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  branches 33413 over 1 year Antti Villberg (refs #6495) Merged trunk Merged FixExportedOnt...
  tags 32758 almost 2 years Tuukka Lehtonen (refs #6305) Branched 1.23.0 from branches/sima...
  trunk 33351 over 1 year Tuukka Lehtonen Parametrized previously hardcoded FixExportedOn...

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# Date Author Comment
33413 2016-12-12 12:49 pm Antti Villberg

(refs #6495) Merged trunk
Merged FixExportedOntology and related utils

33373 2016-11-09 04:38 pm Tuukka Lehtonen

Platform changes to port Simupedia operation UI support from trunk (1.25) to 1.22.3 for Apros 6.06SR2.

refs #6795

33370 2016-11-08 11:20 pm Tuukka Lehtonen

Simantics 1.22.2 service release branching from branches/simantics-1.22 r33369 to branches/simantics-1.22.2 on 2016-11-08.

refs #6591

33352 2016-10-23 03:37 pm Tuukka Lehtonen

Merged /ode/trunk r33351 to /ode/branches/simanticsö-1.24

refs #6502

33351 2016-10-23 03:36 pm Tuukka Lehtonen

Parametrized previously hardcoded FixExportedOntology application.

refs #6502

33349 2016-10-20 12:47 pm Tuukka Lehtonen

Merged /ode/branches/simantics-1.22.1 r33348 /ode/{trunk,branches/simantics-1.22}.
Merged /foundation/databoard/branches/simantics-1.22.1 r33348 /foundation/databoard/{trunk,branches/simantics-1.22}.

refs #6780

33348 2016-10-20 12:42 pm Tuukka Lehtonen

Fixed major bug in TransferableGraphs.writeTransferableGraph that caused the code to write an invalid statement count into the resulting TG file.

The problem is that TransferableGraphSource.forStatements is currently coded so that it may still filter out some of the statements that are written into the temporary list of exported statements. This was not taken into account in the mentioned writeTransferableGraph function, which just wrote the original statement count into the file. This essentially makes the file invalid and unreadable. Manifestation of this problem requires that the exported model/data has so called garbage statements that the forStatements invocation will filter out. If the exported data does not contain such garbage, then everything is fine....

33313 2016-10-06 06:16 pm Tuukka Lehtonen

Merged /ode/branches/simantics-1.22 r33312 to /ode/trunk.

refs #4540

33312 2016-10-06 06:15 pm Tuukka Lehtonen

(refs #4540) Removed bin directory from SVN.

33311 2016-10-06 04:58 pm Kalle Kondelin

Refs #4540 Regression Tests maintenance. Added org to ignore list.

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