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4257SCL compiler works strangely with type annotations in the function parameters
  1.11M2 7 Collapse all/Expand all
4075SCL compiler generates invalid bytecode related to Maybe type
4274Minor SCL compiler bugs
4281Additions/fixes to SCL libraries for training
4262Initial Chart SCL module version
4271Improve SCL import logic (include)
4275Ontology modules (SCL)
4278Serializable and Typeable support (SCL)
  1.11M3 2 Collapse all/Expand all
4283Fixes and modifications to prevent multiple QueryProcessors and SessionImplDbs in SCL unit testing
4294Initial Subscription SCL module version
  1.11M4 9 Collapse all/Expand all
4305Minor SCL fixes
4312Annotation saving dialog asks for a name for the annotation but does not force the user to provide one
4300Implement effect subsumption properly (SCL)
4301SCL document browser
4310Loading SCL modules from graph
4322Remove deprecated classes from (os).scl.db
4337Compiler environment parameter (SCL)
4347Create 1.11 branch
4338Continuing a flag connection by copy paste should not copy the diagram template flag table binding in the source flag
  1.11M5 40 Collapse all/Expand all
4149GraphFile allows opening editor multiple times for the same file, and looses synchronization.
4291Using L0.HasName as filename causes problems
4299Graphviz viewer does not allow browsing folders in save as dialog.
4328Initial Annotation2 SCL module version
4329Fix scheduleExperimentShutdown() not to be performed in UI thread
4357Year support for TimeFormat
4358Initial Scenegraph SCL module version
4374EditStyle and PageSettings buttons are always in the toolbar (remove them)
4381SCLCommandSession does not close the files it reads
4385History collection throws unexpected exceptions at certain points
4388GraphExplorerImpl2 does not refresh contents after setRoot()
4393Commit to SVN old modifications to graph compiler
4403Write stored total and per-item history size in bytes along with history in HistoryUtil
4410Make dependencies on org.junit4 optional where possible
4411Assignments are incorrectly ordererd in SCL compiler
4415Symbol terminal Remover canRemove logic does not work with uses in component type configurations
4134GraphFile copy-paste support
4156Add path support to GraphFile/GraphPath.
4303Initial Library SCL module version
4311Procedural structural types
4339foldl/build fusion (SCL)
4346Support for procedural substructure
4350Type aliases (SCL)
4359Minor SCL modifications
4382Experiment plugins
4383Support optional input filtering for GraphExplorer Labeler.Modifier
4392RVI.toPossibleString must escape RVIParts to produce a proper escaped relative URI
4396SCL optimizations and vector types
4397SCL Console content assist
4409Don't apply automatic transactions in SCLExpressionCompiler to the whole expression but smallest possible subexpressions
4380Simantics facade platform startup helpers
4302Add support for dragging annotations between Library -folders
4351Add function returning visibility of diagram grid based on ICanvasContext
4355Prevent DynamicMenuContribution from performing database request if a DatabaseJob is running to keep the UI from locking up unnecessarily
4364Allow definition of customizable filter implementations for symbol library contributions, symbol libraries and single symbols
4375Change TerminalInformer diagram participant to use the active workbench part's IStatusLineManager if no IStatusLineManager is explicitly defined
4376Allow specification of an input filter for diagram TextNode
4384Prevent editors from closing after resource renaming - support input URI changes in ResourceEditorInput2
4389Minor SVGSalamander cpu usage/memory allocation improvements
4398Allow overriding of AbstractContentAssistEnumerationModifier methods
  1.11M6 43 Collapse all/Expand all
2769As a modeller, I want that symbol library is refreshed when I add new symbols to symbol groups or add new groups
3518Diagram viewer and other SWTAWTComponent-based editors fail to gain focus with Java 7
4386Changes in ElementPremover prevent diagram mapping rules to react element/component removals.
4419SCL library fixes
4420Ontology fixes
4434Invalid STR.HasExpression assertion in STR.Property
4454Navigate to Target causes exception when user closes the editor before view fitting happens
4457Documents tab allows duplicate names
4464TextGridStyle should not make the second profile monitor column editable unless there is a modifier for the monitor field
4466Documentation refactoring
4469GraphExplorerImpl2 does not show DialogModifiers
4470GraphExplorerComposite ClassCastException on drop when used with GraphExplorerImpl2
4472NPE when deleting model from model browser
4473Exception when cut - pasting a structure with merged flags
4474Allow navigation also to local flags through merged flags with multiple counterparts
2858As a ontology developer, I want to refer resource in convenient way in SCL expressions
3683Implement getRelatedValue2 for STR.SCLValue /H
3850Support computational (SCL) properties for component types
4416Context menu support for setting allowed routing directions for terminals in symbol editor
4417Solver variable
4432URL reference documents
4439Allow java object to ordered set mapping
4452Multi-page search results
4453Monitor properties for structural interfaces
4456Exporting file documents
4459Finding new resource representations for more properties with StandardNodeVariable
4460Support tree structure with document versions
4463Support cut/copy/paste for diagram reference elements
4429Dependency cleanup for os.graphfile
4438Recompile msijni and fastlz DLLs with MSVC 2010 using /MT runtime
4476Simantics 1.11 release engineering
3376Add various new mapping features to org.simantics.objmap
4414Create unified way to handle file-based documents
4418Variable debugger enhancements
4430Optional node-specific browse contexts
4431Shared ontology support v1
4442Document version modelling
4447Allow ontologies to contribute their own search functions
4449Add support for creating new document versions directly.
4455Add getAllValuesSnapshot(List<R> result) to MapList<L,R>
4462Support annotation base type / property super relation definition with index root assertions

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