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7822BugNew4Spreadsheet must be updated2018-03-15 01:17 pm
7821SupportNew4Update sysdyn-simupedia tutorial2018-03-15 12:49 pm
7820SupportNew4Update Sysdyn-documentation2018-03-15 12:47 pm
7819SupportNew4Decide whether to update old Sysdyn sharedlibrary to be compatible with latest platform changes OR use Jussi's light-weight shared library2018-03-15 12:44 pm
7818SupportNew4Sysdyn Browser Menu to Model Browser2018-03-15 12:38 pm
7817BugIn Progress4Fix problems preventing a new proper release of the sysdyn toolTuukka Lehtonen2018-03-15 12:40 pm
7763SupportIn Progress4Sysdyn 1.33.0 release engineeringTuukka Lehtonen2018-02-13 12:06 pm
7669SupportIn Progress4Sysdyn 1.32.0 release engineeringTuukka Lehtonen2017-12-07 05:37 pm
7399SupportIn Progress4Sysdyn 1.31.0 release engineeringTuukka Lehtonen2017-09-12 04:21 pm
7293EnhancementResolved4Improve ChartComposite2 and ChartTab reuseMarko Luukkainen2017-06-12 02:25 pm
7289SupportIn Progress4Sysdyn 1.30.0 release engineeringTuukka Lehtonen2017-06-07 01:16 pm
7287SupportIn Progress4Sysdyn 1.29.0 release engineeringTuukka Lehtonen2017-06-07 11:32 am
7127SupportIn Progress4Sysdyn 1.28.0 release engineeringTuukka Lehtonen2017-04-03 01:55 pm
7058BugResolved4Set plugin start levels in sysdyn product so that maven built product can be launchedTuukka Lehtonen2017-03-01 02:44 pm
7007BugFeedback4Experiment activation listener is called twiceJussi Koskela2017-02-01 11:45 am
7006BugFeedback4Re-enable adding time variable to configurationJussi Koskela2017-02-01 10:55 am
6686EnhancementNew4SysdynFileImport class which implements SimanticsResourceFileImportJani Simomaa2016-09-14 02:30 pm
6271SupportNew4Simantics 1.18 compatible jfreechartMarko Luukkainen2016-01-19 04:32 pm
6254BugNew4Misc small bug fixes2016-01-13 03:46 pm
6057BugIn Progress4Implement missing XMILE functionsJanne Kauttio2015-09-28 04:01 pm
6042FeatureNew4Support IC state in Simupedia API2015-09-23 03:50 pm
5951BugNew4Stock integral equation: space between variable and indices fails code generation2015-07-14 03:06 pm
5895FeatureNew4SCL interface for common simulation tasks2015-06-04 03:15 pm
5878FeatureIn Progress4Random functions for internal solverJanne Kauttio2015-05-27 02:00 pm
5644BugIn Progress4Vensim import does not work for all modelsJanne Kauttio2015-04-22 04:20 pm
5631BugNew4Dependencies with zero-valued angles are drawn incorrectly2015-04-15 11:37 am
5558SupportNew4Rename org.simantics.openmodelica.win32 plug-in to something shorter e.g. 11:28 am
5551BugNew4Search tool does not find shadow variables2014-12-16 09:51 am
5546SupportResolved4Create Sysdyn feature without OpenModelicaJani Simomaa2014-12-12 11:53 pm
5514EnhancementNew4Enumeration.size unit to "1" to make unit validation work better2014-11-27 02:25 pm
5508BugNew4Equation validator fails to validate array indexes that use arithmetic operators (outside any other function)2014-11-26 06:14 pm
5437EnhancementResolved4Allow customizing visilble chart property tabsMarko Luukkainen2016-12-14 12:22 pm
5427BugNew4Changing parameter values in game experiment does not have effect on other variables 2015-04-15 11:40 am
5400FeatureNew4Experiment-specific solver settingAntti Villberg2015-04-15 11:40 am
5389BugNew4Modelica Code Viewer colors also the character after the colored key word 2014-10-13 11:05 am
5353FeatureNew4Ability to use Structure/Loops view to create loop comments2014-10-02 01:59 pm
5349EnhancementNew4Ability to hide graph legends2014-10-01 03:58 pm
5342BugNew4Change from auxiliary to delay must be saved before editing its expression, delay time etc. 2014-09-29 03:51 pm
5322FeatureNew4Implement a proper modelica code export (in addition to modelica code viewer which is already available)2014-09-18 12:47 pm
5282BugNew4Initial state incorrect after parameter update2014-09-09 02:11 pm
5270BugNew4Ghost folder that matters2014-09-05 02:14 pm
5232EnhancementNew4When user creates something (function, model or module) in Model Browser the name of the new item should become selected and editable2014-08-27 11:07 am
5220EnhancementNew4Ability to rearrange enumeration indeces2014-08-25 02:26 pm
5219BugNew4Issues in copying enumerated variables between models2014-08-25 01:59 pm
5197FeatureIn Progress4BPMN import prototypeJanne Kauttio2015-04-22 04:20 pm
5195BugNew4Graph debugger does not update title when browsing resources2014-08-25 10:28 am
5193BugNew4Reconnecting uses wrong terminal as starting point in some cases2014-08-25 10:28 am
5191FeatureNew4(Antti) Dynamic enumerationsAntti Villberg2015-04-15 11:40 am
5181EnhancementNew4(Antti) Enable moving and copying modules (and other items) in Model Browser2015-04-15 11:40 am
