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# Tracker Subject Story Points
5990 Support 1.20.0 release engineering
5848 Bug SCL compiler loops eternally on a simple buggy function definition
5918 Bug SCL compiler does not report problems with side effects for variables in SCL modules
5954 Feature GUID identifiers for selected resources
6003 Feature Compile shared library contents from pgraph
6034 Bug If simulator variable node manager does not produce any properties for the standard variable implementation, it can crash in org.simantics.db.layer0.function.All#getStandardChildDomainPropertyVariables
6038 Enhancement Byte utility enhancements
6039 Enhancement DB client refactoring
6040 Feature Btree data structures
6041 Feature SCL state refactoring
6045 Bug Expose simple NameUtils.findFreshNameNumbered/findFreshNameFormatted versions without ReadGraph argument
6047 Bug Incorrect handling of types in the SCL compiler backed
6052 Feature SCL function for searching values defined in SCL modules
6054 Enhancement OCCT: Add support for gp_Ax2 with two direction vectors
6055 Feature SCL record syntax
6056 Feature Support for deep references in component types
6058 Feature Locking component types
6060 Enhancement Release SCLRealm's executor thread after timeout
6061 Bug Support for type aliases
6064 Enhancement Remove unnecessary write during initialization
6068 Feature SCL functions for interpolation
6069 Enhancement Remove the use of entity types from SCL modules
6080 Enhancement Migration refactoring
6082 Enhancement Renew LZ4 compression
6084 Support Switch platform to be compiled using Java 1.8
6085 Enhancement Improved clustering of ontologies
6089 Enhancement Indexing performance enhancements
6090 Support Add fastutil collections to Simantics SDK
6091 Bug SCL compiler exception when the type of the lambda bound variable is already defined
6092 Bug Set SCLContext in synchronization
6093 Feature Refactor the encoding of global references in structural
6105 Support Add a possibility to initialize scl devs model with a fixed seed
6106 Feature Minor SCL improvements
6116 Bug Outline view causes NoSingleResultExceptions
6132 Support Update movie tutorial to 1.18 + trunk Simantics
6136 Feature SCL functions for GUID handling
6141 Enhancement Collect and pass OCCT triangulation failures
6143 Feature Changes related to structural improvements
6145 Enhancement Removed debug prints
6146 Enhancement Experiment interface refactoring
6149 Feature Convert raw value to Variant in SCL
6152 Enhancement Support for assignments in SVGNode
6153 Enhancement Customize UC symbol logic using SCL
6157 Enhancement SCL module for structural
6171 Enhancement Graphviz: save to file
6172 Enhancement Interop / Mapping: multiple mapping sources
6180 Enhancement Refactoring generic migration steps
6175 Enhancement Test equality of response handlers based on their expression text
6176 Bug Procedural child variable identity is incomplete
6177 Enhancement Improvements to SCL documentation browser
6179 Enhancement Remove children also from list or ordered set in Graph Debugger
6185 Support Remove forced Print menu contribution from the main File menu
6190 Bug Diagram connection copy-paste routine does not copy MOD.HasConnectionMappingSpecification statements
6193 Bug DIA.HasTransform needs to define L0.RequiresValueType to allow selection view editing to work
6196 Bug Layer0Utils.setExpression and related utilities are used with wrong context in standard selection view ValueAccessor implementations
6202 Bug Command sequences resolved incorrectly
6205 Enhancement Prevent user from giving invalid values for chart item properties
6206 Bug SCL module and script editor end-of-line comment syntax highlighting behaves erratically in some cases
6207 Bug Proc missing from SCL sleep
6219 Feature Possibility to remove SCLRealms from SCLSessionManager
6221 Enhancement Many smaller chart UI enhancements
6223 Feature Make rawVariantValue function public in SCL
6225 Feature Improvements to Variable module
6226 Feature Platform modifications to support issues from SCL compilation errors in structural expressions
6227 Feature Support for relative imports in SCL modules
6229 Feature Indicate which lines are route lines when the connection is selected