Simantics 1.12 Closed Issues

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4507GraphExplorerImpl2 stopped responding with subsequent conent refresh and root change
4509Take default chart draw mode from preferences, currently fixed to DeviationAndAverage.
4522Search result table has extra commas, which may cause IE to fail
4523Componenent and element paste handler hides errors
4526SCL array datatypes
4527Procedural structural components are not supported by some default Variable implementations
4535GraphExplorerComposite was changed to be incompatible with previous versions
4537ConnectionSplitAndJoin allows running Join Flags when it's not possible to run
4479Copy document annotations automatically for the template of new revision
4480Command API
4496TempFiles interface for easy management of temporary files
4498Index caching support
4499Migration import without explicit tg
4506has statement property tester
4530Moving documents between folders
4477Simantics 1.12 release engineering
4493Create a service for searches
4497DB optimizations
4500Support multiselection in PasteHandler
4501Support references to other interface variables in structural monitors
4502Production build optimization for ontology synchronization
4510Assign a custom context menu ID for Profiles view explorer to prevent #GraphExplorerPopup contributions therein
4520Base contributions for browser labels/images/decorations should catch PendingVariableException and return PENDING result
4531Add Variables.getPossibleRVI
4532Allow Collection<? extends Object> argument for NavigateToTarget.elementSelectorZoomer
4533Remove use of deprecated org.simantics.ui.utils.AdaptionUtils
4536Document performance enhancements
4538Progress reporting for index flushing in platform shutdown
4539Allow label customization for ModelingViewpoint's VariableLabelRule


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