Simantics 1.20.0

Release date: 1.1.2016


Issue Type Description
#5848 Bug Fixed infinite loop in SCL compiler TypingContext.expandSubsumptions. Now after 5 iterations of expansion, that is enough for all normal code to converge, the compiler makes a more comprehensive (and slow) analysis about if the constraints force the types to be recursive. If a recursion is detected, the compiler stops expansion and adds an error "Unification of types failed."
#6061 Bug Type alias support has been added to the SCL compiler. This means that the definitions of the following kind are now possible:
type Foo a = Bar Integer a
#6190 Bug Fixed diagram connection copy-paste to properly take MOD.HasConnectionMappingSpecification relations into account when dealing with diagram connectors.
#6040 Feature Added b-tree map data structure for the Simantics graph database.
#6052 Feature New searchValue SCL function in module @Reflection. Try e.g. searchValue "diagram" in the SCL console to see how it works.
#6055 Feature Record syntax added for SCL. For an example, see source:/scl/branches/simantics-1.20/org.simantics.scl.compiler/tests/org/simantics/scl/compiler/tests/scl/Record1.scl
#6068 Feature Introduced new SCL module Interpolation with functions interpolateLinear, interpolateNearest and interpolateCubic.
#6136 Feature Added SCL functions for GUID datatype handling. See Simantics/GUID module for details.
#6149 Feature Added variantOf function to Prelude SCL module for constructing Variants out of raw values.
#6225 Feature Added possibleValue and possibleProperty functions to Simantics/Variables SCL module.
#6084 Support Switch Simantics platform builds to use Java 1.8 compiler. However, Java 1.8 features cannot be employed until Eclipse 4.5 is adopted as a new target platform (#3537).
#6090 Support Included it.unimi.dsi.fastutil 7.0.6 in Simantics SDK. See for more information on the library which uses the Apache License 2.0 license. Big thank you to the author Sebastiano Vigna for this high-performance library! The P2 site for this feature is now at and it is included in the Simantics target platform definition files.
#6185 Support Forced Print contribution has been removed from SimanticsWorkbenchActionBarAdvisor.
#6064 Enhancement Removed unnecessary database write from platform initialization code.
#6069 Enhancement Removed use of entity types from all platform SCL modules and replaced them with type aliases (#6061). See #6069 description for more information.
#6080 Enhancement Supported migration formats are now discovered through database indexes so that they do not have to be defined in certain libraries that are fixed in the source code. This allows for more generic migration/import code.
#6082 Enhancement Introduced new plug-ins org.simantics.lz4 and a front-end plug-in for compression codecs org.simantics.compressions. org.simantics.lz4 uses the latest code from
#6089 Enhancement Minor performance enhancements for Lucene based indexing of the Simantics graph database.
#6157 Enhancement Introduced new SCL module Simantics/Structural.
#6171 Enhancement Allow saving graphviz visualizations from the visualization view to standard file formats (SVG, DOT JPEG, PNG, PDF, PS, EPS).
#6177 Enhancement Added documentation pages for undocumented SCL modules.
#6179 Enhancement Graph debugger can now remove entries from lists or ordered set structures.
#6180 Enhancement Introduced new generic migration steps to Simantics platform.
#6205 Enhancement Added input validation for chart item property editing dialog.
#6221 Enhancement Lots of minor improvements to chart UI and chart management.