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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6042FeatureNew4Support IC state in Simupedia API2015-09-23 03:50 pm
5895FeatureNew4SCL interface for common simulation tasks2015-06-04 03:15 pm
5878FeatureIn Progress4Random functions for internal solverJanne Kauttio2015-05-27 02:00 pm
5400FeatureNew4Experiment-specific solver settingAntti Villberg2015-04-15 11:40 am
5353FeatureNew4Ability to use Structure/Loops view to create loop comments2014-10-02 01:59 pm
5322FeatureNew4Implement a proper modelica code export (in addition to modelica code viewer which is already available)2014-09-18 12:47 pm
5197FeatureIn Progress4BPMN import prototypeJanne Kauttio2015-04-22 04:20 pm
5191FeatureNew4(Antti) Dynamic enumerationsAntti Villberg2015-04-15 11:40 am
5095FeatureNew4Storytelling mode 2.0 (with partial model simulations)2014-07-14 08:27 am
5036FeatureNew4Renaming variable causes it to lose experiment results2014-06-27 03:24 pm
5031FeatureNew4Storytelling mode2014-07-14 08:24 am
5022FeatureNew4Clouds are undercover stocks that integrate their inflow or outflow. Basically coulds are unnamed stocks. Naming a cloud turns it into a stock and creating a stock without a name ends up being a cloud.2014-07-09 08:51 am
4981FeatureNew4Module outputs should inherit units 2014-06-25 03:36 pm
4971FeatureResolved4Possibility to reference indexed variables using Name[Indices] format2014-06-25 04:34 pm
4969FeatureResolved4Possibility to reference IndexVariables with enumerated names2014-06-25 04:34 pm
4967FeatureNew4(Antti) Drag'n'dropping a function in the model browser moves the function instead of copying. There seems to be no easy way of copying a function.2015-04-15 11:40 am
4965FeatureNew4Return does not give a new line in the function editor. 2014-09-05 12:40 pm
4941FeatureNew4Pipe delay2014-06-10 04:29 pm
4923FeatureNew4Module simulation2014-06-25 03:29 pm
4897FeatureNew4Loops involving modules2014-05-20 03:53 pm
4896FeatureNew4Name loops2014-05-20 02:48 pm
4884FeatureIn Progress4Easy way of changing variable type to another. E.g. aux -> stock, cloud -> stock, aux -> input...2014-06-25 04:35 pm
4804FeatureNew4Simulate on Change to internal solver2014-06-24 02:54 pm
4709FeatureNew4Ability to add unit to chart label automatically2014-06-25 03:50 pm
4653FeatureIn Progress4Synthesim2014-06-25 03:01 pm
4652FeatureNew4Constant variable2014-06-24 02:56 pm
4649FeatureNew4Reality checks2014-06-24 02:53 pm
4648FeatureNew4Causes strip2014-06-24 02:55 pm
4647FeatureNew4Document (All)2014-06-24 02:55 pm
4646FeatureNew4Help F12014-06-24 02:55 pm
4645FeatureNew4Edit -> Or Select2014-06-24 02:55 pm
4644FeatureNew4Edit -> Modify Names (=Find/Replace)2014-06-24 02:55 pm
4643FeatureNew4Show Line Markers on Graph Lines2014-06-24 02:58 pm
4642FeatureNew4Pagemarks2014-06-24 02:59 pm
4641FeatureNew4Print diagrams2014-06-24 02:54 pm
4640FeatureIn Progress4Jump to variable from equationTuomas Miettinen2014-06-24 02:54 pm
4639FeatureNew4Font of elements in diagram: underline, strikethrough2014-06-24 02:59 pm
4638FeatureNew4Some additional information to saved datasets, e.g. simulation time2014-06-24 02:55 pm
4636FeatureNew4Show external bitmap images (or gorilla, happy face, etc.) on diagram2014-06-24 02:55 pm
4635FeatureNew4Graph axis division2014-06-24 03:00 pm
4634FeatureNew4Shape (e.g. triangle, diamond), thickness, and background color of diagram element2014-06-24 03:00 pm
4633FeatureNew4Graph stamp and comment2014-06-24 03:00 pm
4632FeatureNew4Fill style graph2014-06-24 03:00 pm
4631FeatureNew4Dotted line to graphs2014-06-24 03:02 pm
4630FeatureNew4Print graphs or print them to file2014-06-24 03:00 pm
4629FeatureNew4Delete options2014-06-24 02:55 pm
4627FeatureNew4Show lookup variables on model diagrams2014-06-24 03:00 pm
4626FeatureNew4Model notes and to display them on model open2014-06-24 02:55 pm
4492FeatureNew4Show trend of module2014-06-25 03:52 pm
4481FeatureIn Progress4Update diagram element visualizationsTeemu Lempinen2014-06-25 04:13 pm
4445FeatureNew4Color variables and modules in equation tab editor2014-06-25 03:52 pm
4370FeatureOn hold4Empty <write variable name> in TrackedTexts when focus is gainedTuomas Miettinen2014-06-25 04:34 pm
