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  2012-18 36 Collapse all/Expand all
3736FeatureClosedGenerize code for creating / instantiating typical diagram templatesTuukka Lehtonen
3688SupportClosedSimantics 1.7 releaseTuukka Lehtonen
3726EnhancementClosedAllow multiple chart data sources per sessionTuukka Lehtonen
3791FeatureClosedImprove SCL commands for model creationHannu Niemistö
3785BugClosedImmutable resources were modifiedAntti Villberg
3743EnhancementClosedIntegrate generic org.simantics.charts.TrendSupport from DEVS sampleTuukka Lehtonen
3744EnhancementClosedIntegrate generic org.simantics.event.EventSupport from DEVS sampleTuukka Lehtonen
3745EnhancementClosedAllow implementation of EditorPart.doSave(IProgressMonitor) for ResourceEditorPart and SharedHeaderResourceFormEditorTuukka Lehtonen
3746BugClosedInvalid default value specified for DIA.Monitor DIA.FixedValue propertyTuukka Lehtonen
3748EnhancementClosedNew constructor for FormattingUtil to allow external format specificationTuukka Lehtonen
3747FeatureClosedImport org.simantics.mapsTuukka Lehtonen
3752FeatureClosedUse write only graph in OrderedSetUtils where possibleHannu Niemistö
3753EnhancementClosedExtensionFilter implementation for FileUtilsAntti Villberg
3754FeatureClosedPlainDiagramViewer for viewing plain diagrams without mappingAntti Villberg
3755FeatureClosedStatement-based relation rule for modeled browsingAntti Villberg
3756EnhancementClosedGeneric File datatypeAntti Villberg
3757EnhancementClosedDelayedWriteGraph-enable ConnectionUtil methodsTuukka Lehtonen
3759EnhancementClosedAllow customization of typical diagram instantiation through ExternalValue functionsTuukka Lehtonen
3758FeatureClosedUtility for writing unit test scripts with SCLHannu Niemistö
3760EnhancementClosedAllow specification of a key comparator to MapSet.Tree.Tuukka Lehtonen
2642BugClosedResizing symbol library hides some symbolsTuukka Lehtonen
3765FeatureClosedMake getValue2 visible in ReadGraphAntti Villberg
3766EnhancementClosedModify common datatypes for Formatters and ColorsAntti Villberg
3767FeatureClosedGeneric support for ObtainsAntti Villberg
3768EnhancementClosedMove Color from os.ui to os.commonAntti Villberg
3769EnhancementClosedOOM fix in ByteFileReaderAntti Villberg
3770BugClosedSVG/PNG image import as diagram element uses wrong literal typeTuukka Lehtonen
3778EnhancementClosedSmall visual refresh for graph debuggerTuukka Lehtonen
3779BugClosedNull check missing in DiagramViewerSelectionProviderTuukka Lehtonen
3780BugClosedStructural flattening SCL code does not compileTuukka Lehtonen
3782EnhancementClosedAllow single-selection for ResourceSelectionDialog2Tuukka Lehtonen
3761EnhancementClosedMake DiagramViewer/GalleryViewer canvas context initialization asynchronousTuukka Lehtonen
3783EnhancementClosedDelayedWriteGraph loops updated queries unnecessarilyAntti Villberg
3792BugClosedos.browsing.ui.common.ErrorLogger filters out all but InvalidVariableExceptionTuukka Lehtonen
3793FeatureClosedNonWritableVariableException for signaling an invalid write condition in variablesTuukka Lehtonen
3798BugClosedDataboard DataParser does not parse 1.0E 14Tuukka Lehtonen
  2012-19 18 Collapse all/Expand all
3824FeatureClosedSCL console improvementsHannu Niemistö
3816FeatureClosedReading diagram contents in SCLHannu Niemistö
3799EnhancementClosedWorkbenchSelectionElement to model browser NodeTypesTeemu Lempinen
3820BugClosedFix import problems reported in Apros issue #5894.Kalle Kondelin
3800EnhancementClosedSelect all text initially in AbstractContentAssistEnumerationModifierTuukka Lehtonen
3801EnhancementClosedGraphExplorer inline enumeration editing should cancel immediately on ESC and commit immediately on combo selection.Tuukka Lehtonen
3802EnhancementClosedRemove naming application from TypicalUtil.instantiateTemplateTuukka Lehtonen
3806EnhancementClosedAdded utility for writing a simple connectionAntti Villberg
3807EnhancementClosedQuery updates are slowAntti Villberg
3808EnhancementClosedIndexing improvementsAntti Villberg
3809BugClosedTypicalUtil component name evaluation must enforce valid initial names for instantiated typical componentsTuukka Lehtonen
3812EnhancementClosedShow URI of written variable property in exception when no data type is availableTuukka Lehtonen
3817EnhancementClosedWorkbenchUtils.getActiveWorkbenchWindowShellTuukka Lehtonen
