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7795FeatureClosed4Logging configuration via SCL and UI & saving to ZIP-archiveJani Simomaa2018-03-07 03:01 pm
7793FeatureClosed4Include HDF5 Java library as part of the platformTuukka Lehtonen2018-03-07 12:29 pm
7772FeatureClosed4Add Future to SCL APIJussi Koskela2018-03-07 11:55 am
7767FeatureClosed4New SafeDynamic moduleHannu Niemistö2018-03-07 12:29 pm
7738FeatureClosed4Add SubMonitor features to UI/Progress SCL-moduleJani Simomaa2018-02-13 11:51 pm
7717FeatureClosed4Generic InstanceOf migration stepTuukka Lehtonen2018-01-18 03:25 pm
7715FeatureClosed4Type information to the JSON about the resource that is dragged and droppedTuomas Miettinen2018-01-18 03:25 pm
7695FeatureClosed4Compilation of SCL expressions from SCLHannu Niemistö2018-01-09 11:27 am
7662FeatureClosed4Debug info for SCL modules containing data for building reference hierarchyHannu Niemistö2018-01-19 05:44 pm
7657FeatureClosed4SCL Image RuleAntti Villberg2018-01-18 04:31 pm
7618FeatureClosed4Workbench status bar control contribution to visualize workspace sizeTuukka Lehtonen2017-11-23 11:12 am
7617FeatureClosed4Service for tracking size of directoriesTuukka Lehtonen2017-11-23 11:16 am
7607FeatureClosed4Async module for running functions asynchronouslyHannu Niemistö2017-11-08 01:57 pm
7601FeatureClosed4SCL record wildcardsHannu Niemistö2018-01-19 09:46 am
7595FeatureClosed4SCL reflection: finding modules, values and compiling expressions in SCLHannu Niemistö2018-01-18 03:55 pm
7576FeatureClosed4Progress monitoring to Pgraph compilationJani Simomaa2017-11-06 11:33 pm
7575FeatureClosed4SCL expressions to SCL Issues viewJani Simomaa2018-01-18 03:57 pm
7569FeatureClosed4Add character highlighting to SCL module editorJani Simomaa2017-11-06 11:05 pm
7562FeatureClosed4Procedural SCL modulesHannu Niemistö2018-03-08 09:01 am
7549FeatureClosed4Add Marker-support to Logging-moduleJani Simomaa2017-11-06 02:53 pm
7541FeatureClosed4SCL module deprecation flagHannu Niemistö2017-11-06 02:39 pm
7540FeatureClosed4Listenable queries in SCLJani Simomaa2017-11-06 02:35 pm
7528FeatureClosed4Separate output-only console for SCL script executionTuukka Lehtonen2017-11-06 09:14 am
7519FeatureClosed4Configurable branch point radiusHannu Niemistö2017-11-06 01:00 am
7508FeatureClosed4New type class MonadE and corresponding monad syntax with edo keywordHannu Niemistö2017-11-06 02:36 pm
7478FeatureClosed4SelectionProcessor backwards compatibility aidTuukka Lehtonen2017-11-06 12:28 am
7458FeatureClosed4Editing of texts inside SVG elementsAntti Villberg2017-11-06 12:03 am
7453FeatureClosed4Switch component type of the component between group of alternativesHannu Niemistö2017-11-06 12:02 am
7450FeatureClosed4SCL script storage, editing and validation supportTuukka Lehtonen2017-11-02 04:17 pm
7448FeatureClosed4java.nio.file.Files SCL APIJani Simomaa2017-11-05 11:24 pm
7433FeatureClosed4Make Either type available in JavaHannu Niemistö2018-03-07 05:18 pm
7426FeatureClosed4SCLProgressMonitor implements IProgressMonitorJani Simomaa2017-11-05 10:29 pm
7414FeatureClosed4Add a constructor for Dynamic typeHannu Niemistö2017-08-07 03:02 pm
