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  2012-22 3 Collapse all/Expand all
3895SupportClosedPut Sysdyn builds back onlineTuukka Lehtonen
3890BugClosedRemover for SceneGraph ontology NodesTuukka Lehtonen
3891BugClosedSVG image support for drawing template flag type visualsTuukka Lehtonen
  2012-23 25 Collapse all/Expand all
3896EnhancementClosedPrimarily show HasName as resource name in Graph Debugger, label only secondarilyTuukka Lehtonen
3901BugClosedFix mapping so that it does not browse ConnectionRelationToDiagramConnectionRelation Hannu Niemistö
3907BugClosedFunctionValue.realizeValue does not support parameter lengths greater than eightHannu Niemistö
3908EnhancementClosedSCL ProgressMonitor interface additionsTuukka Lehtonen
3911BugClosedNPE in CanvasCommandDelegateTuukka Lehtonen
3912BugClosedos.interop adapters.xml refers to wrong viewpoint ontology versionTuukka Lehtonen
3913BugClosedModelingUtils.trackDependencies uses Simantics.getProject invalidly causing NPETuukka Lehtonen
3914BugClosedSession.getService should first check that session is alive before throwing ServiceNotFoundExceptionTuukka Lehtonen
3916EnhancementClosedOptimization of standalone route graph loadingAntti Villberg
3917EnhancementClosedMake ResourceVariable query use Variables.getVariableAntti Villberg
3918EnhancementClosedMinor fixing of PredefinedVariablesAntti Villberg
3919EnhancementClosedAdd common cluster set resourcesAntti Villberg
3920BugClosedCluster set handling in delayed write is brokenAntti Villberg
3921EnhancementClosedAdd ClusterCollectorPolicy for customizing cluster collectionAntti Villberg
3922EnhancementClosedAdd annotation tab for selection viewAntti Villberg
3923BugClosedPaster.cut fails to invoke CopyAdvisor.onFinishTuukka Lehtonen
3924EnhancementClosedMultiline support for TextNodeTuukka Lehtonen
3925BugClosedNPE in IssueByListTuukka Lehtonen
3927BugClosedBean.Id.equals causes ClassCastExceptionTuukka Lehtonen
3928BugClosedAssertion computations in DB client were broken with multi-instantiationAntti Villberg
3929EnhancementClosedVariable refactoringAntti Villberg
3930EnhancementClosedAdded GridCell span in modelled SWTAntti Villberg
3932FeatureClosedSCL library improvements for FuprosHannu Niemistö
3933EnhancementClosedSCL library improvementsAntti Villberg
3934BugClosedQueries return too many same asserted statementsAntti Villberg
  2013-01 4 Collapse all/Expand all
3751FeatureClosedListen and update variable debugger pageTuukka Lehtonen
3955EnhancementClosedAdd ExplorerInputContentType for specifically determining the desired input for an explorerAntti Villberg
3973BugClosedSCL createDiagram does not set flag typesAntti Villberg
3979EnhancementClosedDefault TerminalNamingStrategy implementation for structural modelsTuukka Lehtonen
  2013-02 45 Collapse all/Expand all
3915BugClosedDependenciesRelation doesn't release pending index update operation handles when session is shut down in between scheduling the updates and running the updatesTuukka Lehtonen
3931EnhancementClosedAdd SCLValue.environment to be able to control the modules loaded by the scl valueAntti Villberg
3980FeatureClosedSupport joins in SCL APIHannu Niemistö
3981FeatureClosedMinor Fupros-oriented refactoring of SCL APIAntti Villberg
3982BugClosedA separate method for importing in SCLCommandSessionHannu Niemistö
3987BugClosedProblems with cluster management in DelayedWriteGraphAntti Villberg
3992BugClosedTypos in AdaptionService2 error messages (an -> a)Tuukka Lehtonen
3989FeatureClosedMap signal names in SCL Diagram APIHannu Niemistö
3993EnhancementClosedsyncExecute option for TagUtilTuukka Lehtonen
3995FeatureClosedImprovements in DB.sclHannu Niemistö
3996BugClosedChartVariable is missing equals/hashCodeMarko Luukkainen
3997BugClosedSupport text cut/copy/paste in the workbench search trimTuukka Lehtonen
3902EnhancementRejectedInvestigate how to invoke Eclipse standard copy handler from Simantics StandardCopyHandler to enable copying of text to SWT clipboardTuukka Lehtonen
3998EnhancementClosedDiagram.scl: genericFlagType ()Tuukka Lehtonen
4001EnhancementClosedStable sorting for NavigateToTarget list selection dialog contentsTuukka Lehtonen
4002EnhancementClosedAnnotation Property Tab: sort available annotations and select first available if there is no previous selectionTuukka Lehtonen
4003FeatureClosedSupport autosave of virtual graphsTuukka Lehtonen
4005BugClosedMonitor editing broken by invalid variable writingTuukka Lehtonen
