Simantics 1.16.1


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
4999 Bug RouteGraphNode overrides styling customization when dynamic color and/or stroke is used
5008 Enhancement Allow overriding TestGridStyle implementations to use scene-graph node to position the monitor.
5016 Bug SimpleElementTransformHandler does not respect enable flip setting
5047 Feature Refactoring org.simantics.modeling and org.simantics.modeling.ui plugins concerning user components so that the java methods are accessible from SCL module UserComponent.scl

Closed Sprints



# Tracker Subject Story Points
4956 Bug Simantics 1.16.1 release engineering
4918 Bug Graph Explorer modifier do not create undo points
4954 Bug Remove references to specific products from Simantics codebase
4982 Bug Make platform compile with Java 8 and Eclipse 4.4 as IDE
4591 Bug Undo-Redo failure with literals larger than 30KB 0.0
5038 Enhancement Upgrade UCanAccess to 2.0.9
5049 Feature Remove deprecated HeterogenityConnectionConstraint
5059 Feature SCL script runner application
5068 Support Include current nebula snapshot repositories into 3.7.1 target platform
5070 Support Share new project to Simantics platform
5071 Enhancement Listener-based caching for DocumentHistoryCollector
5078 Support ComponentTypeViewer code cleanup
5085 Bug Static initialization of SCL compilation request fails
5090 Feature Add Default constructor, hashCode() and equals() methods to LabelPropertyTabContributor so that ComparableTabContributor comparison works correctly
5092 Feature Fixing undo problems in platform by adding graph.markUndoPoint() calls in write transactions
5099 Feature Add undo history to org.simantics.browsing.ui.swt.widgets.TrackedText text fields
5105 Bug Invalid drop validation message in PopulateElementDropParticipant
5107 Bug BasePostSelectionProvider.setAndFireNonEqualSelection() method compares ISelection objects wrongly (==)
5109 Enhancement Partial match custom modifier
5111 Enhancement User defined types for component type interface properties (for customizing selection view etc.)
5116 Bug Merged ontologies can become mutable
5117 Bug SCL compiler errors are lost with built products
5142 Feature Add trace and traceShow functions to Debug.scl for tracing and debugging purposes
5165 Bug Too long SCL commands can freeze the whole UI
5170 Enhancement Graph Exlplorer Drag'n'Drop interfaces do not support drop operation.
5182 Bug Datatype strings are invalidly written into L0.HasValueType literals as SCL type definitions
5187 Bug Procedural variable properties equals is incomplete
5189 Bug Mismatching RequiresValueType and HasValueType
5190 Bug Compiled SCL expressions fail to update when SCLMain changes
5192 Bug SCLModuleEditor undoes everything with CTRL + Z when the editor is first initialized
5210 Feature Add screenshot / image capture capabilities to diagramming.
5212 Bug Fix debug printing in DependenciesRelation
5213 Enhancement Adding undo points to fix undo problems in platform
5215 Enhancement Generic databoard adapters from text to numbers
5216 Enhancement commitAndContinue support for delayed write graph
5225 Enhancement Lift properties - button to component type viewer
5226 Bug Workspace and memory persistent virtual graph collide on disk
5237 Bug GraphExplorerImpl2 goes randomly out of sync
5253 Bug Node requests are not executed in realm
5262 Enhancement Little optimization in ReadGraphImpl.getSerializer()
5263 Enhancement More effective reflection scl value evaluation
5264 Bug Writing of sheet cell literals fails
5266 Bug Fix signatures in Diagram.scl
5269 Bug SCL subsumption solver bugfixes
5276 Enhancement DB client performance enhancements
5277 Enhancement Document subsystem performance enhancements
5278 Enhancement Import published shared ontologies as immutable
5283 Feature SCL library improvements
5284 Enhancement Add screenshot / image capture using existing CanvasContext (reduced memory usage)
5292 Enhancement EntityRemover.remove() to throw CannotRemoveException if the resource to-be-removed is immutable
5293 Enhancement TextTableCellEditor.commit() to check if new value and initial value are equal
5294 Bug TableRowResizer fired onResize too many times with mouseDragged resulting in hundreds of writes to DB
5298 Bug Fix SpreadSheetEditor to prevent copying null values
5299 Enhancement Better copy utilities
5306 Bug Remover for runs
5313 Bug GraphExplorerImpl2 combo selection does not work with arrow keys
5319 Bug Print exception to stdout in the case where temp-directory cannot be created in ClientChangesImpl
5325 Enhancement Treat all L0 array literals as SCL Vector
5305 Feature Possibility to write to workspace persistent virtual graph from SCL
5302 Bug Not possible to enter/paste SCL expressions directly to spreadsheet cell
5256 Feature ValueAccessor for cell content display value
5272 Bug Allow annotation types under structurals
5233 Bug NullPointerException in spreadsheet if Variable is missing a Datatype
5055 Bug Don't set row height to 0 in spreadsheet
5140 Feature Return the created root Resource at MigrationUtils.importSharedOntology
5194 Bug SCL editor fails to show errors if module compilation failed earlier
5327 Enhancement Support copying of stuff under structurals
5330 Bug Same trigger assigned to all commands
5331 Bug Allow SCL-defined interface properties with unknown SCL types (evaluates as a)
5333 Feature SCL command session variable
5334 Enhancement Support customization of run creation
5337 Bug StandardGraphPropertyVariable.getDatatype throws NPE when no databoard type was available
5338 Bug SCLTypeUtils defaults to star instead of Double
5339 Bug Change SCLCommandSession getVariableType to return Type instead of Object
5340 Bug Graph debugger view/editor invoke wrong code in Add Resource action