and action context enhancements
6299 Enhancement Help system enhancements
6305 Support 1.23.0 release engineering
6306 Support General codebase cleanup - deprecated code removal where possible
6307 Feature Allow diagram CopyPasteStrategy implementation to affect if and how a diagram copy operation works
6318 Enhancement Make ValueAccessors available in SCL
6335 Enhancement Number formatting utilities in SCL
6336 Enhancement Composed variable properties
6337 Enhancement Classification methods for double values
6339 Enhancement Node-specific browse contexts in standard properties
6344 Enhancement Support for inserting a new subtree into dependency index
6345 Bug RuntimeEnvironmentRequest fails sometimes because there is no graph available
6357 Feature New functions to Prelude (mapI and scanl)
6367 Feature Add isDigit to SCL Prelude
6368 Feature Super CSV library for processing CSV files
6371 Feature SCL DB requests
6373 Bug SCLNodeManager caching is broken
6374 Enhancement Proxy variable util enhancements
6387 Bug Minor SCL standard library improvements
6397 Enhancement Deprecate Callback and Callable interfaces from org.simantics.utils.datastructures
6402 Enhancement Continued Desktop Product productization
6404 Bug SCL compiler generates too long methods for transformations
6407 Enhancement Minor SCL library improvements