Simantics 1.19.0

Release date: 6.11.2015


Issue Type Description
#5770 Bug Fixed an error in recovery operation. Adding a component after successful recovery did not work.
#5910 Bug Switched from Cojen to latest ObjectWeb ASM library for Java bytecode generation in the SCL compiler to fix performance problems caused by Cojen.
#5961 Bug Fixed erroneous comparisons between CHART.Chart resources the comparison always returned 0 for Charts resulting in different orders every time.
#6010 Bug Fixed a minor bug in SCL testing environment in which the response comparison failed if either the actual or expected response contained carriage return '\r'
#6018 Bug Fixed VariableRepository to not hold references to old Simantics sessions
#5749 Feature Improved handling of type constraints and effects from user defined transformation relations. Added pattern matching support for queries.
#5762 Feature Added sizeOfFile :: File -> <Proc> Long to File SCL module.
#5787 Feature Added functions to Simantics/DB SCL module: escapeURI, unescapeURI
#5790 Feature Added SCL simulation sequence support, see source:foundation/trunk/org.simantics.simulation.sequences@31199.
#5818 Feature Introduced documentation system for SCL modules with more control over how SCL module documentation is compiled. It also allows control over which modules/function are to be shown in documentation and where in that documentation.
#5825 Feature Added utilities and SCL bindings for routines for optimizing functions without derivatives. They are all variants of Powell's NEWUOA and described in more detail at
#5830 Feature Added documentation and exercises for May 2015 SCL training.
#5831 Feature Imported new functions to File SCL module: childFile, makeDirs, createTempFile, deleteFileOnExit, deleteFile, copyFile, moveFile.
#5852 Feature SCL code does not allow the use of tabulator characters for code indentation. These fixes improve the diagnostics produced by the compiler when it runs into such use of tabulators.
#5882 Feature Added generic file selection wizard page to utilities.
#5900 Feature Added initial SCL API Simantics/Document and Simantics/DocumentLinking for handling internal and external documentation and documentation links in SCL.
#5929 Feature Added Save to Disk button to the SCL documentation browser for saving the SCL documentation to disk in HTML format.
#5934 Feature Added generic directory selection wizard page to utilities.
#5937 Feature Add phases for controlling the order in which the relations are enforced in SCL transformations. See source:scl/trunk/org.simantics.scl.compiler/tests/org/simantics/scl/compiler/tests/scl/Transformation5.scl for an example.
#5946 Feature Added ProceduralUserComponent SCL module for creating and handling procedural user components
#5958 Feature Added java.util.Comparator interface to SCL for writing new comparators
#5959 Feature SCL API for BrowseContext and ActionBrowseContext
#5962 Feature Introduced new property to make it possible to define ontologies that are included as dependencies of all index roots (i.e. models or shared libraries) regardless of whether the ontology is linked to the index root or not.
#5965 Feature Added ordered set browsing functions to Simantics/DB SCL module: parentOrderedSet, elementsOfOrderedSet.
#6030 Feature Added Browsable type class to introduce common methods for database variables and resource.
#5415 Enhancement 64-bit DLLs were added for Excel link.
#5873 Enhancement NewCompositeActionFactory now allows complete customization of composite instantiation logic through the new property STR.Composite.instantiationFunction.
#5880 Enhancement Diagram template importing is now available through classes in package org.simantics.modeling.template2d (org.simantics.modeling plug-in).
#5884 Enhancement Added a possibility to run SCL tests via an UI Dialog
#5892 Enhancement SCL testing framework enhancements
#5893 Enhancement Allow re-using NavigateToTarget with custom diagram editors.
#5897 Enhancement Added utility method list(IProgressMonitor progress, Session session, Resource indexRoot) for listing the full contents of an index roots persistent index to org.simantics.db.indexing.IndexUtils.
#5903 Enhancement Added possibility to bind diagram flags to drawing templates programmatically in SCL.
#5941 Enhancement Added generic UI utility widget for selecting a file or a directory.
#5944 Enhancement Component type editor enhancements: Prevent configuration/state property table scrollbars from jumping back to top every time the user changes something in either table. Allow editing of default values even if property relations are immutable, i.e. defined in the ontology. This can be done because the default values are not stored in the ontology but in assertionts that are attached to the mutable user-component. Default value editing is denied only if the user component itself is immutable.
#5957 Enhancement Improved connection point formatting in Variable Debugger view.
#5967 Enhancement Added mechanism to diagram ontology for defining a custom function for determining whether a diagram is active or not. This requirement came from Simupedia member component.
#6013 Enhancement New SCL wrapper disablePrintingForCommand function that disables SCLReporting.print()