Simantics 1.13.4

Used by Apros 6.04.07SR2.


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# Tracker Subject Story Points
5343 Enhancement More user-friendly behaviour for annotation property tab Remove and Save buttons
5372 Enhancement Event view improvements 3.0
5408 Feature Active diagram profile selection should be model specific
5409 Support 1.13.4 release engineering
5410 Bug TabbedPropertyTable input processing up-to-dateness problems
5411 Bug Indexing fails if an encountered type does not have a name
5414 Enhancement Chart item property fields Chart and Variable text should be possible to select
5423 Enhancement Deterministic source ordering for Annotation selection tab
5438 Bug TerminalInformer stores and uses a wrong instance of IStatusLineManager
5452 Bug AllVisibleIssues searches model for indexed issues with wrong argument