Tags in Issues

Important Tags

Keyword Description
merge-me If an issue has this tag it implies that it has changes that need to be merged into another branch. This tag allows the creation of a query that lists all issue that have changes that need to be merged. See this query.
merge-<from>-to-<to> When using the merge-me tag, also use this tag that varies by the merge target version. E.g. if your issue has changes that need to be merged to from trunk to 1.22 branch, tag your issue with merge-trunk-to-1.22.

Recommended Tags

The following is a list of recommended tags to be used in issues.

Keyword Description
ci Continuous Integration, i.e. Jenkins related
deprecated Potentially deprecated issue
doc Contains documentation work
epic A ticket representing a major task that is used to track its dependent tickets
loss-of-data A data corruption issue that has caused some kind of loss of data
need-review Informs that a ticket contains patches/data that needs to be reviewed by the Simantics technical board before applying specified changes
patch Informs a ticket contains a patch or patches for the ticket
perf Performance related issue
releng Release engineering related issue
req Requirement specification
refactor A refactoring task, not intended to change current functionality
rfe Request For Enhancement
spec Writing specifications
stability Stability related issue
ui User interface related issue
usability Usability related issue