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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7293EnhancementResolved4Improve ChartComposite2 and ChartTab reuseMarko Luukkainen2017-06-12 02:25 pm
6686EnhancementNew4SysdynFileImport class which implements SimanticsResourceFileImportJani Simomaa2016-09-14 02:30 pm
5514EnhancementNew4Enumeration.size unit to "1" to make unit validation work better2014-11-27 02:25 pm
5437EnhancementResolved4Allow customizing visilble chart property tabsMarko Luukkainen2016-12-14 12:22 pm
5349EnhancementNew4Ability to hide graph legends2014-10-01 03:58 pm
5232EnhancementNew4When user creates something (function, model or module) in Model Browser the name of the new item should become selected and editable2014-08-27 11:07 am
5220EnhancementNew4Ability to rearrange enumeration indeces2014-08-25 02:26 pm
5181EnhancementNew4(Antti) Enable moving and copying modules (and other items) in Model Browser2015-04-15 11:40 am
5077EnhancementNew4Adding a comment to the diagram should activate editing its content the same way adding a variable activates editing its name2014-07-09 08:59 am
5076EnhancementNew4Shortcut for adding a comment2014-07-09 09:06 am
5028EnhancementNew4(Antti) Pasting variables to a model should add numbers to the variable names only if variables of the same name exist. It is annoying that pasting variables to an empty model causes variables to rename.2015-04-15 11:40 am
4876EnhancementNew4Right-clicking a selection does not give an option to copy or cut. 2014-08-20 10:01 am
4783EnhancementNew4Modules from Molecules2014-06-24 03:04 pm


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