Simantics 1.22.0

Original planned release date 2016-03-31.


Release Backlog

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# Tracker Subject Story Points
5619 Feature Resource browser
6195 Feature Simantics backup generic interface and service
6237 Support Fix remaining issues after Eclipse 4.5.1 target platform transition
6238 Bug If database query cache is empty, query collector will throw ArithmeticException
6239 Support 1.22.0 release engineering
6240 Enhancement Enable the use of JavaSE-1.8 features throughout the whole Simantics codebase
6241 Bug SCL compiler generated hashCode does not handle Maybe type (null) correctly
6242 Enhancement Desktop Product productization
6243 Feature FileDialog in SCL
6244 Enhancement SCL diagram utilities tweaks
6245 Feature Modeled actions in menus and action bars
6246 Support Promote R project from incubator to main Simantics repository
6249 Feature Plug-in for retrieving native memory usage information
6251 Bug SCL ModuleRepository hangs when two threads try to compile the same module and only one is inside graph transaction
6036 Bug Deadlock during workbench startup in SCL module compilation
6252 Enhancement Improvements to selection processing
6260 Feature Alias for document URI
6262 Enhancement Eq class implementation for datatype Variable
6263 Feature Support linked lists in Simantics/DB
6266 Feature SCL bindings to Graphiviz
6267 Feature Reverse synchronization SCL module
6269 Feature SCL module dependency graph
6270 Enhancement Improvements to SCL standard library
6272 Enhancement Minor fixes to generate better error messages in SCL compiler
6273 Enhancement GUID fixes
6274 Enhancement Change information fixes
6277 Bug StringEscapeUtils does not escape backslash
6279 Bug SCL compiler handles escaped unicode characters incorrectly
6284 Bug Support hiding in AssertedPredicates query
6291 Enhancement Chart configurability improvements
6292 Feature XML Schema to Ontology converter
6294 Feature TreeMap in SCL
6295 Enhancement Minor SCL compiler improvements
6298 Feature Life cycle process contributions
6303 Enhancement Event view Unmark milestone shall also remove baseline state from event
6308 Feature Get workspace directory in SCL
6309 Feature Test if File is file or directory in SCL
6311 Bug Support components attached to connections in DiagramRequests.expandConnections
6312 Feature Introduce Java 8 @FunctionalInterfaces that are allowed to throw DatabaseException to allow usage of lambdas with DB-related code
6313 Feature Improvements to SCL file API
6316 Feature Fix remaining issues with GUID creation in certain operations
6317 Bug Linearly interpolating subscription data CSV export crashes if exported data contains NaN/Inf data items
6321 Bug Ignore empty HasSubprocessName properties in structural synchronization
6324 Bug Diagram operations missing undo points
6325 Enhancement DB.scl improvement
6329 Enhancement Extensible exclusion logic for tg exports
6330 Bug Removing items from BTree's internal nodes works incorrectly
6332 Bug Symbol filters with external data sources did not update
6333 Enhancement Error logging interface for document server
6341 Bug Event Mark Baseline does not work with manually added events
6342 Bug Support delayed write inside transactions
6343 Bug Start box selection after scene graph nodes have processed drag events
6346 Enhancement Document server should throw IOExceptions in request/response interfaces
6349 Bug Safer implementation of ResourceImpl.toString()
6350 Enhancement Option to not write comment metadata when creating annotation instances
6352 Feature Execute delayed write requests in SCL
6353 Bug E4 Workbench application sometimes loses most key bindings
6354 Bug Bind simulation experiment timer toolbar contribution mode to active chart time format preference
6355 Bug ResourceTGValueModifier fails with Optional resources
6356 Enhancement Make claimRelatedValueWithType_ SCL function public
6358 Bug Claiming of L0.Literal used an invalid datatype literal (should always be instance of L0.Datatype)
6359 Bug DelayedWriteGraph fails to resolve types for Long, Byte, LongArray and ByteArray values
6360 Enhancement Improvements to BTree
6361 Bug Extended support for operations that require reading graph in DelayedWriteGraph
6362 Enhancement Support remove/deny relation in ClusterWriteOnly
6363 Bug ModelingUtils.CompositeInfo.resolveFolder returns wrong result
6364 Bug Joining a route graph connection to a disconnected flag that is still connected to a terminal produces an invalid connection
6366 Enhancement Equals & hashCode not implemented for data structures in CollectionSupportImpl
6379 Enhancement Improvements to SCL code indenting/unindenting in SCLModuleEditor
6384 Bug Remove excess use of Simantics/DB resource function where possible
6385 Enhancement Document dataDefinitionRelation should not be functional
6393 Enhancement Optimization/Cleanup for DynamicMenuContribution and its implementations
6395 Bug runFromFile from SCL console produces double output for every printed line
6399 Enhancement New final renaming step for generic structural synchronization
6406 Bug Missing null check in MappingBase.dispose
6409 Bug Procedural user component code compilation does not use block parsing mode
6416 Enhancement Prevent PointerInteractor from reacting to mouse clicked events with click count > 1 to prevent diagram selection from bouncing around
6417 Bug Remove unnecessary SWT image creation from certain plug-in Activators to avoid forced runtime SWT initialization within activators
6418 Bug BTree removes the owner of its root node when the last item is removed
6424 Bug org.simantics.diagram.profile.view.ActiveRuntimeDiagramInputSource unnecessarily performs synchronous DB requests in the UI thread
6426 Bug NPE when reading missing G2D device configuration
6439 Enhancement Support UC monitor value properties in Simantics/Diagram elementsOfR function
6444 Bug NPE in Model Browser tree item update due to disposed tree item