Simantics 1.19.0

First 1.19 branch release. No projects are known that use this branch.

This release includes all changes made for service releases 1.18.2 and 1.18.3.
Changes made in service release 1.18.4 are not included in this release.


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points

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# Tracker Subject Story Points
5867 Support 1.19.0 release engineering
5415 Enhancement Add 64bit support for Excel link
5749 Feature Support of patterns in SCL queries
5762 Feature Read size of file in SCL
5770 Bug Database recovery corrupts workspace. 5.0
5782 Enhancement Use fromDynamic for interface parameters in procedural
5787 Feature URI escaping and unescaping in SCL
5790 Feature Support for simulation sequences
5795 Bug SCL compiler throws Error
5798 Enhancement Diagram connection selection highlight should be scaled according to dynamic stroke.
5818 Feature SCL documentation system refactoring
5821 Enhancement Don't unnecessarily allocate new label decorators in VariableColoringDecorationRule
5825 Feature Optimization algorithms usable from SCL
5830 Feature SCL documentation for May 2015 SCL training
5831 Feature Improvements to SCL file API
5832 Bug SCL expression updates after recompilation of modules
5833 Enhancement Support null scl values (Maybe) in node managers
5834 Enhancement Remove dead code in document.server
5852 Feature Better error message when encountering tabulators in SCL code
5873 Enhancement Allow customization of NewCompositeActionFactory diagram composite instantiation logic
5880 Enhancement Allow headless programmatic diagram template importing through org.simantics.modeling
5881 Bug TextPainter and TextNode do not use transformation.
5882 Feature Create generic file selection wizard page
5884 Enhancement Add possibility to run SCL tests via UI dialog
5892 Enhancement Create new ScriptTestBase class which uses SCL TestRepository to locate SCL tests from sclTests -folder
5893 Enhancement Allow using NavigateToTarget with custom diagram editors that use ResourceEditorInput
5896 Enhancement Performance optimization of structural variable
5897 Enhancement Index listing support
5900 Feature Initial SCL module for handling internal and external documents
5903 Enhancement Improving Flag and DrawingTemplate SCL modules
5910 Bug Compilation of a transformation module is slow
5911 Enhancement Change NewScenegraph to use Simantics.getSession() instead of SimanticsUI.getSession()
5926 Bug Fix non-closed resource problems in platform code
5929 Feature Dump all SCL documentation as HTML to file system
5934 Feature Generic Wizard page for selecting a directory
5935 Bug getPossibleLabel throws DatabaseException
5936 Enhancement Allow retrieval of imported internal resources in migration sequence
5937 Feature Add phases for controlling the order in which the relations are enforced in transformations
5938 Bug Doesn't simplify expressions in @enforce section of relation definitions
5939 Feature Sorting the children of Elements in transformation
5941 Enhancement UI widget for selecting a file or a directory
5943 Feature Minor SCL improvements
5944 Enhancement Component type viewer enhancements
5945 Enhancement OpenCascade + g3d improvements
5946 Feature ProceduralUserComponent SCL module and related changes
5947 Feature Enable search for resource with enter key in GraphDebugger text field
5948 Enhancement Add more verbose debug in ModelTransferableGraph
5955 Enhancement Structural variable refactoring
5956 Enhancement ValidationUtils to organize validation codes
5957 Enhancement Improve formatting of connections in Variable Debugger
5958 Feature Comparator SCL module for utilizing classes that implements Java.util.Comparator
5959 Feature BrowseContext and ActionBrowseContext SCL modules
5961 Bug ChartSorterRule applies the rule to Chart Groups also instead of just time series charts
5962 Feature Global property for ontologies
5964 Bug RunLabelRule throws Exception when an experiment is being deleted via model browser
5965 Feature Methods for browsing ordered sets to SCL
5967 Enhancement Make diagram activity analysis extendable
5968 Enhancement Prefer labels for shared ontology types for better readability
6010 Bug TestScriptExecutor fails response comparison if either of the response strings contains carriage return \r
6013 Enhancement SCL function for disabling SCLReporting printing
6018 Bug VariableRepository holds references to old SessionImplDb in SimanticsPlatform shutdown and startup cycles
6021 Bug Better error messages from compilation error in expressions during synchronization
6030 Feature Browsable type class for common methods of variables and resources