7385FeatureClosed4Open diagram from issueAntti Villberg2017-08-07 02:00 pm
7382FeatureClosed4Ignore multiple modelled tests via context menu actionJani Simomaa2017-08-07 03:01 pm
7374FeatureClosed4SCL REST APIJani Simomaa2017-11-05 11:01 pm
7372FeatureClosed4Copy URI context menu action to model browserJani Simomaa2017-08-07 02:04 pm
7371FeatureClosed4Support for select keyword for CHR constraintsHannu Niemistö2017-08-07 03:11 pm
7369FeatureClosed4SCL Module editor improvementsJani Simomaa2018-02-16 11:50 pm
7362FeatureClosed4Creation of new SCL modules in SCL module browserHannu Niemistö2017-08-07 03:24 pm
7344FeatureClosed4View for used SCL expressionsJani Simomaa2017-08-07 12:37 pm
7330FeatureClosed4Utility for tracking the total size of a directory tree using Java NIO WatchServiceTuukka Lehtonen2017-07-22 10:55 pm
7294FeatureClosed4Create an editor for modelled STS variables for easier debuggingJani Simomaa2017-08-07 02:03 pm
7250FeatureClosed4Modularization of CHR rulesHannu Niemistö2017-08-07 03:28 pm
7245FeatureClosed4Decompilation of compiled SCL classesHannu Niemistö2017-05-29 02:54 pm
7243FeatureClosed4Add Jersey Client to target platformJani Simomaa2017-05-29 02:55 pm
7242FeatureClosed4SCL Development perspectiveHannu Niemistö2017-05-29 03:01 pm
7230FeatureClosed4Initial support for pgraph listing for shared library bundlesAntti Villberg2017-05-29 02:30 pm
7225FeatureClosed4An action to show a pgraph representation for any resource contained in an ontologyAntti Villberg2017-05-29 02:27 pm
7214FeatureClosed4Slight change of semantics / optimization, treat $ exactly like function applicationHannu Niemistö2017-05-29 03:03 pm
7211FeatureClosed4DB baselineAntti Villberg2017-10-17 12:09 am
7178FeatureClosed4Maven graph ontology file builder pluginHannu Niemistö2017-05-29 03:08 pm
7164FeatureClosed4RVI support in Simantics/VariablesAntti Villberg2017-07-10 10:37 pm
7162FeatureClosed4Generic instantiation based on instantiateUnderAntti Villberg2017-07-10 10:37 pm
7161FeatureRejected4jsonValues parsing function into Simantics/DB2017-04-22 07:54 am
7158FeatureClosed4SCLDropActionAntti Villberg2017-07-10 10:37 pm
7157FeatureClosed4instantiateUnder function property for typesAntti Villberg2017-07-10 10:39 pm
7148FeatureClosed4Contributed profile entriesAntti Villberg2017-04-25 11:53 pm
7134FeatureClosed4Map some ListUtils functions to SCLTuomas Miettinen2017-07-10 10:39 pm
7112FeatureClosed4Option for automatic text flipping in scene graph TextNode to make text readable in all casesTuukka Lehtonen2017-04-03 12:34 pm
7105FeatureClosed4Modelling default namespace prefix to use for imported modules or ontologiesAntti Villberg2017-07-10 10:53 pm
7103FeatureClosed4Support tg discovery in export/importAntti Villberg2017-07-10 11:55 pm
7090FeatureClosed4DB Queries in SCLHannu Niemistö2017-03-27 12:16 pm
7051FeatureClosed4SLF4J logging from SCLHannu Niemistö2017-03-06 12:39 pm
7045FeatureClosed4Base classes for model updatesMarko Luukkainen2018-02-16 05:20 pm
7016FeatureClosed4Fail-safe importAntti Villberg2017-04-03 12:39 pm
7012FeatureClosed4Excel sheet parsing intefaceMarko Luukkainen2017-02-06 12:06 pm
