Simantics 1.13.3

Used by Apros 6.04.07.


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# Tracker Subject Story Points
4860 Support Simantics 1.13.3 release engineering 0.0
5312 Bug Typical synchronization NPEs when synchronization needs to add calculation level reference elements for a parent component 1.0
5323 Bug IndexedRelationsImpl.reset does not close index reader/writer before deleting the index
5328 Bug TransferableGraphFileReader may overrun ByteFileReader's internal buffer
5329 Bug NodeManager methods must be called inside Realm
5332 Enhancement Allow printing structural mapping MappingBase/ComponentBase to PrintWriter



# Tracker Subject Story Points
4822 Bug Rename dialog for components in a diagram 0.0
4878 Enhancement Augment modeling rules to better support reconnecting connection tools 0.0
4888 Bug Change history ontology uses invalid type inheritance 0.0
4889 Enhancement Unescape workbench search result HTML link tooltip URIs 0.0
4898 Enhancement Ask user to confirm typical synchronization actions before performing them 0.0
4827 Feature Support management of multiple symbols for a user component 0.0
4745 Feature Add more map types to CollectionSupportImpl 0.0
4900 Bug NPE in ModeledActions.getContributionItems
4901 Enhancement Support for defining editing column(s) for modeled SWTExplorer views 0.0
4902 Enhancement Use CCombo in GraphExplorerImpl for inline combo editing instead of the native Combo widget 0.0
4903 Enhancement Show inline editing input validation problems using IStatusLineManager in GraphExplorerImpl 0.0
4905 Enhancement Add name of activated resource to ActivationManager forced loop breaking exception 0.0
4906 Enhancement Alphanumeric sorting for component type / shared library migration wizard instance list
4909 Bug Synchronization of attached modules causes unnecessary pending resolutions to occur
4930 Enhancement StructuralUtils.createConnectionPoint utility that can be given the name to use for the connection point
4952 Enhancement Allow dragging of model browser nodes containing Variable input into variable debugger examination field 0.0
4955 Bug Attach existing source diagram type symbol contributions to typical diagram masters instead of copying the symbol libraries referenced by the source diagram type
4964 Bug Force renaming of mapped diagram connection relations when a component type connection relation is renamed
4970 Enhancement Use long time format with day of time included in change information creation date labeling
4983 Enhancement Don't show exceptions from platform startup if the exceptions that caused startup failure don't provide any
4996 Bug ExperimentActivator may use wrong parent Shell for error dialog when experiment activation fails
5000 Bug Chart/Subscription drop action to resolve dropped variable datatype primarily through active (Run) variables, secondarily through configuration variables
5029 Enhancement Enable creation of diagram DnD monitors from array property indexes
5030 Bug Enable diagram template assignation removal
5037 Enhancement Cleaner text for migration wizard instance list entries
5048 Bug Remove extra Binds-statements in DisconnectFlags -action
5050 Feature "Bind to flag table" DnD feature
5060 Bug StructuralUtils.createConnectionPoint(WriteGraph g, Resource componentType, Resource copy, String name) invalidly assumes all superrelations of connection point relation have an inverse relation
5061 Enhancement Optimization (for NTSIMU)
4519 Bug Take Lucene 4.9.0 into use 0.0
5062 Enhancement Store user issues as part of their main context entity and find issues from dependency index 3.0
5073 Bug Remove unused createArraySet from CollectionSupport
5074 Bug Duplicate element names after cut
5081 Enhancement NameLabelUtil.modalName(name, label, mode)
5082 Bug ElementTransforms.create does not handle multi-instantiation
5083 Bug Sometimes all nodes with the same INPUT key are selected in model browser when one of the nodes is selected in UI
5087 Bug getStatements return collection with faulty toArray
5089 Feature Improvements for handling user component symbols
5098 Enhancement Typical diagram component naming fixes
5100 Bug Profiles are not shown under shared library
5145 Feature Support removal/rename of model browser nodes with SpecialNodeType
5146 Bug Boolean state property of UC shows erroneously on property view
5147 Bug Update issues for open diagrams does nothing
5148 Enhancement Support user components and libraries in PDF export also
5149 Bug Default paste advisor does not make names unique for versioned resources
5150 Bug Improve routing for connections between two terminals in the same symbol
5151 Enhancement Support for selecting typical diagram synchronization actions
5152 Bug Null resource when copying a flag
5153 Bug Batch issues with deleted context resources cannot be removed from view
5154 Bug Issue decorations do not show up in diagram
5155 Bug Undo/redo handler gets inactivated until focus changes if db job is in action while pressing undo/redo
5156 Bug Scroll position of model browser view is forgotten
5157 Enhancement Use RouteGraph in ConnectTool2
5158 Bug RouteGraph improvements
5160 Bug Names with AND or OR do not work with indexing
5162 Enhancement Support for multiple symbols in migration
5166 Bug Structural synchronization stability fixes
5167 Bug ClusterTable trashes with large model import
5171 Bug Use getSerializer in getPossibleValue
5172 Enhancement Generic diffing utility into Layer0Utils
5173 Enhancement Plain text document support in modeling.ui
5174 Bug Typical synchronization fixes
5179 Enhancement Give new symbols an empty label at creation
5177 Enhancement Migration wizard enhancements
5183 Enhancement More configurable connection type resolution
5186 Bug Dependency changes are propagated into ontology
5230 Bug StructuralUtils.createConnectionPointP must copy direct STR.AllowsConnectionType statements
5242 Bug Joins-statement is not removed when a connection edge is removed that is connected to a flag
5245 Bug Synchronization error handling
5248 Bug Diagram PDF printing fails to show monitors for UC internals and fails to print symbols
5249 Bug CollectorImpl crashes in deadband handling when String type values are put in history
5250 Feature FileService for scheduling locked file deletion into the future
5251 Enhancement Allow separation of cases where a transaction has update change history and where a party wants to prevent change history updates
5252 Bug Low level L0 validations reveal bugs in basic variable implementations
5255 Bug GraphExplorerImpl.setImage missing isDisposed check for TreeItem
5265 Bug Variable synchronizer does not browse path elements properly when climbing and drilling component type interfaces
5271 Bug Optimize unnecessary memory allocations in normal operation
5285 Bug StandardModelingRules.judgeConnection fails to return possible connection type with CANBEMADELEGAL results
5287 Bug Prevent model literal value corruption through Variable.setPropertyValue in standard variable implementations
5290 Enhancement Change MappedModelingRules to examine all configuration connections mapped to diagram connections (MOD.MapsToConnection)



# Tracker Subject Story Points
4993 Feature Time UI operations