Simantics 1.15.1 Closed Issues

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4345Fix procore linux version to compile
4749PointerInteractor pick distance is configurable, but most of the code refers to the default value
4755Widget disposed exception in
4760GraphExplorerImpl2 slows down considerably with large amounts of data (part 2)
4780Spreadsheet improvements
4789ComponentAndElementPasteImportAdvisor creates overlapping element names
4791GraphExplorerImpl2 does not handle label decorator removals correctly
4806GraphSourceLoader fails from SCL console
4843Printing is broken because of SCL context modifications
4874AbstractVariable.getPossibleVariable can throw
4912CreateVersionDialog allows creation of new User Components / Shared Libraries with duplicate version numbering
4914Labeling problem in user component terminal properties
4916Diagram framework does not create undo points
4945Diagram copy paste system eats exceptions
4989Multi-line text editing on diagram has issues on line change points
4991More extensible LabelModifier
4992Changing PartialIC's datatype from Map to two different Arrays
4995DocumentClient deadlock possibility when deleting/renaming Simupedia documents
4998Databoard wants to deserialize default resources (id=0). Work around this.
4599Document linking feature
4747SCL improvements related to Simantics-R connection
4864Relational sublanguage to SCL
4870Syntactic sugar for Variable access
4875PartialIC data structures for storing state
4915Implement undo in SCLModuleEditor
4993Time UI operations
5006Refactoring SCL-package format
5014SCL console improvements
5018Support for deep ontology references for example L0.Migration.from
4758Simantics 1.15.1 release engineering
4769Apache POI 3.10
3552Minor fixes
4754RouteGraphNode has configurable pick tolerance but it is not used with selections
4790Binding serializer caching for better serializer retrieval performance
4821R product development
4839Change SelectionProcessor's method getIndexRoot to return L0.IndexRoot in instance of SIMU.Model
4846Get errors from SCL compilation
4847Better editor for SCL modules
4848Allow for setting pick sorting
4849New undo paradigm - combine if not specified
4862SCL UserComponent enhancements and implementation of importSVGElement
4863Add bindings in o.s.datatypes as default bindings
4873Rid of deprecated os.utils.datastructures.HashMultiMap
4879Allow customizing diagram viewer selection processing
4886Use SCL lists in creating simupedia JSON
4887Allow event handlers to return values to client
4890Export MigrationWizard
4908Add category resolution hook into standard selection view
4911Constant parameters for document events
4934New IsShownUnder / UnderOf relation for selection view properties for grouping similar properties
5041Adding more functionalities to SCL modules
5044Add browsePossible


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