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3553Terminal direction does not follow element transformations
4404Modify NewComponentType implementation to work with SCL
4524Minor SCL fixes
4541Model Browser state persistence is broken
4551Remove duplicate L0.Part relation from InstalledGraphBundles
4561Floating-point inaccuracies break CSVFormatter functionality
4562org.simantics.scl.commands missing from simantics project set
4568SceneGraphLoader was broken due to solver variable changes
4572Prevent RemoverUtil.tryCollectionRemover from creating a database changeset unnecessarily if removal fails
4574Fix SymbolContributions in shared ontologies
4575Partial synchronization for procedural component types
4579Create unique names for new modeled component type terminals
4580SCL layout bug (with where)
4581Creating a Typical Diagram under shared library fails
4582Deleting an imported image from model browser when image is opened in editor throws NoSingleResultException
4585GraphFile implementation leaves streams open when writing file data to graph
4592Duplicate definition of CHART.Chart.Item.Index relation, two HasLabel properties
4594PropertyInfoRequest may throw unexpected AdaptionExceptions
4601Workbench shutdown sequence order is invalid
4603Change default chart draw mode to Line instead of DeviationAndAverage
4605Picking of direct route lines
4616NodeRequest should update if cache is pending and query is synchronized
4618VG corruption during swapping and crashing
4621Missing equals/hashCode implementations
4625PDF export fixes
4656Terminals of one component type's symbol can be invalidly populated to another component type's symbol
4659Ensure single-threaded index updates
4664Fix MappedModelingRules for merged flags
4666Minor synchronization improvements and bugfixes
4667Remove layer data
4668Writing into the wrong virtual graph in DiagramEditorStates.saveEditorState
4670Platform not shut down properly if platform startup fails e.g. due to project loading problems
4671Symbol terminal names profile is broken, shows nothing
4673Synchronization bugfixes
4674Removal of route line contains a bug if direct lines are used
4675Report customization page (Evaluator) does not allow adding nodes to empty configuration
4676Index loading can fail with LockObtainFailedException and the top level implementations do not know about it
4678AssertionError when creating e.g. connections between symbols
4679Loop in Simantics.GShow.resourceId
4687NPE in Subscription CSV export
4689AssumptionException while trying to browse GraphDebugger to
4690Rename concepts in UI
4697Element resizing is broken.
4699Translating symbols causes rendering slowdowns
4700GraphDebugger is not able to show data when URI is missing.
4706Infinite recursion in GShow.resourceId
4725Introduce IProgressMonitor argument to IExperiment.shutdown
4726Terminating graphviz layouting
4732Property view does not show content in certain cases
4734DefaultPasteHandler hides errors
4743org.simantics.document.linking.ui has external application references
4744Persistence for complete history collector state
4437New generic synchronizer
4558Export document folders to file system
4563Procedural component type editor
4566Update SCL Compiler
4576Initial shared ontology support
4577Improving procedural component type editor
4578Full OrderedSet support for ObjMap2
4584Initial version of instance migration wizard
4606Support for '%' in the names in the new synchronization
4624Implement layout operations as SCL commands
4663Apache POI library for managing Excel files
4672Add IsDesynchronized property to synchronization
4686NatTable Nebula widget
4711New Datatype printer
4717Compressed archive database storage implementation for history collection
4721More information about Inverse-named relations in graph debugger
4730RevisionId (Long literal that is automatically set to -1 on model export)
4741Dialog for creating subscriptions
4590Deprecate all of org.simantics.modeling.ui.modelBrowser.model
4597Simple utility for creating a database and opening a session to it in a specified directory for testing purposes
4600Add g3d-plugins to SDK.rmap
4614Simantics 1.13.1 release engineering
4715Add org.apache.commons.compress to target platform
4727Update project set
4542Use more reality-bound work amounts in workbench shutdown progress monitoring
4543Folder import support for importing documents
4546Take cluster sets into use
4553Cache local ComponentNamingStrategy request in ComponentNamingUtil.findFreshInstanceName
4555Progress monitor for importing folders
4557Configurability for profile monitors
4559Allow workbench search contributions to specify in ontology whether they are to be enabled by default in searches or not
4560Add useful Variables.getPossible* methods
4564ResourceEditorInput rehaul - replace model URI with rid
4565SCL expression compilation reorganization
4567Retain cluster sets in export/import
4569Remove useless method Variable.getPossibleClassifications
4570Allow simulator variable NodeManager to return classifications for nodes
4571Standard modelled Name/Label logic for user interfaces
4586Use RandomAccessBinary in GraphFileUtil for reading and writing files
4587Cleanup URI-related utility classes in the Simantics codebase
4588Support L0.readOnly in BasicPropertyTab contributions
4589Make some subscription item properties final, i.e. read-only for the user after they are first created
4595Support getType/getPossibleType with base type argument in Variable interface
4596Show different icons for three different cases of model configuration components: built-in components, user defined components and others
4598Generic structural synchronizer base implementation
4604Import URL-links with folder import.
4607Diagram decorations for info and note severity issues
4608Support Root %model in export/import

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