4006BugClosed2-level annotation copying is broken, never copies 2nd level valuesTuukka Lehtonen
4008FeatureClosedDon't produce degenerated lines in RouteLine (getPath2D)Hannu Niemistö
4010FeatureClosedGenerate line segments from RouteGraphHannu Niemistö
4012BugClosedDeprecate VariableWrite2Tuukka Lehtonen
4013BugClosedMore accepting parsing for boolean values in VariableWrite/VariableWriteImpliedTuukka Lehtonen
4015BugClosedSubscription item DnD on charts and chart editors is brokenTuukka Lehtonen
4016BugClosedTimeSeriesEditor canvas initialization must be made asynchronousToni Kalajainen
4017EnhancementClosedRemove property label/description in component type interface editor instead of marking them empty on empty inputTuukka Lehtonen
4022BugClosedSubscription CSV export fails if referenced variable resolution failsTuukka Lehtonen
4023BugClosedSTR.HasAttachmentRelation should be functionalTuukka Lehtonen
4025EnhancementClosedSupport property testing options for multi-resource selectionsTuukka Lehtonen
4026BugClosedSymbol library background gradient looks bad for large symbol groupsTuukka Lehtonen
4027EnhancementClosedMulti-selection support for symbol group assignment actionTuukka Lehtonen
4028EnhancementClosedAdd extensibility to RouteGraphConnectToolAntti Villberg
4029EnhancementClosedAdd a mapping relation between a configuration connection and a diagram connectorAntti Villberg
4031EnhancementClosedDynamicStroke support for RouteGraphNodeTeemu Mätäsniemi
4032EnhancementClosedColumn support for graph explorer selection elementsAntti Villberg
4033EnhancementClosedLayer0Utils.setValueAsStringAntti Villberg
4034EnhancementClosedSpreadsheet refactoringAntti Villberg
4036BugClosedUse RVI.toPossibleString instead of RVI.asPossibleString in places that require only RVI visualization, not Variable instance resolutionTuukka Lehtonen
4038BugClosedTabbedPropertyTable doesn't check whether a tab creates a control or not but invokes itTuukka Lehtonen
4039BugClosedMake ConnectionRelationToTerminal functionalHannu Niemistö
4040BugClosedRemove some internal type checks in SCL compiler that cause problemsHannu Niemistö
4042EnhancementClosedMigration framework enhancementAntti Villberg
4045SupportClosedOntology dependency cleanupTuukka Lehtonen
4046BugClosedNPE in GalleryViewerTuukka Lehtonen
4047BugClosedAnnotation framework and UI adjustmentsTuukka Lehtonen
  2013-03 8 Collapse all/Expand all
4049BugClosedRemove diagram memory leaksTuukka Lehtonen
4050EnhancementClosedMake sure that all free queries get collected by SessionGarbageCollectorAntti Villberg
4051EnhancementClosedAdd caching for ClusterUIDAntti Villberg
4052EnhancementClosedImprove size estimation of clustersAntti Villberg
4063EnhancementClosedImprove query garbage collectionAntti Villberg
4066BugClosedURIStringUtils.escape must be a bijection, not an idempotent operationTuukka Lehtonen
4067BugClosedFix ExternalReadEntry result memory leaksAntti Villberg
4068BugClosedAdded safety for DiagramViewer/TimeSeriesEditor chassis disposalTuukka Lehtonen
  2013-04 31 Collapse all/Expand all
4077EnhancementClosedHide non-literal properties from BasicPropertyTabTuukka Lehtonen
3567EnhancementClosedHide domainChildren, domainProperties and hasStandardResource from standard resource property page /AAntti Villberg
4078BugClosedInvalid constructor code in ExportCSVHandlerTuukka Lehtonen
4079BugClosedDnD diagram monitors show garbage when value is NaNTuukka Lehtonen
4080FeatureClosedSupport multi-instances in browse contextHannu Niemistö
4083EnhancementClosedTry to adapt IEditorNamingService from input resource and model before taking it from IProjectTuukka Lehtonen
4084BugClosedFix implementation of direct connectionsHannu Niemistö
4085FeatureClosedIssue utilitiesHannu Niemistö
4087FeatureClosedWhen compilation of SCL expression in synchronization fails, issues are generatedHannu Niemistö
4089BugClosedImproved structural change metadata analysis (for scl expressions)Hannu Niemistö
4090BugClosedModelled view memory leaksAntti Villberg
4095BugClosedCluster collector throws NPEAntti Villberg
4097BugClosedStringModifiedImpl/StringIndexModifierImpl do not support literals located in virtual graphsTuukka Lehtonen
4100EnhancementClosedMake BasicConnectionStyle immutableAntti Villberg
4101EnhancementClosedMake arrow end styles more customizableAntti Villberg

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