7000FeatureClosed4Support of streaming output to SCL consoleReino Ruusu2017-04-25 11:01 pm
6987FeatureClosed4Compilation warnings and support for deprecated annotationHannu Niemistö2017-03-23 01:38 pm
6931FeatureClosed4SCL module should be able to specify bundle for class loadingHannu Niemistö2017-06-07 04:52 pm
6924FeatureClosed4Support for .field access to record fieldsHannu Niemistö2017-05-29 03:09 pm
6923FeatureClosed4Explicit export annotation for SCL modulesHannu Niemistö2017-05-29 01:49 pm
6888FeatureClosed4Merge feature/scl to master branchHannu Niemistö2016-12-31 03:10 pm
6887FeatureClosed4Acorn cancelAntti Villberg2017-01-27 12:39 am
6886FeatureClosed4Remove a file on the R serverJussi Koskela2016-12-31 04:35 pm
6882FeatureClosed4Acorn purgeAntti Villberg2017-06-07 04:45 pm
6878FeatureClosed4Show compilation errors in STS tests without need to run the testsHannu Niemistö2017-07-10 10:58 pm
6855FeatureClosed4Ctrl-Shift-R for navigating to resourcesAntti Villberg2016-12-13 01:09 pm
6853FeatureClosed4ResourceWorkbenchSelectionElementAntti Villberg2016-12-13 01:09 pm
6833FeatureClosed4Test RExp inheritance in SCLJussi Koskela2016-12-05 06:58 pm
6825FeatureClosed4SVG editor tab contributionAntti Villberg2016-12-05 12:03 pm
6824FeatureClosed4SCL Tab Contributions for Selection ViewAntti Villberg2016-12-05 12:03 pm
6821FeatureClosed4Possibility to skip bytes when reading InputStream in SCLJussi Koskela2016-11-23 04:36 pm
6801FeatureClosed4XML Date/Time primitive handlingMarko Luukkainen2016-12-07 07:28 am
6798FeatureClosed4Possibility to hide a property from generic selection view properties tabAntti Villberg2016-12-05 07:19 pm
6766FeatureClosed4URI escaping via document request interfaceJussi Koskela2016-12-06 02:20 pm
6745FeatureClosed4Diagram Profile TemplatesMarko Luukkainen2016-12-06 02:20 pm
6735FeatureClosed4Interface for document server to read FileDocumentsJussi Koskela2016-12-06 02:40 pm
6731FeatureClosed4Generic implementation of NewDocumentFolder actionJussi Koskela2016-12-06 02:42 pm
6726FeatureClosed4Modelled SCL tests and UIJani Simomaa2016-12-06 03:11 pm
6725FeatureClosed4Add Koloboke API and Koloboke Compile to target platformJani Simomaa2016-12-06 01:16 am
6724FeatureClosed4Drag support for scene graph nodesAntti Villberg2016-12-06 01:19 am
6704FeatureClosed4Color / ColorGradient UI improvementsMarko Luukkainen2016-12-06 02:51 pm
6681FeatureClosed4Poll listener for document serverJussi Koskela2016-12-05 11:37 pm
6674FeatureClosed4Page event service for PDF exportsTuukka Lehtonen2016-10-13 07:29 am
6654FeatureClosed4NatTable based GraphExplorerMarko Luukkainen2016-12-06 03:20 pm
6653FeatureClosed4Share project org.simantics.fileimport/ui for enabling easy drag and drop import for supported file extensions (e.g. .r, .fmu etc)Jani Simomaa2016-12-06 04:37 pm
6641FeatureClosed4SCL equationsHannu Niemistö2016-12-06 01:33 am
6611FeatureClosed4Generalization of component type editorHannu Niemistö2016-09-21 02:19 pm
6610FeatureClosed4Create temporary directory in SCLJussi Koskela2016-10-23 10:56 pm

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