Simantics 1.13.2 Closed Issues

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4325Workspace gets corrupted.
4688Layer0X-1.1 and other key resources occasionally not immutable after fresh workspace startup
4756ClusterChange.setValueBig can crash in certain circumstances
4762LZ4 history archive compression corrupts the input stream (FLZ does not)
4763Subscription CSV export wizard regression: doesn't find any history data from HistoryManager producing an empty CSV export
4764Show for negative numbers
4767Diagram template properties cannot be modified through property view
4768Improvements to chart item creation
4775Default paste handler runs paste operation with async write.
4782Ensure diagram template flag tables are drawn on top of the drawing template base graphics
4784DnD monitor editing fails occasionally and CTRL-A (select all) does not work as expected
4792Modify SubscriptionItemLabel.resolveLabel() method to take synchronization information as parameter
4795DnD monitor function evaluation broken when configuration diagram is in a shared library, not a model
4796Invalid implementation PossibleActiveVariableFrom{Resource,Variable}
4797Variant equals throws ClassCastException
4798Layer0Utils expression util improvements
4801Synchronization does not remove components corresponding to mapping structure composites
4802NPE in ConnectionBrowser
4805DataContainers reading methods use BinaryFile with read-write access, should use read-only access
4812Listening state fails to record first value - causes extra invocations
4813RecordBinding has invalid method signature
4817Change ValueFormat to always use US locale number formatting with whitespace as grouping separator
4819SCL commands for translating, rotating and flipping connections
4820Update Eclipse Nebula repository snapshots on and use them in Simantics target definitions
4826Remove mandatory label from standard variable
4829Enumerations with blank values fail in selection view
4831MigrationStateImpl opens file handles but offers no means to explicitly close them
4832AbstractPropertyVariable uses wrong methods for collecting existing properties
4836Picking problem for deleting route lines near terminals
4837Chart/Subscription selection view fixes
4844Connection branching fails because of failure to resolve route graph structure
4845TerminalInformer destroys SWT Image that is still in use in StatusLine
4859Prevent ShowError ErrorDialog from hiding parts of the error message text when message lines are longer than the width of the dialog text field
4867Allow TerminalUtil.findNearestOverlappingTerminals to select overlapping terminals from different elements instead of just one element
4811Change history
4824Multiple selection support for modelled actions
4825Modelled actions for copy,cut and paste
4835Printing template
4866Allow ComponentNamingStrategy to validate a list of name propositions without internally reserving the validated names
4757Simantics 1.13.2 release engineering
4788Easier escaping support for workbench search SearchQuery
3978Multiline text node inline editing
4475Allow ontologies to contribute their own search functions
4761Allow synchronization property skipping rules to work based on a modules connectivity in addition to other property values
4785Allow amount of shown digits to be configured for FormattingUtil separately for float and double
4799Structural expression utils
4809Better support for subliteral variables
4810Standard property tab improvements
4814Change logger for VariableDebugger
4815PartOf should be before ConsistsOf in Graph Debugger
4816SCL console content assist enhancements
4818Allow use of AltGr similarly to Alt in connection line creation
4823Better labeling for typical diagram instantiation dialog
4828Allow retaining folder structure in diagram export/import
4830Support for metadata analysis in metadata listener
4834Reusable cell offset arrays in TextGridStyle
4838Better naming for annotation types in annotation type export wizard
4841Validations for instance migration wizard
4842Support move in cut paste
4861Never choose editor adapters as default actions if their priority is below zero


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