3818EnhancementClosedAdd priorities and defaults for profile itemsAntti Villberg
3819EnhancementClosedAdd possibility to ensure index updatesAntti Villberg
3821BugClosedComposed symbol libraries do not workTuukka Lehtonen
3822FeatureClosedExport/Import for drawing templatesTuukka Lehtonen
3823BugClosedTypical template to instance synchronization bugsTuukka Lehtonen
  2012-20 28 Collapse all/Expand all
3678TaskClosedAdd guid information to cluster.Kalle Kondelin
3628FeatureClosedDiagram templates to Simantics and flag type based io tablesTeemu Mätäsniemi
3677FeatureClosedTwo developers can modify the same modelKalle Kondelin
3810BugClosedStructuralChildMapOfResource doesn't work with flagsTuukka Lehtonen
3888FeatureClosedRefactoring Apros APIHannu Niemistö
3843BugClosedStructural properties over multiple levels of hierarchies /HHannu Niemistö
3826EnhancementClosedChange Documents view icon - hard to discern from Selection view iconTuukka Lehtonen
3827BugClosedInitial values missing from color and font dialog modifiersTuukka Lehtonen
3828EnhancementClosedMore overrideability for DefaultPasteHandlerTuukka Lehtonen
3829BugClosedArrayPropertyLabelFactory doesn't write datatypeTuukka Lehtonen
3830FeatureClosedLinkedList sorter rule for browsing frameworkTuukka Lehtonen
3831EnhancementClosedListUtils.createExisting for WriteOnlyGraph useTuukka Lehtonen
3833EnhancementClosedAllow configuration of TextNode.verticalAlignment through diagram scenegraph AbstractText resource propertiesTuukka Lehtonen
3834EnhancementClosedAnnotation and Template2d resource class package is illogical compared to the plug-in nameTuukka Lehtonen
3835EnhancementClosedPasteHandler.pasteFromClipboard(WriteGraph graph, SimanticsClipboard clipboard)Tuukka Lehtonen
3837BugClosedClient change information is missing from WriteOnly operationsAntti Villberg
3838BugClosedExport/Import was broken. Claimed inverse statements from ontology.Antti Villberg
3839EnhancementClosedAllow clients to disable dependencies indexing for the currently running write transactionTuukka Lehtonen
3840BugClosedRevive EditStyleHandler for DIA.TextElementsTuukka Lehtonen
3836BugClosedDB corruption after shutdown.Kalle Kondelin
3841BugClosedApros export fails.Kalle Kondelin
3844FeatureClosedAllow AdaptionUtlis to adapt collections.Marko Luukkainen
3845EnhancementClosedMake it possible to activate (IActivation) synchronously in a write transactionAntti Villberg
3846BugClosedImage viewer editor shows all SVGs as black boxesTuukka Lehtonen
3848BugClosedNPE in WorkbenchWindow.hardCloseTuukka Lehtonen
3849EnhancementClosedShow L0.Assertion instances more verbosely in graph debuggerTuukka Lehtonen
3851BugClosedMappedElementCopyAdvisor does not call onFinish() to element and component advisors.Marko Luukkainen
3852BugClosedDelayedWriteGraph with default cluster set left a corrupted cluster set stateAntti Villberg
  2012-21 20 Collapse all/Expand all
3885BugClosedMinor SCL fixes for SimaxHannu Niemistö
3866FeatureClosedInitial migration supportAntti Villberg
3853SupportClosedBranch Simantics 1.8Tuukka Lehtonen
3855BugClosedBasic EditorNamingService is missing title max length truncation logicTuukka Lehtonen
3860BugClosedNPE in BundleUtils.findFileTuukka Lehtonen
3861BugClosedMake the platform support running of medium-long/long database jobs so that the UI is not blocked meanwhileTuukka Lehtonen
3864BugClosedDon't use StandardCopyHandler by default in PropertyPageViewTuukka Lehtonen
3865BugClosedBranch Simantics 1.8 -> 1.8.1Tuukka Lehtonen
3867BugClosedSafety check for ConnectionBrowser.findConnectedComponentsTuukka Lehtonen
3868BugClosedRemove Annotation Types folder from model browser until next releaseTuukka Lehtonen
3869EnhancementClosedNew validateHeader utilities for DataContainersTuukka Lehtonen
3870SupportClosedBump drawing template export/import datacontainer format versions from 1 to 2Tuukka Lehtonen
3871BugClosedRoute graph draws some segments randomly if connection contains multiple branches /HHannu Niemistö
3872FeatureClosedminor additions to DB.sclHannu Niemistö
3876FeatureClosedServices for handling commands with editor specific states.Marko Luukkainen
3877BugClosedFree Text editing with diagramming textelement is cumbersome / buggyMarko Luukkainen
3879BugClosedFix undo bugs occuring in KCL-ECOHannu Niemistö
3881BugClosedClient crashes with remove and cluster setsAntti Villberg

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