Simantics 1.18.1

Original intended release date: 16.1.2015
Actual release date: 20.5.2015


Release Backlog

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# Tracker Subject Story Points
5650 Support 1.18.1 release engineering
4304 Enhancement Refactoring and documenting existing SCL modules 0.0
4556 Feature Non-blocking requests for org.simantics.db.Session 0.0
5432 Feature Database purge
5455 Bug Database client crashes while performing query updates due to cluster table refresh
5468 Enhancement Java 1.8 code compatibility fixes
5472 Enhancement SCL compiler API refactoring
5475 Bug Standard default property logic fails with exception
5486 Bug SCL compiler does not accept an empty module
5488 Enhancement Export com.kitfox.svg.xml from org.simantics.scenegraph
5492 Enhancement SCL CommandSession enchacements
5493 Enhancement Query semantics change - old equal value is retained instead of new computed one
5496 Enhancement Move RuntimeEnvironment resolution into db.layer0
5497 Enhancement New variable methods: getPropertyInfo and getIndexRoot
5498 Enhancement Cleanup of deprecated Variable implementations
5499 Enhancement L0.HasDefaultLiteralType for telling relations which type to use for new literals
5500 Bug Sheet editing was broken after SCL changes
5501 Enhancement Recompile only modified SCL modules and their dependencies in refresh
5509 Bug Not possible to copy spreadsheet cells with Float, Integer or Long value
5354 Enhancement Perform spreadsheet cell updates in transaction
5510 Bug Name collision: eventHandler is defined in two SCL modules
5511 Bug DependencyIssueSource2 should fail gracefully is user extension function fails
5515 Feature Convert Strings to uppercase/lowercase in SCL
5518 Enhancement Contributing SCL tests from plugins
5519 Bug External reads fail with exceptions
5521 Enhancement Fix SCL module editor save/restore to work
5523 Feature Hiding entities in SCL import
5525 Enhancement Shortcut key sequence for opening the SCL console view
5534 Enhancement Support for NodeManager-based propeties and children for property nodes
5535 Bug SceneGraphVariable loses its transient properties
5536 Bug Dragging subscription items on top of charts does nothing
5537 Enhancement Implement Variable.adaptPossible without throwing exceptions
5539 Bug NPE in SingleSWTViewNode
5540 Enhancement Cleaning up modeling related code
5543 Bug Fix hazard implenentation of EString.implode(Object[])
5545 Enhancement Improved string representation of IConstants
5549 Feature Interrupting execution of SCL command in SCLConsole
5552 Bug GraphExplorer inline text editing does not give TreeEditor proper layout until text is edited
5553 Enhancement Better reporting capabilities from SCL to UI
5561 Bug Defining UC configuration component properties to reference UC parameters through #HasExpression fails in datatype conversion
5562 Bug StandardModelingRules judgeConnection returns nondeterministic connection type results for unfinished connections
5564 Bug Text style editing dialog forcefully sets font when it is not previously defined
5565 Bug Replace use of gnu.trove2 with gnu.trove3 where applicable
5567 Enhancement NameUtils.getSafeLabel should resort to returning name also if label is empty, not just if label is not defined
5568 Bug SCL: operator precedence
5585 Enhancement Improve flexibility of access to Variable values in SCL
5586 Enhancement General repetitive code reduction and readability improvements
5590 Feature SCL compiler tells if unresolved symbol is just written with wrong case letters
5592 Enhancement Left align all columns in change information view
5593 Bug InvertBasicExpressionVisitor crashes when a user component's state property is of another type than Double
5594 Enhancement Pass exceptions from NodeManagers to callers of Variable methods
5595 Enhancement equals+hashCode for org.simantics.browsing.ui.common.modifiers.Enumeration
5596 Enhancement Add Silk companion icons to
5597 Enhancement Move simantics.log into workspace directory
5598 Enhancement Small improvements/hardening of ExcelLink
5599 Bug NPE in VariableDebugger
5600 Enhancement Improved root analysis in TG import
5601 Enhancement Selection view tab for spreadsheet ranges
5602 Enhancement Lifting of properties in substructure to component type interface
5603 Feature Spreadheet improvements: queries, expression ranges, input source selection, input encoding hardening
5604 Feature SWT document improvements: SCL text editor, fixes, refactoring
5606 Enhancement SCL test function for tab contributions
5607 Enhancement Optimization of large removal operations
5609 Feature Modelled queries
5610 Enhancement Restrict PROJECT.Contributions.ModelChildren to only handle models
5611 Enhancement Standard implementation of interfaces in
5612 Enhancement Hardening of input encoding in document variables
5613 Enhancement Input source contributions in document viewer
5614 Bug Fixed SCL function application code and some API functions
5622 Enhancement Procedural component properties warn and ignore null values
5623 Feature Support determination of expression effects
5624 Enhancement In migration search symbols also with MOD.ComponentTypeToSymbol
5625 Bug Support re-entrant syncExec in SCLRealm and execute synchronously when already in Executor
5626 Enhancement Support ontology-defined relations in migration by using L0.DomainOf
5627 Bug NodeValueRequest assumes a non-null value when there is a binding
