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Revision 33420

Added by Tuukka Lehtonen over 1 year ago

Fixed platform SDK buckminster builds to replace .qualifier
with timestamp, not last revision.

Last revision seems to have problems in picking up the correct
last version for each project. It seems to be picking last
revision from somewhere else at times which makes it impossible
Eclipse IDE to understand that a plug-in has changed because
its .qualifier replacement stays the same .r<revision> as before
even though there are changes in the code.

These changes make the following change to all of these
platform branches to make target platform reloading work
again: 1.22.0, 1.22.1, 1.22.2, 1.22, 1.23.0, 1.23, 1.24,


New platforms built after this should have all bundles with larger
versions than before since previously all .qualifiers started with
'r' and now they start with 'v'.

refs #6621


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