5095FeatureNew4Storytelling mode 2.0 (with partial model simulations)2014-07-14 08:27 am
5088BugNew4Renaming Configuration folder throws ClassCastException2014-08-20 09:40 am
5086BugNew4User is able to create multiple dependencies between two elements2014-08-20 09:39 am
5077EnhancementNew4Adding a comment to the diagram should activate editing its content the same way adding a variable activates editing its name2014-07-09 08:59 am
5076EnhancementNew4Shortcut for adding a comment2014-07-09 09:06 am
5054BugNew4When creating Auxiliary2 the user only sees Auxiliary because the last character is outside the text box bounds2014-07-09 08:50 am
5053BugNew4Enumerated variable writes equations even when all equations are constant (should write parameter with constant initializer)2014-07-09 08:50 am
5052BugNew4Enumerated variable with size 1 wants its equation as an array (should accept scalar)2014-07-09 08:50 am
5036FeatureNew4Renaming variable causes it to lose experiment results2014-06-27 03:24 pm
5032BugNew4Selecting variable text causes edits in selection view to disappear 2014-06-27 10:57 am
5031FeatureNew4Storytelling mode2014-07-14 08:24 am
5028EnhancementNew4(Antti) Pasting variables to a model should add numbers to the variable names only if variables of the same name exist. It is annoying that pasting variables to an empty model causes variables to rename.2015-04-15 11:40 am
5022FeatureNew4Clouds are undercover stocks that integrate their inflow or outflow. Basically coulds are unnamed stocks. Naming a cloud turns it into a stock and creating a stock without a name ends up being a cloud.2014-07-09 08:51 am
5011BugNew4Unit validation fails when user-defined function is called by another (non-user-defined) function2014-06-25 03:25 pm
4981FeatureNew4Module outputs should inherit units 2014-06-25 03:36 pm
4971FeatureResolved4Possibility to reference indexed variables using Name[Indices] format2014-06-25 04:34 pm
4969FeatureResolved4Possibility to reference IndexVariables with enumerated names2014-06-25 04:34 pm
4967FeatureNew4(Antti) Drag'n'dropping a function in the model browser moves the function instead of copying. There seems to be no easy way of copying a function.2015-04-15 11:40 am
4965FeatureNew4Return does not give a new line in the function editor. 2014-09-05 12:40 pm
4958BugNew4Lookup table view shows the variable name as "No name for selection"2014-06-25 03:26 pm
4957BugNew4Array expressions do not work for stocks with enumerations in internal solver2014-06-25 03:28 pm
4943BugNew4Content assist bug with left bracket2014-06-25 03:26 pm
4941FeatureNew4Pipe delay2014-06-10 04:29 pm
4939BugNew4Connection has a relatedTo predicate which is not claimed anywhere but is read in several places and can sometimes break the model2014-06-25 03:26 pm
4937BugNew4Renaming variables on diagram bug2014-06-25 03:27 pm
4926SupportNew4Validation runs for test models 2014-08-25 02:26 pm
4923FeatureNew4Module simulation2014-06-25 03:29 pm
4920BugNew4Self-defined functions inside a function library cannot use Sysdyn built-in functions2014-06-25 03:28 pm
4897FeatureNew4Loops involving modules2014-05-20 03:53 pm
4896FeatureNew4Name loops2014-05-20 02:48 pm
4884FeatureIn Progress4Easy way of changing variable type to another. E.g. aux -> stock, cloud -> stock, aux -> input...2014-06-25 04:35 pm
4883BugNew4(Jani) Sometimes trying to change the location of a pipe throws an exception.2015-04-15 11:40 am
4876EnhancementNew4Right-clicking a selection does not give an option to copy or cut. 2014-08-20 10:01 am
4869BugNew4Cannot add same enumeration many times for a variable2014-08-20 09:47 am
4865BugOn hold4ChartComposite may cause AWT thread deadlocksMarko Luukkainen2014-06-25 04:33 pm
4804FeatureNew4Simulate on Change to internal solver2014-06-24 02:54 pm
4783EnhancementNew4Modules from Molecules2014-06-24 03:04 pm
4709FeatureNew4Ability to add unit to chart label automatically2014-06-25 03:50 pm
4662MarkerNew4Nice to have2014-06-24 02:56 pm
4661MarkerNew4Good to have2014-06-24 02:55 pm
4660MarkerNew4Must have2014-06-24 02:54 pm
4653FeatureIn Progress4Synthesim2014-06-25 03:01 pm
4652FeatureNew4Constant variable2014-06-24 02:56 pm
4650MarkerNew4Lacking functions compared with Vensim PLE2014-06-24 02:54 pm
4649FeatureNew4Reality checks2014-06-24 02:53 pm
4648FeatureNew4Causes strip2014-06-24 02:55 pm
4647FeatureNew4Document (All)2014-06-24 02:55 pm
4646FeatureNew4Help F12014-06-24 02:55 pm
4645FeatureNew4Edit -> Or Select2014-06-24 02:55 pm
4644FeatureNew4Edit -> Modify Names (=Find/Replace)2014-06-24 02:55 pm
4643FeatureNew4Show Line Markers on Graph Lines2014-06-24 02:58 pm

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