5628 Enhancement Infer literal type from given text for properties that have a wildcard SCL type
5629 Feature Reusable request for classifying the model context location of a Variable component
5630 Bug Standard selection view property value editing fixes
5636 Bug Prevent DnD monitor editing when monitor variable #readOnly property is true
5638 Enhancement Upgrade net.ucanaccess to
5640 Enhancement Support expressions in procedural properties
5641 Bug Take chart binary item label length into account when laying out the chart editor contents
5642 Bug Model browser does not list sheets under libraries
5651 Feature Simantics Transformation Language, first implementation
5655 Bug TerminalInformer leaves disposed SWT images in use in the status bar - breaks the workbench UI
5657 Feature Extension point for contributing code to be executed in before Simantics platform startup
5658 Bug Wrong value type requirement in ontology
5659 Support Remove long-time deprecated APIs
5660 Enhancement Prevent resolve issue purge from deleting issues of continuous issue sources
5661 Enhancement Use the same custom ErrorDialog in ShowError even when no exception is specified
5662 Feature Improve handling of imports in SCL console
5663 Feature SCL documentation browser improvements
5667 Enhancement AbstractRemover.consultPossibleCanRemove
5668 Bug CaseInsensitiveComponentFunctionNamingStrategy uses getRelatedValue where it should be using getPossibleRelatedValue
5669 Enhancement Enable use of single terminals for multiple kinds of connection types
5670 Feature Trash bin for deleted resources
5676 Feature Use default values for adapting records with added fields
5677 Feature Synchronization fixes and enhancements
5680 Bug ProCoreServer bug fixes for Apros application.
5682 Bug Simantics/Model.allModels returns also non-model results
5684 Enhancement Support property variables inside proxy variables
5685 Bug TableCell's row span and column span defaulted to 0
5693 Feature Add undo points to all actions modifying the graph
5694 Enhancement Sort PDF export wizard dialog model configuration tree items with alphanumeric comparator
5696 Bug Cluster bookkeeping gets corrupted
5698 Enhancement Sort formats more logically in diagram DnD monitor property view
5699 Bug InvertBasicExpressionVisitor NPE
5704 Enhancement Migrating import cleanup
5705 Feature Possibility to remove variables from CommandSession
5706 Enhancement Support programmatic tests in modelled browse contexts for determining removability and renameability
5707 Bug NPE from GENodeQueryManager
5708 Support Remove API deprecated for Simantics 1.2 from WriteGraph/WriteOnlyGraph
5711 Enhancement Possibility to select models as spreadsheet input
5715 Bug Prevent creation of monitors if the source and the target are not in the same configuration
5718 Bug Synchronization fix for reference loops
5720 Bug Prevent user component terminal and property naming conflicts and discrepancies
5721 Bug Diagram export escaping fixes and code consolidation
5724 Feature Add possibility to add post migration actions to UC migration
5735 Bug Migration wizard usability fixes
5736 Bug Unexpected DoesNotContainValueException thrown from AnnotationTypeLabelRule
5744 Bug Search service does not ensure well enough the search temporary directory exists before attempting to write to it
5745 Bug MigrationUtils.importMigratedMany does unnecessary work moving potentially created material to trash
5747 Bug SCL command runProc (show 1) fails
5751 Enhancement Upgrade net.ucanaccess to
5756 Enhancement Performance improvement to migrating TG import when TG has been preprocessed
5757 Bug Prevent DnD monitor expression evaluation or inversion from failing with state property expressions where property names start with lower-case letters
5763 Bug StandardGraphPropertyVariable no longer returns child index variables for array property variables
5801 Feature Utility for creating random but distinct colors
5803 Bug Listening fixes and optimizations for subscription item labeling
5812 Bug Use Eclipse TextEditor implementation in procedural component type code editor
5817 Bug Cleaner path for diagram element issues without URI escaped characters
5823 Enhancement Allow changing LineEndStyle with profiles
5822 Enhancement Prevent UI thread from getting stuck during batch issue validation
5824 Bug Empty Database Trash Bin can cause database undo to fail
5826 Bug Diagram profile monitor MappedTypeGroup implementation doesn't do reference relation type comparisons exhaustively enough
5827 Enhancement Single selection profile entries
5828 Bug Incorrect handling of let and do blocks in SCL console
5835 Bug Marking/unmarking an event as a milestone event does not recalculate the milestone indexes
5836 Enhancement Change export wizards to enforce use of necessary file extensions
5837 Bug Import fails after recovery
5839 Enhancement Timeouting (non-blocking) database requests for platform implementations requiring synchronous DB access in the UI thread
5840 Enhancement Introduce a Runnable interface that indicate read-only tasks to solver variable backend
5847 Bug ExperimentActivator may use wrong active shell when opening error dialog
5850 Enhancement Allow profile view context menu to use backend resources
5851 Bug Document report generaror fails with internal documents.
5853 Enhancement Create URI based document links
5854 Bug Update os.interop.mapping to 1.18