Simantics 1.10 Closed Issues

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4114Flag type not verified for newly created flags
4132Workspace persistent virtual graph loading robustness / safety enhancements
4144Spreadsheet loses selection while editing cell
4145Useless error messages when pasting PNG image on top of image node in a drawing template
4151Issues are not updated in some removal cases
4157Diagram loading can cause weird exceptions if editor is disposed during loading
4158Manual activation of mapping messes up undo
4159Removal of connected diagram reference elements corrupts database
4161RouteGraph.makePersistent behaves incorrectly when the connection is simple
4163Minor bug in connect tool
4164Component modification metadata missing for some removed connections
4166Session does not close properly
4169Modelled views fail to show content at startup
4173Random access values can corrupt the database session
4174AwtFocusHandler.hidePopups race condition
4178Move tryRemover from DeleteNodeHandler to RemoverUtil
4153Exporting GraphFiles
4160Minor modifications to SCL documentation
4165Support session reconnect in SimanticsPlatform
3519Change Sysdyn jenkins builds to bundle JRE 6
4142Simantics 1.9 release
4147Store SCL console command history into preferences
4148Add undo into DB.scl
4150Batch issue validation performance enhancements
4155Allow overriding oleEditor's title.
4162runTest command for SCL console
4167Remove resources from index updates
4170Set exported PDF Application metadata based on IProduct information
4179Support multiple tg roots in migration framework
  2013-06 28 Collapse all/Expand all
4113ResourceBinding cleanup
4181Caching prevents some valid renames
4182Dependency index gets out of sync
4185undo(int numberOfOperations)
4186PDF export leaks memory
4190Do not allow entity names to be modified to begin with one or more dots ('.')
4191AdaptationUtils.adaptToCollection fails to adapt, if class implements IAdaptable
4193Selection view input throttling produces wrong tabs for user
4195Deleting terminal element in symbol editor fails to remove diagram connection points from symbol
4202SWTKeyEventAdapter produces wrong modifier state mask for key event when AltGr is pressed
4210Simulation time HMS mode viewing fails to show time beyond 5 965 hours
4211Problems with session reconnect
4212setImmutable failed if cluster was not resident
4215Safety fixes for monitor formatting
2897As a developer, I want to use GraphExplorer as non-virtual
3219Lazy updating of model browser and graph explorer are problematic
3994Get Resource -> Resource map in SCL based mapping
4184TreeViewer based GraphExplorer
4206Save work done for team feature movie.
3984Import sources for SimanticsExcel.dll
4197If mouse doesn't move between subsequent diagram copy-paste operations, offset the pasted elements as when using Edit / Paste main menu
4203Migration framework enhancement
4204Temp file management in Simantics facade
4205Refactor issues to allow reporting of L0 issues
4213Make recovery work silently.
4214GraphExplorerImpl image decorations should be offloaded from the UI thread into the image loader job
4216BoxSelectionMode should be cancelable by pressing ESC
4217Extend BasicExpression lexer to support 8-bit ASCII characters in quoted strings
  2013-07 22 Collapse all/Expand all
4219Transferable graph with resource literals can only be imported once
4223Remove stdout printing option from issues to CSV export action
4231Wordwrap/Horizontal scrollbar for document editor StyledText widget
4233FileUtils.copyFile/copy do not close file descriptors properly
4234File handle leakage in PDF export
4246Problems in FastLZ stream implementations
4248Query collector fails to collect some discarded parents
4249Subscription collection initialization fails if a subscription item is broken (has no name)
4250ContextualHelp should attempt help context resolution on diagrams even when selected element is not mapped
4224Allow GraphExplorer item selection by keys / labels to use other than primary column for matching.
4189Branch and release Simantics 1.10
4235Drawing template changes
4065Fix annotation user interfaces
4218Color edit support for DnD monitors
4220Change EntityRemover to not remove L0.HasProperty objects as composed properties if they are an L0.PartOf something else
4225Show resource ID in issue view if there's nothing else to show for the issue context
4226Make low level Layer0 validation produce fatal issues so that they don't go unnoticed.
4228Allow CSV export number format specification through preferences
4229Customizable clipboard logic in CopyPasteHandler
4230Prevent RouteGraphNode from starting connection rerouting if there are more than one other elements selected
4247Primarily look for workbench search function from active model, resort to project only secondarily.
4251Allow tree columns in TreeDialog


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