4342FeatureNew4Debug feature. Exclude debug variables from simulation and hide from diagram2014-06-25 03:55 pm
4336FeatureNew4"Add to chart panel" as a context menu option for charts2014-06-25 03:55 pm
4327FeatureNew4Sensitivity analysis 2.0: Trend view style results2014-06-25 04:12 pm
4267FeatureNew4Display equations on diagrams2014-06-25 03:55 pm
4266FeatureNew4Decorate function calls in expressions similar to "if" and other reserverd words2014-06-25 03:55 pm
4258FeatureNew4Default/initial value for every variable. (Similar to input variable default values. Useful for creating means to do partial model simulation.)2014-06-25 03:34 pm
4245FeatureNew4Copy data values from chart (There is a possibility in Apros to copy visible data from a chart for example to excel).2014-06-25 04:15 pm
4240FeatureNew4Sensitivity analysis 2.0: Let OM save only the results of defined variables2014-06-25 04:12 pm
4199FeatureNew4Charts: move contents of general tab to variable tab2014-06-25 03:51 pm
4140FeatureNew4Model refactoring: naming2014-06-25 04:21 pm
4099FeatureNew4Export model and content using Toni's export system2014-06-25 03:51 pm
4092FeatureNew4Combobox for function genre selection to function list in ShortcutTabWidget2014-06-25 04:21 pm
4088FeatureNew4Expression parser: User defined function parameters in assistive text feedTuomas Miettinen2014-06-25 04:08 pm
4082FeatureNew4Snap to grid for lookup expressions2014-06-25 04:23 pm
4074FeatureOn hold4Solve how functions with similar names should be handled2014-06-25 04:34 pm
4071FeatureNew4Drag variables and functions from shortcut tabs to expressionsKalle Kondelin2014-06-25 04:20 pm
4070FeatureNew4Mouse scrolling in equation text feed assistant2014-06-25 03:58 pm
4056FeatureNew4New dependency arrows to avoid the existing ones2014-06-25 04:22 pm
4055FeatureNew4Variable name validation to Paste specialKalle Kondelin2014-06-25 04:21 pm
4030FeatureIn Progress4Functions in equation tabTuomas Miettinen2014-06-25 04:13 pm
4019FeatureNew4Vector parameters in game experiment2014-06-25 04:23 pm
3985FeatureNew4Sorting issues2014-06-25 04:09 pm
3972FeatureNew4Look-up table: extrapolation drawn2014-06-25 04:13 pm
3971FeatureNew4Missing connections on module interface2014-06-25 04:09 pm
3970FeatureNew4Hide Additional information: Range2014-06-25 04:23 pm
3969FeatureNew4Hide Constant2014-06-25 04:23 pm
3964FeatureNew4Expression parser: built-in function arguments validation2014-06-25 04:08 pm
3963FeatureNew4Expression parser: user defined functions validation2014-06-25 04:08 pm
3906FeatureNew4List equations for documentation2014-06-25 03:51 pm
3894FeatureNew4Possibility to choose a different x-axis than time in figures2014-06-25 04:10 pm
3859FeatureNew4Drag and drop2014-06-25 04:12 pm
3775FeatureNew4Decapsulate module instance into a configuration2014-06-25 04:10 pm
3774FeatureNew4Encapsulate selected variables into module2014-06-25 04:10 pm
3718FeatureNew4Modelica built-in functions to equation assist2014-06-25 04:25 pm
3698FeatureNew4Right-click set as output on diagramKalle Kondelin2014-06-25 04:21 pm
3645FeatureNew4Sensitivity analysis 2.02014-06-25 04:12 pm
3515FeatureNew4Structure Dependences Teemu Lempinen2014-06-25 04:30 pm
3509FeatureNew4Better error message when variable's enumerations do not match with its equationTeemu Lempinen2014-06-25 04:08 pm
3507FeatureNew4Automatic creation of variables and linksTeemu Lempinen2014-06-25 04:10 pm
3266FeatureNew4Initialize model with .mat fileTeemu Lempinen2014-06-25 04:25 pm
3229FeatureNew4Issues for using continuous variables in parameter inputsTeemu Lempinen2014-06-25 04:00 pm
3218FeatureNew4Connection modes for dependency and flow connectionsTeemu Lempinen2014-06-25 04:15 pm
3150FeatureNew4Delete large areas in a sheetTeemu Lempinen2014-06-25 04:25 pm
3148FeatureNew4Integration to APROS2014-06-25 04:21 pm
3058FeatureNew4Module class (type) next to the module nameTeemu Lempinen2014-06-25 04:03 pm
3057FeatureNew1Better causal link polarity indicatorsTeemu Lempinen2014-06-25 04:10 pm
3056FeatureNew4Age distribution of population models (shift if true)Teemu Lempinen2014-06-25 04:21 pm
3047FeatureNew4Selection paint for flowsTeemu Lempinen2014-06-25 04:13 pm

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